Teaturtle Review by Gemma – March 2019

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mitch and the team at TeaTurtle for sending me this box to review! It is a bit of a different unboxing for me, but I am really into my herbal and green teas right now, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to expand my palate!

TeaTurtle, if you haven’t already guessed are a loose leaf tea subscription service, sourcing teas from all across the globe to take you on a tea journey! But that’s not all! They not only ensure that all tea is sourced from ethical and fair trade producers, but they also ensure that ALL their packaging is sourced from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources too! The company is completely plastic free- the bags the teas come in are made from sustainable crops such as sugar cane, meaning it is entirely compostable. The box itself (which fits through your letterbox!) is also sustainable and recyclable. I know a lot of us (including myself!) are becoming more concerned about being environmentally friendly and are making an effort to reduce plastic in our homes, so TeaTurtle’s stance on this is one I can thoroughly appreciate and get on board with!


The box itself, as mentioned already, is letterbox size and came via royal mail, adorned with the TeaTurtle logo. If you missed me unboxing this tasty box, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

So, let’s take a look inside at the contents, and then we will go through the prices and subscription options!

On opening the box, I was greeted with a lovely fruity smell, which I deduced was coming from one of the teas. The first thing I will mention is that this box actually came with 2 little tea strainers for you to use when you are brewing/steeping your tea. I found this so useful, as I didn’t actually have one, so that definitely saved me a trip to the supermarket!

The first tea I unboxed was Chunmee Taipan Superior Green. This was a 40g bag, which had all the brewing instructions and a little description on the flavour and ingredients. This tea is manufactured according to the old techniques, but developed for Western tastes. It is an emerald green colour and a sweet, mild yellow green infusion which makes it great for any time of day. It has hints of grassy notes for a smooth, refreshing and clean finish. I used this one after a yoga class that I taught (I know, check me out, right? Ha ha!), as I felt it fitted the occasion. I added the correct amount of water according to the instructions and left it to infuse for 4 minutes, as I like a mild taste. It went a delightful green colour and tasted very fresh- almost like spring in a cup! I wasn’t so keen on the grassy hints I could taste, primarily due to having hay fever, but I definitely found it very refreshing to drink!

The second tea was Continental Breakfast Tea. Who doesn’t love a breakfast tea? Again, a 40g bag, this blends tea from 3 different countries and 5 different regions- so definitely a high flying cuppa! It was dark brown, almost black, in colour and is a malty, full bodied tea with floral and fruity hints. I had this at breakfast (when else?) on a lazy Saturday morning whilst I browsed Facebook (Boxession group, of course ha ha) and it is definitely a tea to set you up for the day ahead! It was definitely malty, with floral and oak hints. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Side note- Breakfast tea can be consumed at any time of day!)

The third and final tea (and my absolute favourite of the 3!) was Apple Spiced Fruit Tea. A 40g bag again, this was absolutely divine! It contained naturally dried apple pieces, cardamom, cloves, pepper and cinnamon, which gave it such a sweet, but slightly spicy flavour that was crisp, lingering and delicious! I had this in the evening to wind down after a long day at work and found this to be very warming, relaxing and comforting. I will have to source more of this!

So, that’s 3 teas and 2 tea strainers in one letterbox sized box! And what are your subscription options?

Well, there are a few options you can go for here:

  • Mixed Loose Tea Box- contains a breakfast tea, a green tea and a wild tea. This was the box I was sent.
  • Breakfast Tea Box- contains both blended and single origin loose leaf breakfast teas.
  • Green Tea Box- Takes you on a voyage around the world with a selection of green tea.
  • Wild Tea Box- for those who want something different, such as chai or matcha.

All boxes come with enough tea for around 60 cups!

The price is £9.99 plus free P+P, no matter which box you choose AND you get a free gift with your first box too! This is amazing value when you consider the cost of importing these teas, the delivery charges and how much the tea would cost should you purchase them all individually!

My Verdict.

This is the first time I have received a tea box and I am utterly blown away by how much I like it, and how much they fit into the box! I have really enjoyed sampling all the teas and discovering new flavour combinations. The Apple Spiced tea is to die for, and I adore the company’s plastic free ethics too! All in all, a really good box, and a great way to introduce yourself to different teas from around the world at a really affordable price!

If you want to sign up for a subscription, or follow them on social media, here are all the links you need:


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Thanks for reading!

Gemma x