Vegan Sweet Boxes Review by Mel & Family – March 2019

A huge Thank you to Debbie who owns Vegan Sweet Boxes for sending us this box to review. I for one have a very sweet tooth, everything is ok in moderation, right?!

The concept of this box is to ensure that all of your confectionery is both Cruelty Free and Vegan. I think a lot of people are unaware of the health concerns and even conditions caused by eating sweets with animal derived ingredients. There is a ‘Foods to avoid’ section on their Website should you wish to read a little more about this.

The Box arrived via Royal Mail, clearly marked with their logo so you know exactly what has arrived. My Son Joel clocked this box straight away. I had shown him the Website and asked him if he would like to unbox this with me. He has of course inherited that Sweet Tooth gene of mine, ha!

If you missed our live unboxing on the BoXession Facebook Group you can also watch it now on our YouTube Channel. Click play below…

How much does it cost?

There are 2 Monthly Box options:

  • Small Vegan Sweet Box = £12
  • Large Vegan Sweet Box = £20

Both have a P&P cost of £2.99

You can Subscribe ahead too (payable in advance)…

  • 3 Months saves you 5% compared to Monthly
  • 6 Months saves you 10% compared to Monthly
  • 12 Months saves you 15% compared to Monthly

The boxes are shipped out once a month on the 15th (or next working day), and are cancellable at any time for the rolling monthly subscription.

You can also purchase a Small Trial Box and a Large Trial Box on their Website.

What is inside the box?

Upon opening the box you are greeted with a cute envelope with a welcome letter inside! I love the personal touch. The logos all match and let you know exactly what they are all about.

Peeling back the tissue you then have a box full of yummy treats…

There are 13 items in this box:

  • Candy Kittens Blueberry Bliss 108g
  • Jealous Sweets Fizzy Friends 40g
  • Swizzels Rainbow Drops 32g
  • Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites 30g
  • Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate 74% Goji & Orange 25g
  • Nine Peanut Seed Bar 40g
  • Refreshers Soft Chews 43g
  • Drumstick Soft Chews 43g
  • Swizzels Double Dip 10g
  • Barratt Sherbet Fountain 25g
  • Swizzels Mega Double Lollie
  • Swizzels Whistle Pink 6g
  • Swizzels Whistle Blue 6g

In order to give this a fair review, we sat around the Dinner Table for a taste testing for the majority of the box. Here are our thoughts…

Candy Kittens

A bag big enough to share! These have a great texture and are very fruity, not sour. I know from buying other flavours that these are pretty expensive to buy in the Supermarket. Really pleased to see them in the box.

Fizzy Friends

We have tried other sweets from this brand, and loved them. My other half particularly liked the grapefruit ones. You can only really find these in Health Food Stores, so again a great addition to the box.

Rainbow Drops

Archie my 4 year old loves these! He had no intention whatsoever of sharing so we let him run away with the whole bag!

Ape Coconut Bites

These were not like what I expected at all. I was pleasantly surprised. When you look at them they remind you of mini rice cakes. Imagine Bounty filling, but in little dried circles. Yummy!

Doisy & Dam Bar

My favourite item from the box. I did let my older Son Joel and my partner Rob try this. Then as soon as I realised how nice it was I ran away with the rest of the bar. I will 100% be buying this again.

NINE Peanut Seed Bar

We have not yet tried this, but I will be popping this into a lunch box in the near future.

Refreshers Chews

Yes! I love the bars, and the chews are even easier to eat. Less likely to remove a filling if you get me. We all shared these out between us.

Drumstick Chews

Well, I went to try one of these and everyone else had scoffed them, how mean! Archie was the biggest culprit in the non sharing. He said he wanted some more… little tinker!

Double Dip

I did allow Joel to have this, and looked on with sadness. I buy these, they take me back to my childhood and I am a sherbet fiend too. Don’t tell my Dentist! Joel loved it too, and now will be seeking out my sugar stash.

Sherbet Fountain

This is mine, and I have saved and hidden it. I also eat these a lot so was happy for some of my favourite sweets to be in the box.

Whistle x 2

Oh the noise! 2 kids with a whistle a piece. I am sure they were lovely, but not for my ears, haha!

Mega Double Lollie

Well I knew Archie would clock this. He is Lollipop mad. He is only little so he can’t fit the whole thing in his mouth. It was like the everlasting Lollipop.

Our Verdict?

This box is packed full! We have all had a really good munch on the contents. I think it is very fairly priced at just £12. I know that you are not getting a massive value saving, but the concept is that you can buy a monthly Family treat and not have to worry about if the contents are safe for you all to eat.

Favourites were:

  • Me – Doisy & Dam Chocolate
  • Rob – Fizzy Friends
  • Archie – Mega Lollie or Drumstick Chews
  • Joel – Candy Kittens

Thank you again to Vegan Sweet Boxes, we would happily review this again.

Mel & Family x

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