Snackabees Review by Mel – February 2019

A huge thank you to Snackabees for asking us to review this box for the second time. This is brand new to the Subscription Box market, the focus of the box is ‘Monthly Snacks for Kids’. All of the items are picked by a panel of nutritionist families. They test and try all of the items, only selecting the very best to be in their boxes. You receive between 8-10 snacks per month, aimed at ages 3-13.

I am a very busy Mum, and have 2 boys aged 11 and 4. I have to admit, you do pick up the cheap unhealthy snacks, they are so readily available. Also there is only so much fruit you can try to push onto them before they get fed up. Kids need variety, something new and exciting. So the idea behind this is one that attracted me to want to review the box myself.

After our last box review, we decided to do some Supermarket related homework. We went to the shops to see what we could find. We managed to find just ONE of the items we received in our last box! The selection I found was really poor, and not displayed well enough to get the kids attention. Not like the sweetie aisle! So upon reflection, we are even more impressed with Snackabees, and made up to be reviewing this box again.

The branding and box design is very eye-catching, bright and lets you know what they are all about without the need for an insert card.

My box arrived covered in a plastic mailing bag to protect any of the items from getting damaged. I love this, as it protects the pretty box design too!

I managed to rope my eldest son, Joel, into joining me unboxing this again. He was well up for it this time, in fact he kept asking me what time I would be home when I was at the Dentist! You can watch this back either on our Facebook Group, or on our YouTube Channel below…

How much does it cost?

Firstly and most importantly we have a discount code!

A MASSIVE 50% off with the code: BOXESSION50

  • Monthly – £19.99
  • 3 Months – £45 (£15 per box)
  • 6 Months – £90 (£15 per box)

Shipping is £3.99

So what is inside the Box?

The best bit…

Testing the goodies of course!

Aduna Banana Boost Bar

A perfect Breakfast bar for my Banana loving Son, he said he would eat this again and really liked it.

Good Full Stop Choc & Orange Bar

Similar to the Banana Bar Joel says, and really great for Breakfast or on the go snacks. He loves Chocolate Orange so this was a hit.

Peakz Chunky Chocolate Orange Squares

Joel said these were like Shreddies covered in dark chocolate. He loves Chocolate Orange so these were his favourite item in the box. He will definitely be getting me to buy more of these. These I have seen in shops before so we can re purchase easily.

Soffle’s Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips

I had these! I have tried similar things before and was a fan of them. I really liked them, would definitely like to try all of the other flavours in the range.

Frubis Coconut Chips

These are exactly what they say on the packet. Tiny shavings of dried coconut. We all agreed that these are nice in small amounts, but you could not eat a whole packet at once.

Michel et Augustin Two Kooky Cookies

This is the one both Joel and I had our eye on first. I let him try one on our live unboxing. He loved them. He did then allow us all to have one, since there were 4 little yummy squares. This is a french brand, and after looking on their website, I need to seek out more. We are heading over to France for 2 weeks in June. We will definitely be buying these while we are there.

Maize & Grace Popcorn

This is more like Salt & Vinegar. The popcorn itself is really light and fluffy. The texture is one of the best I have tried. If it was a different flavour I think we all would have loved it.

Fiovana Superfruit Cordial

I like the concept of this, but could not get the boys to switch their usual cordial. I tried it, it is not unpleasant and I would like to try other flavours.

Raw & Wild Pili Nuts

My partner is the only nut eater in our house. He tried these, said they are an acquired taste. He said they are ok, not something he would re purchase though.

Rawr Chocolate Organic Thin

We all tried this, it has a really nice shine and snap to it. Very high quality chocolate and a lot healthier for you. We would love to try more of these bars as they do different ones.

Super Heraw Apple Pie

Joel ate this for Breakfast. He said it really does taste like Apple Pie. I like the branding of this, very original. He would eat more of these.

Our Verdict?

Once again we have devoured this box, and my eldest son won’t stop talking about Snackabees! Never did I think he would be converted from all of those sweet treats to the new healthy ones, but he is! I think that alone would be enough to make me want to subscribe.

The selection and the variety is brilliant, and only one of these products I have seen in the Supermarket to buy, so really buying this box is the only way to get these items. To buy them all individually plus shipping would cost you a small fortune.

I think everyone should take advantage of the half price box offer and try out Snackabees for yourself!

Use the code BOXESSION50 to get your first box HALF PRICE!

Mel & Family x