Cattitude Box Review by Mel – March 2019

Thank you so much to the Team over at Cattitude Box for sending me this Crazy Cat Lover’s delight of a box to review! Our Cat is called Lilith, I have always loved Cats since a young girl. I grew up around Persians. We rescued Lilith and my Partner, Rob chose her name.

This unique subscription contains treats for Cat and Owner alike. You receive 3-4 items for you in the box, and 2-3 for your Cat. I have never seen anything similar, it is without a doubt one for us Crazy Cat Ladies!

This box arrived via my Hermes, they did in fact play football with it I am sure. The delivery driver handed it over while sheepishly apologising for its condition. But I managed to stick it back up to showcase you this lovely printed box. Inside has a card which says ‘I want to meow with you forever’. On the reverse of the card are the box contents. Read on to see what they are.

If you missed our live unboxing, I managed to get Lilith in on it too! You can watch back on our Facebook Group or by clicking play below on our YouTube Channel…

How much does it cost?

£27.95 including postage. You can order Monthly or Bi-Monthly. Both are cancellable at any time.

You can use the code ‘PAWESOME10’ for £10 off your first box!


What is inside the box?

The 7 items in this months box are:

  • Vet’s Kitchen little hearts finest salmon & trout 60g
  • CatStronauts Backpack
  • Lily’s Kitchen organic fish dinner
  • Puss in Pearl Stud Earrings
  • Adjustable Silver Kitty Ring
  • Cat Slogan Necklace
  • Crazy Cat Lady Pin Badge

Time for Lilith and I to try out all of our treats!…

Crazy Cat Lady Pin Badge

Oh my days! I love this! Cute but perfectly suited. I think this was an added freebie to the box contents as it is not listed on the card. Free is always ok by me.

Cat Slogan Necklace

This I may actually have to gift to my Cat loving 13 year old Sister Saskia. She has 4 Cats I think on last count! I think that she would get more use out of this than I will. I always tend to wear heavy necklaces rather than delicate ones. I have a 4 year old who likes to fiddle with them on my neck and he would have this away in seconds. It is beautifully packaged for a gift too.

Adjustable Silver Kitty Ring

This is so tiny! But adjustable. I have small-ish fingers anyway so all ok. Silver is my favourite colour Jewellery. The adjustable part looks like 2 paws which is super cute!

Puss in Pearl Stud Earrings

These are my favourite item in the box. I can wear these for work too as they are very small and elegant. I love silver, and I love pearls. They look really high quality on inspection so hopefully will last.

Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts

If you saw my live unboxing then you will have seen Lilith eating these! She heard me shake them and came over. They are actually little heart shapes too! She loves these, they are a new brand discovery for us, she can be a fussy madam; no idea where she gets it from, do you?

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Fish Dinner

We have tried this brand before, they are quite luxury when it comes to Cat Food. She was going nowhere after my unboxing, following me around with my goodies in the Cattitude Box. I eventually gave in and let her eat it. If you had blinked you would have missed it. She devoured it!

Catstronauts Backpack

Although this is not work attire (I am a HR Manager), I can see me using this either as a beach bag for holidays, or as suggested in my unboxing I think I could also use it as a dust bag to keep my pretty bags or shoes in. I actually have a lot of Irregular Choice Shoes. I have their boots named ‘Miaow’ in lots of different colours! I am definitely Cat mad.

My Verdict?

I applaud Cattitude Box for this unique idea. The branding and name tells you exactly what they are all about. It is suited to all ages, as previously mentioned I will gift the necklace to my Sister. I think she would use a lot of the items too, so age range I would say teens right up to Gran; which is very broad.

With the £10 off code, getting your first box to try out makes it a steal! I am excited to see what Cattitude release in their future boxes, and would happily review this box again.

To order, the links are below. Check out their Instagram which has lots of funny Cat quotes. Thank you as always for reading…

Mel x

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