Scented Rainbows Subscription Box Review by Mel – March 2019

Scented Rainbows is owned by Leanne, a busy Mum from South Wales who works Full Time and has the time to hand make all of her wonderful Wax Melts.

When I moved down here from The Lakes, I found her Facebook Page by accident when I was scrolling, and it caught my eye. Realising she was based just up the road I thought ooh, that is very handy once I have worked my way through my huge stash. I am a self confessed Wax Melt addict. I have 5 warmers in my house and have given up hope that I can be saved, I embrace my addiction nowadays.

So, when I saw a post that Scented Rainbows were releasing Monthly Subscription Boxes I had to comment on the post! Leanne then popped me an email, asking if we would like to review their next box. Of course I obliged, this is exactly the kind of box I would buy.

Since I am not far away, I offered to go and collect the box. Leanne did offer to post but it seems silly waiting around from the Post when I can just hop in the car and up the road.

The box is slim and letterbox friendly, so no need to be home for the Postie!

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group, you can now watch it back on our YouTube Channel below…

So what is inside the box?

  • Dancing Queen Snap Bar – RRP £2.50
  • Bestie Snap Bar – RRP £2.50
  • Blue Hawaiian Snap Bar – RRP £2.50
  • Stiletto Wax Waffle – RRP £1.95
  • Princess Unicorn Melt – RRP £0.75
  • 2 X Belle Shape Melts – RRP £1 for both
  • Aussie Shape Melt – RRP £0.50
  • Pack of 3 Diamonds

The theme for this Months box is… Girls Night Out! Very appropriate since we are an entirely Female Group, over 12,000 of us all in one place.

The Cost?

Just £12.50!!! Delivery is FREE! Now that is a bargain! Just select at the checkout ‘Subscription Only’ option.

Time to test these beauties…

Princess (Unicorn)

I thought at first this was Vera Wang perfume, I did not look beforehand at the list, silly me. As soon as I put it in the warmer I realised that it is in fact Soap & Glory (Boots). Who doesn’t love this? I have foot scrub, shower gel, body butter. It is so girly and perfect for this box. I warmed this in my living room, I think I could have got away with half the melt, they really are highly fragranced.


I own this perfume, and the Eclat version of it too. I love it! I warmed this in my youngest son Archie’s room. I spend enough time in there reading him Books. I would definitely re purchase this one.


Just like Armani Diamonds, this is a unisex fragrance so I think this can also be used in one of the boys rooms. The shapes are so cute too, 3 teeny diamonds.


I warmed this in my Bedroom, smells exactly like Aussie Miracle. Now this is strong! I could smell this across the entire hallway and stairs. I think this will last a 3rd day before it needs changing.

Dancing Queen

Just the colour of this made me love it. My kind of purple this. This is a fruity tart scent with a hint of cassis and sugared musk. Hands down my favourite. I used this in my Kitchen/Dining Room and it overpowered any food smells.


I call my best friend in the whole world by Bestie. She has been there for me for 25 years, and despite the 320 miles between us she will always be there. This is so juicy and fresh! I can definitely smell the Watermelon, Raspberry and violet in it.


I have not yet used this one, partly because it is just too pretty to break up! Leanne mentioned that she found this one difficult to describe the fragrance. I agree that it is sharp, tropical, but also has a fresh and floral side to it.

Blue Hawaiian

This is my son, Joel’s favourite! Described as a Blue Hawaiian Cocktail, I think you can really smell the Coconut, Pineapple and Cherries. It is almost Bubblegum like. I used 2 squares but again I think I could have only used one as they really are strong which is a good thing of course.

My Verdict?

These wax melts are really strong and last at least 2 days, some more. I have been buying melts for so many year I have lost count, having 5 warmers and always wanting more I get though a lot. I think this box is really well priced, and would last me a month definitely.

It offers you the opportunity to try new releases, and maybe ones you would not have thought to buy. They also now sell Shower & Bath items on their Website.

Would I buy this? Without a doubt! You can still purchase this exact box, the links are below…

Mel x

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