Parrot Street Book Club Review by Mel & Archie – March 2019

Thank you to Sarah from Parrot Street Book Club for sending us this lovely box to review! First impressions count a lot when you have seen as many boxes as I have, and this cute little package made me smile instantly. The package is clearly marked with their logo, so you know exactly what it is.

It arrived via Royal Mail, and is letterbox friendly! This is great for all of you working parents; you are never going to miss this one!

I have 2 boys, Archie age 4 and Joel 11. Archie is crazy about reading, and loves it when we read together every night. He is quite advanced for his age and can already spell out words. We have a huge bookshelf with over 100 books, some of which have been handed down by big brother Joel. I knew that he would love this subscription so I was more than happy for us to review this.

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group then fear not, you can now watch it back on YouTube by clicking play below…

There are two tiers for this subscription:

Parakeet – for ages 5-8

Cockatoo – for ages 8-11

How much does it cost?

  • 3 Months – £39.95 (£13.31 per box)
  • 6 Months – £75 (£12.50 per box)
  • 12 Months – £144 (£12 per box)

You have the option to add a sibling box too for just £4 extra!

Use the code ‘TASTER10’ for 10% off your first subscription


What is inside the box?

  • Mariella Queen of The Skies (Little Gems), by Eoin Colfer – RRP £6.99
  • Bookmark (with discount code printed)

Activity Pack Includes:

  • Make a Catapult Craft Card, includes Lollipop sticks and elastic bands.
  • 5 Tasty bedtime snacks card.
  • ‘What did you think?’ Postcard

I love the way the package arrives all neatly collected together and wrapped. The book itself on first inspection really impressed me. It is small but in a sweet and endearing way. It has a beautiful cover that is quite firm and has flaps to page mark. You can also use the bookmark should you wish.

The book has 9 chapters, and is quite substantial. You could read this all in one or in 2 parts.

The activity card is bright, detailed and interesting. The quality is exceptional, there are different sections…

  • Things to think about
  • Fantastic Flight
  • Sleep Facts
  • The Body Clock
  • Explore more

On the reverse there are also some other reading suggestions.

Archie loves colouring, so I did not need to encourage him to start work on his Lollipop card. Not only that but Lollies are his favourite sweets!

On the reverse of this card is the ‘Wordy Wonders’ Activity.

Ok, lets talk about this lovely little book. I just knew I wasn’t going to get away with reading half of this and going back to it. As usual he wanted the whole thing. The story is about Mariella who is a keen Scientist. She wants to find a way to avoid Bedtime (don’t they all). She sets about on a mission to avoid having to go to bed at all, testing all manner of weird and wonderful ways to escape Sleep. In the end Mariella realised that in fact to carry on inventing, she need to sleep to allow her brain to be able to think up ideas.

It is very well written and illustrated, having 9 mini Chapters it is lengthy, but not too long that he lost interest. Archie got me to read the entire Book and then decided it was his turn to interpret the contents to me. I mean I am biased, but this does have the cute factor…

The other Activity cards are one which is for making a catapult. The sticks and bands are included for this. On the reverse are ‘5 healthy bedtime snacks’. This is brilliant for promoting healthy eating instead of the usual biscuit before bed.

There is also a ‘What did you think?’ postcard, which you can draw or write a review on and send it back to them!

Our Verdict?

What a beautifully thought out and well presented subscription! If you work out the monthly cost even purchasing the 3 month subscription with the discount code above, it is under £12 a month delivered. I think that this is not a lot of money at all, when you take into consideration the book you keep, and all the extra activities.

Archie is actually just under the recommended age for this, but knowing how much he enjoys our reading time I did not worry he would be too young. If anything I think this has introduced him to the next stage of reading books. We will be reading this book again, likely every day I expect from now on.

Would I buy this? Yes, I would! We have had book subscriptions before for Archie, and I am very impressed with this. Go and check them out on their Social Media, you can see some of the previous boxes too. The Website is below to order…

Mel & Archie x

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