SoSocksy Review by Mel – March 2019

Thank you to The Team over at SoSocksy for asking if I would review their lovely Sock Subscription service for the forseeable. Of course I obliged, I am a Sock addict, Box addict, basically a perfect candidate for this Sock testing position, ha! I do have a day job but boxes are my passion. Alham who is part of the SoSocksy Team also owns Toppbox! They are an amazing Men’s Subscription Box who we have been reviewing for some time now. You can check out the most recent review by Darren here.

Subscriptions like this I am a huge fan of, because you get a treat alongside the convenience of not having to go sock shopping. Personally I do not enjoy clothes shopping, I am a strange breed of Female who would rather walk about naked (or maybe just in Socks), than have to endure the endless trying on of Clothes.

Lets talk about the box… it is letterbox friendly, recyclable, and the bright funky label lets you know that your delivery is here, yay!

So if you cannot wait to see, then click below and watch my live unboxing which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel…

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly – £9 including P&P
  • 6 Monthly – £42 including P&P (making it £7 per Month)

How does it work?

They are delivered by Royal Mail, First Class service! Your first order will be shipped immediately. Uk deliveries are absolutely FREE, my favourite word!

Subscriptions renew on 25th of each Month, and are shipped around the 5th of the following Month. You can pause, re-start, change, or cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your account.

So what is inside the box?

2 pairs of very bright and beautiful glorious Socks. The simple things in life keep me happy, this is a picture of happiness right there.

In the morning when you reach in your drawer, is it full of black, boring, dismal and non cheerful socks? Or does the sight of something like this put a smile on your face? enough said, now you click here to subscribe.

Each pair are different and unique. They are held together with little clips, and have the care and washing instructions stickered on the the reverse. They fit UK Women’s sizes 4-7. I am a size 7 so top end of that. But I have slim feet, always have had.

They state to turn inside out and wash at 30 degrees. The turning inside out bit is a doddle, you do that just taking them off before bed, right?

The purple ones are ribbed with Star and Moon design, they are 85% Cotton and 15% Polyester. Purple is my favourite colour!

These are my favourite though!I love the cupcakes! I have had these on all day today and I am impressed! Plenty of toe wriggle room and not too tight on the ankles. In this weather I am wearing boots every day, or wellies. So good quality socks are an essential.

My Verdict?

I had the chance to give my opinion on these Socks a little while ago, and I suggested that they go to 2 pairs per month. I am happy to see this change and can honestly say that if I were not gifted these, I would buy them.

I will be able to comment in my next review on how they washed and wore for a whole month. Looking at them and the overall feel, I have a feeling they will last the distance, but only time will tell of course!

My other suggestion was a Mens version, because my Man Shape, he too is a Sock Addict, he looked on with envy when I was taking the photos of these and said ‘Where’s mine?’… sorry Rob not today… maybe soon though?

They also have a One Time Shop for any of you who just want to purchase without subscribing, or just add some more to your collection.

Mel x

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