Roccabox Review by Mel – March 2019

Thank you to Tia who owns Roccabox for sending me this box to review. I remember very well the very first box they released, I bought it! It was exactly 2 years ago!

It was the first review I ever wrote, and now I have 500 on our Website, and I am very sure that Roccabox have a LOT of subscribers. It makes me very happy to see what a success Tia has made from this box. To see a small business grow to a large one, and remembering that this is one lady, and her dream!

Last month saw a new box design, now fully recyclable. I love it, and the eco-friendly element too. It is so pretty, don’t you agree?

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group, or also on our YouTube Channel; click play below…

How much does it cost?

A monthly recurring subscription costs just £10 plus £3.95 postage!

You can buy a 3, 6, or 12 month upfront too.

What is inside the box?

Total Box Value = £63.14!!!

Time to test these goodies!

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask

I do love a hair mask, I need all the help I can get. My hair is so fine but a lot of it. So a thickening one is definitely suited to me. I adore the smell of this, I am sat here post shower sniffing my hair and typing. The brand is well known for being excellent, and are a sought after product on the group. I can see me buying more of this.

HUDA Matte Lipstick

This is what you have all been waiting for! HUDA has to be one of the most popular brands on the Beauty Market right now. Even my 13 year old Sister Saskia loves this brand! I am really happy to try this out, as I have not tried their lipsticks yet. I did try out the eyeshadow when I was in Selfridges in Manchester; they are stunning. I am also very happy that this item is packaged, I am a sucker for packaging when it is pretty and I think it feels more special. Yes, I am weird. Even weirder that I am sat wearing this in bed typing as I have been unwell. I can pull of the darker colours, I often wear plum and red. This is why I love boxes, I am getting to try this for a small fraction of the price, and if I like it I can now go out and buy more. But it has not broken the bank, and even if the colour didn’t suit me I can swap it or gift it? It is a win/win situation.

MudMasky Detox Purifying Mask

I love this! Had it twice, and I am a fan. For repeats like this, I am always happy to see them again. I know for a fact that this brand is very sought after. Their overnight mask is also amazing! I can get around 8 uses from this tube. My tips are to apply with a mask brush, and remove with a microfibre face cloth. Makes the whole masking process simple and mess free. Mud Masks are excellent for cleaning pores and taking away excess oil, both of which I suffer.

The Perfect V Beauty Sheet

You can all have a good giggle that in my live unboxing, I thought this was for the neck/decolletage area! I was crying with laughter after I had finished and realised that it is actually for your intimate lady area. I did however enjoy the chat I had with ladies on the group last night, great fun! I have never seen anything like this before, in all of my many beauty boxes. I know I will try it out as I am intrigued… let me get back to you when I have decided just how I review and explain the outcome, ha!

This Works Stress Check Roll On

Thank you Roccabox for this, it really did help me to relax last night. I was so thankful for it. You simply apply to your pulse points. I already use the sleep spray, and I even have the children’s version of it for my boys. I now have this on my bedside table and will be using every last drop. Really impressed that this is a new item to any box too.


I use these every day! Always buying more and finding them everywhere. The colours of these are perfect as I have just been offered a new job, so they will go great with smart attire.

Tea+ Vitamin Tea

I am more of a Coffee girl, but this is an extra freebie in the box, taking the items to 7 in total. You can never complain at a free treat girls!

My Verdict?

Tia and her team have done a fabulous job with this box, the hard work I know she puts in and the passion she has is applaudable.

I will use every item in this box, and to have that with a box is actually quite rare. There is maybe one or two that are sometimes not suitable. This is the best Roccabox I have seen to date, and I know for a fact she has other big brands coming up soon in future boxes. For just £10 plus postage per month, you would be insane not to subscribe to this. There is still time to grab this exact box, if you are fast!

Mel x

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