Smartass & Sass ‘I Love Me’ Review by Mel – March 2019

A huge Thank you to Abby from Smartass & Sass for sending me this box to review! This will not be the last one you see, as I will be getting my hands on a few of these… lucky me, can’t wait!

This box is their ‘I Love Me’ Edition, which was the February edit. I will also be reviewing the March box which ships around the 16th-18th. I anticipate around a week for delivery, as these come all of the way from the USA!

Smartass & Sass is the box baby of Kim & Abby, who have been besties for 25 years. This made me smile, as my bestie, Clare; has also put up with me for 25 years! They each love sweary fun shit, I mean who doesn’t? Living with a Yorkshireman this is a living language in our House. I have to tape his mouth up around the kids, ha!

So these fun and sassy boxes contain 5-7 unusual treats every month. They also do a Shirt only subscription, and a Big Box version which is basically the 2 boxes combined.

How cool is the box though? It is MASSIVE too. I love the ‘Classy, Sassy & a bit Smartassy’ slogan. My Sister is called Saskia, and she is 13. She actually calls herself ‘Queen Sassy’. She is me in the making, what can I say?

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then fear not, click play below to watch back on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside the box?

The ‘I Love Me’ Edition contains:

Box Total = $77.50 (£58.30)

How much does it cost?

The prices are in USD, so I have converted them to GBP below:

  • Monthly – $34.95 (£26.30)
  • 3 Monthly – $101.85 (£76.64)
  • 6 Monthly – $197.60 (£148.69)

Postage to the UK is $16.95 (£12.75).

Even with the postage to the UK, the box contents are worth much more than what you have paid, and lets face it, they are unique so you will be the envy of everyone!

Time to talk about all of these fab treats!…

Metal Marvels Bangle

This is most definitely my favourite item from the box. I love silver Jewellery too. The slogan is ‘Inhale the Good Shit, Exhale the Bullshit’. You should see their Website, seriously I was having a field day on there. There are hundreds of designs, all with beautiful profanities. This fits me perfectly and won’t fall off. It is surprisingly elegant with hidden cheekiness.

Killing it Socks

These are incredibly thick and hard wearing. They have non slip soles so are brilliant for around the house. I am a Sock addict as most of you know.

Stay Classy Bitch Pencil & Sharpener

What can I say? Cute AF right? Love this, would like an entire collection of them.

Fucket List Sticky Notes

Again, these are just the kind of thing that make you smile instantly. Maybe I can get away with these in my desk at work?

Sareytales Bow to The Queen Sticker

I was almost sad that I have just bought a case for my Macbook yesterday with Flamingos on! I could have put this on there. I have had a mooch around her Website and where her brand derived from. I was howling. The Art of Online Dating, I guess not much is different in the USA compared to over here.

Keep Fucking Going Mug

Yes! Keep Fucking going, indeed! I say this on a daily basis. I mean in my head a lot of the times but still. The mug is huge, heavy and excellent quality. I really want to take this to work. Dare I? We shall see…

Treat Yourself Ice Cream Scoop

We love an Ice Cream in our House, already used this for my 4 year old. He saw it and straight away asked for one. I actually like useful things in boxes, especially household items.

Spinster Sisters Bath Soap

These are B&B sized soaps, perfect for an en suite if you have one. Also great to take on holiday too as Soaps do not take up liquid allowance in your hand luggage so I often take soap bars instead. I have the lilac one, the smell packs a punch and I could smell it as soon as I lifted the lid on the box.

My Verdict?

This box is unlike anything I have ever seen on the Subscription Box market! It really is in a category of its own. I get that it is a little on the pricier side due to the shipping costs, but I would happily pay it if I am honest.

You cannot buy any of these items in the UK, and I know I am a box addict, but I am also very different, I like it when people ask me ‘where did you get that from?’. I do not conform to the norm, therefore this box is so suited to me, it could have been made for me!

Click below to get your hands on the March box before the cut off date, they also still have a few of these left to buy as a one-off box should you want this exact box.

Mel x

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