Wuf Wuf Review By Nazia & Jasper – February 2019


A big thank you again to the wonderful Ece for sending out another of their fabulous boxes for Jasper to enjoy! When the box arrived, Jasper was straight away aware that this box was for him as he would constantly go over and sniff it and his excitement really showed on the unboxing when he’s running off with the toys!

If you missed mine and Jasper’s live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

What is WufWuf?

WufWuf is a monthly joy box for dogs and subscribers get a surprise box every month. They always have a monthly theme for their boxes and produce most of the toys in WufWuf which are mostly handmade and always natural. They started with a simple idea, they are also dog owners and they realised that they never forget to feed or walk their dogs. Simply, they never forget the basic needs of their dogs but may forget to buy toys or treats for them and it’s sometimes difficult to know which product they like. WufWuf tests the products and selects the best for your dog. WufWuf is not only a service but also a family bringing all dog owners together.

What do you get?

You are promised at least 5 products every month but you may sometimes get more than 5 items.

  • A themed box with 5 or more items
  • 1 tougher toy
  • 1 plush toy
  • 1 treat
  • 1 chew
  • 1 surprise product or accessory

When you subscribe you will be asked for your dog’s name, size and if they have any allergies to make sure the items they send are suitable for your dog.

How much is it?

£18.90 & shipping within the UK is always free – and you can cancel at any time!

Your first box ships immediately – next business day after subscription and the next payment will be on 7th of the following month and next shipment will be before 15th of the month.


What did we get?

  • Contents Leaflet
  • WufWuf Personalised Heart Cushion Toy
  • Scotch Brite Mini Roller
  • Earthy Pawz Natural Wood & Rubber Toy
  • Pet Munchies Buffalo Chew 55g
  • Pet Munchies Ocean White Fish 100g
  • Pet Munchies Venison Training Treats 50g
  • Pet Munchies Sushi Training Treats 50g
  • Blue Rubber Chew Toy
  • Cooper and Pals Chase & Chew Throw Toy

What did we think?

Februarys box is the Valentines themed box – the items are packaged in a medium sized recyclable box that has the WufWuf website printed on the top and along the sides. The products are wrapped in a colourful doggy wrapping paper. Inside the box I found a contents letter detailing the products within.

WufWuf Personalised Heart Cushion Toy

Heart shaped handmade plush toy personalised with your pooch’s name on. Designed by WufWuf, tested by their dogs and produced by dog people with love! Jasper and I are absolutely thrilled with this product and what a nice surprise to have too! As well as a toy it’s also nice as a keepsake, usually toys like this would be pulled apart shortly after giving it to him but we’ve been keeping a close eye, so he doesn’t destroy it as it’s such a nice thing to have.

Scotch Brite Mini Roller – 3m

This handy little roller removes lint, dust and pet hair from clothing and upholstery without damage and   the perforated sheets are easy to tear off once used. Jasper can be quite a jumpy dog and we often end up covered in his hair, so this roller is perfect for getting rid of his stray hairs. Perfect travel size for easy use, works great when visiting friends with pets too and the right size to keep in the car, in a bag or drawer.

Earthy Pawz Natural Wood & Rubber Toy

Earthy Pawz is an innovative range of environmentally friendly products; made from sustainable wood, bamboo and jute, a renewable plant-based product. This is Jasper’s favourite toy in the box, he carries it around the house in his mouth, sits chewing it in his bed or we throw it in the garden for him to catch and bring back. This toy has two large wooden ends with a piece of wood has a soft rubber material wrapped around the middle. It’s really durable and it lasted really well bearing in mind Jasper spends a considerable amount of time chewing it!

Pet Munchies Buffalo Chew

Premium gourmet dental chews made with 100% natural human- grade grass fed Buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil which is good for skin and coat, joint mobility due to the rich levels of Omega 3. Helps reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums to support good oral health. Grain and gluten free. Low in fat, high in protein, with no artificial colours or flavours makes this the ultimate chew. The first thing Jasper did with this chew was to bury it in the garden, it did however emerge a few days later and he sat there devouring every piece. I think it’s safe to say he really liked it!

Pet Munchies Ocean White Fish

Pet Munchies Ocean White Fish Strips are 100% natural dog treats which are naturally low in fat and high in Omega 3. They are made from quality white fish meat and have the natural textures and flavours dogs love. They are also easily digestible which makes them perfect for dogs that have a digestion issues! These ocean sticks are made from the finest ingredients that contain no preservatives or colourings, so you know what your dog is eating is healthy and good for them. Jasper loves these and kept coming back for more! Thankfully he’s not a fussy dog and enjoys most treats and these were no exception.

Pet Munchies Venison Training Treats

Pet Munchies Venison Training Treats are made with 100% Natural, Quality Human Grade Venison fused with Beef Liver. These premium gourmet tasty bites, made with the finest ingredients, make the perfect training aid. They are cut into small pieces so ideal for training purposes, rewarding good behaviour or simply as a pleasurable treat. Jasper couldn’t get enough of these, he wagged his tail very enthusiastically whilst devouring them – I shall definitely be buying him more.

Pet Munchies Sushi Training Treats

Pet Munchies Sushi Training Treats are completely natural gourmet tasty bites, made from the finest quality real fish and chicken breast meat. Each treat has been delicately baked in its own natural juices to enhance the flavour. These are firm favourites with Jasper, I have to make sure I keep a regular supply to keep him happy. They come in a small handy resealable pack that is good for taking with you on walks or to use at home.

Blue Rubber Chew Toy

Robust and durable toy which is perfect for teethers and chewers and great for interactive play. I made the mistake of giving this toy to Jasper during the live unboxing and he ran off to his bed to chew this toy. Unfortunately, when I went to find him, he’d already chewed through the ring doh! Oh well at least he had fun chewing it and his teeth are kept clean and healthy.

Cooper and Pals Chase & Chew Throw Toy

This toy is ideal for throwing and playing, we take Jasper to the park on a daily basis and this toy has been a god send as it provides hours of fun and a great source of exercise. This long-lasting tough toy is suitable for bigger dogs and great for fetch and play time. Jasper has had so much fun playing and throwing this toy around!


Wow what can I say, this box is jam packed full of amazing products and Jasper is one very happy and pampered pooch! This subscription box is amazing value for money, for under £19 per month you can get a box of great products and treats delivered straight to your door! One of the things I like about this box is how convenient it is having all the necessary items you’d need for your pet sent to you and each month you will discover new toys, snacks and accessories. Having this box has made a big difference in the treats we give Jasper as they’re a much healthier alternative to what is on offer in the local supermarket and he thinks this box is just pawsome!

If you’d like to know more about WufWuf, you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading…

Nazia & Jasper xx