Pure Natural Box Review by Mel – March 2019

Some of you may have seen my review of the December Edition of Pure Natural Box.Their boxes are quarterly, and each edition has a number; this is the 15th. I was kindly asked to review their next box, and I have been very excited to say the least. Trying to stay away from any spoilers but accidentally catching sight of a couple on their Instagram! Rebecca who owns the Company started out life in 2015, she too was a Beauty Box fan, and bought some that just didn’t quite fit what she wanted.

Parabens and no nasty chemicals was her aim to start with, a box full of ‘Pure Natural’ Beauty discoveries. I just adore the magnetic closure box, this month has the logo largely featured on the lid.

To get your hands on this edition, click the link to buy here. There are some left at present, but with the RRP of this box at a staggering £84, there won’t be for long. You can watch my live unboxing here on our YouTube Channel to see the entire contents…

So What is inside the Box?

Total Box Value = £83.79!

How much does it cost?

£25 plus £3.95 P&P. These are only released quarterly, and are first come first served!

The boxes often sell out, so it is definitely worth signing up to their email list here to act as a reminder if anything. You can also follow their Instagram as I do, or other Social Media I have linked at the bottom of this review.

You have the option to exclude the white snap magnetic closure box for 10% off the cost too which would take it down to just £23.50!

Time to try out all of these goodies…

Micheline Arcier Face Oil

This was the one item I saw a sneaky spoiler for on their Instagram. I was extremely happy to see this, it is a new brand discovery, and also I would say face oils are my favourite skincare item. I have a few, all natural of course!

This one is just so luxurious. It has also just been awarded the Editors Choice Award in the 2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards! I used it last night and I am telling you I may have a new favourite face oil. I need to give it a little more time of usage to be sure, but I would buy this box purely for this product.

Jade Face Roller

I cannot believe I have never owned one of these. The past couple of years these have become a really popular item. Many a time I have considered buying one, but I never fully understood the properties.

So there I am last night as per the online instructions, sweeping the smaller roller around my eye area, and the larger one for my forehead, nose, cheeks, and throat. It is said to ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness! I have had two colds one after the other; I needed this! I love how weighty it feels in my hand using it, some of these cost £20-£30 in shops to buy. Brilliant addition to the box in my opinion.

Ethically Organic Floral Body Souffle

This is exactly the consistency of a souffle! I much prefer these types of body lotions as they are easier for the skin to absorb. This one is soooo posh smelling (when no other word will suffice); this is luxuriously high end. It is really potent too, I could smell it this morning still. Really good size product too, so should last a while.

Bohemian Chic Minerals Mascara

Like some strange twist of fate, I sent all of my old mascara brushes off in the post the other day (for the animals). I have just one small travel size one left that I am currently using. So when I saw this, I was really happy. I am aware of the brand, but have not tried anything from them before.

I have this on today for testing purposes, and not to flutter my eyelids at the Dentist later! It seems ok so far, I like the brush wand. The one I have is an hourglass shape at the moment and I keep getting mad with it not going on evenly. This one is much better, and black black!

Bohemian Chic Minerals Eyeshadow

This is the only item I have not yet tried, I only wear eyeshadow when I am going out, which will be next weekend. I am happy it is a subtle shade, I think this could easily be an everyday item if you are a big wearer of makeup. I am lips, mascara, and eyebrows day-to-day, most I have time for with 2 boys, ha!

Badger Balm Lip Tint

I carry these around everywhere with me, I am a one in every pocket person. That way I will never be without. This one is subtly tinted which I really like. Again an unknown brand to me, I am just loving all of these new discoveries.

My Verdict?

I adore this box. I love everything about it from the beautiful packaging, the clean crisp website, and the price too. This edition being worth more than three times the price you pay is just unbelievable! Makes me wonder how they can sell them at such a tiny price?!

What I love the most about this box has to be the brand discovery. When I tell you that my house is like a department store I am really not kidding. I am addicted to skincare, no saving me! I have not tried ANY of the brands in this box before. Rebecca must work really hard to find all of these treasures, and keep on wowing addicts like me. I am not surprised at all that the boxes always sell out.

Don’t delay buying this box, if you do, you may be disappointed that they have all gone!

Mel x


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