Miss MuscleBox Review by Gemma – March 2019

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Harry and the team over at MuscleBox and Miss Musclebox for sending me these delightful boxes (yes, I did say boxes) do review!

Muscle Box are the world’s largest gym subscription box, based in the USA. There are a couple of different boxes to choose from: The men’s box, the women’s box or the protein box. I will go through these options in more detail in a little while, but first, let’s get to the unboxings!

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These boxes were shipped from the US, and arrived within a week via Yodel. I was only expecting one box, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the large outer box to find 2 boxes, one slightly bigger than the other! They were an eye catching red colour, adorned with the company logo and the hashtag #chickswholift on the side, which I love!

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Psychologist and Personal Trainer, so this box ticks all the, well, boxes!

So let’s start with the smaller box of the two, which was labelled as Summer Body. When I opened it, I found:

Look at all those goodies! I didn’t know where to start!

The first item (or items) I pulled out were by the same brand- Wild Things snacks. They were Skinny Dipped Almonds, one packet was Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and one was Dark Chocolate Cocoa (RRP $2.99 per pack, which is equal to £2.25). Not only do these have awesome packaging, but they are Gluten Free, non GMO, No artificial colours or flavours, no paraffin or trans fats and the chocolate is ethically sourced! That’s a whole lot of good in one 43g pack! These combine whole roasted almonds, organic maple sugar, sea salt and dark chocolate (with peanut butter for one version, cocoa dust for the other), these snacks are perfect to take on the go, either to the gym or to work for a healthy but tasty snack!

The second item I unboxed was another snack- not that I am complaining! It was from a brand called MET-Rx and was a Whey Protein Snack Cup, which had Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on one side and breadsticks on the other. This has an RRP of $2.29, or £1.72 for a 59.9g cup. This has an amazing 10g of protein in it, as well as being a good source of fibre and having 50% less sugar than the leading hazelnut spread brand in the US. There are also no artificial sweeteners or flavours in this little pot of gold! Again, perfect for taking to the gym or to work, you will be the envy of anyone around you!

The next item was a Hypr Wear Performance Headband (RRP $14.99, or £11.26). This is an item I have never tried before in the Gym-I usually just tie my hair up and get stuck in, but I was so intrigued by this! It is a stylish grey marl colour, is sweat absorbing and has non slip silicone bands on the inside to help it grip to your head, no matter how much you sweat! I wore this with the other clothing items (ooh, spoiler alert!) and there is a picture further down of me rocking the ensemble! Very impressed with this!

Another item from Hypr Wear, in the matching grey marl colour, was the Dynamix Leggings (RRP $49.99, or £37.54). I wore these with the headband above and loved how comfortable they were. The high waisted design meant they didn’t slip down during exercise, the material was so soft and the fit was really flattering too. I would happily wear these all day- not just in the gym!

Also included in this box, and well worth a mention, was the amazing fold out Summer Body Guide, with hints, tips, workouts and meal ideas to help you make the most of the box contents! Really informative and useful, even for the seasoned gym goer!

Now onto the second, slightly bigger box, which was labelled Cardio Resistance. I opened this box and found:

Again, packed full of goodies, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The first 2 items were again from the same brand- Cloud10. They were Marshmellow Crispy Treats in original flavour and Birthday Cake (complete with sprinkles!). These have an RRP of $2.59 per bar, or £1.94, which is a bargain because they are huge (75g!). These remind me of the childhood snacks I used to love by a well known cereal company, however these contain 10g of protein, less sugar and are made with natural ingredients. They are also: Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Gelatin Free, No Artificial Sweeteners or Dyes, High Protein and Low Sugar. I will be taking these to the gym with me to have after a heavy session, as they look like the perfect post workout refuel treat to keep me going until my next meal!

The next item from the second box was from Bite Fuel and was Power Bites Protein Cookies in Double Chocolate flavour. These have an RRP of $3.33 or £2.50 for an 85g bag. These have 18g of protein per bag, as well as being gluten free, non GMO and soft baked for delicious flavour! They also contain no Artificial Preservatives, No High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil. I love cookies, I love chocolate and I love protein snacks, so I am most definitely on to a winner here!

The next item was from their own range and was the Doubt It Shaker Bottle, with an RRP of $19.95 or £14.98. This is stainless steel, not plastic, and is a lovely purple colour. I love the motivating slogan down the side- Doubt it, but with the ubt crossed out so it says Do It. I am so impressed with the quality of this item, it will take a battering due to the steel (I am from Sheffield, where the strongest steel in the world is made!), and will keep me hydrated during my workouts!

Another item from their range was the Limited Edition Tank Top (or vest to us Brits!). This has an RRP of $19.99 or £15.01. It is a comfy and casual design, with a racer back and the word ‘Finesse’ printed on the front. It is designed to help keep you cool whilst in the gym, and it goes perfectly with my leggings and headband from earlier too! Picture below of me wearing them!

Not to be missed out was another amazing fold out booklet with a 28 Resistance Challenge in it, with workouts and nutrition tips for even the veteran gym goer! It is easy to understand and carry out if you are a beginner, but still challenging enough for those who are more advanced!

So that is everything in the 2 boxes! Adding them up, I can see that the smaller boxes total is £55.02 and the bigger boxes total is £41.37! So, how much are you saving with this box?

The prices:

This box, and the other options which I will talk you through in a second are £30.12 (that includes shipping from the US). So you are saving a good amount every month, especially considering some of the items are not available over here and, in the case of the snacks, are only available in multipacks. Not to mention the individual shipping costs of buying each item separately!

The box options are:

  • Men’s Box (Musclebox)- This will contain a mixture of apparel, supplements, shakers, protein goodies and more every month.
  • Women’s Box (Miss Musclebox)- This will contain a mixture of healthy treats, equipment, clothing, workouts and more every month.
  • Protein Box- This is a box of healthy protein treats, delivered to your door every month!

So there is something for everyone here!

My Verdict.

Where do I sign up? Everything I need to smash through my workouts, new brands and products and the chance to save loads of money each month? Who could turn that down? I think this is a fantastic box, and I can definitely see why it is the world’s largest- that reputation has definitely been earned and is well deserved too!

If you want to get in on the action, here are the website and social media links you need:

Miss MuscleBox

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Thanks for reading!

Gemma x