Ink Drops Stationery Review by Mel – February 2019

Thank you to the lovely Carla and Anastasia for sending me the February edition of Ink Drops Stationery. For all of you Stationery addicts, I will be reviewing this now every month! Well that was definitely a great start to the New Year!

This months edit arrived wrapped in brown paper, as one if the items was too big to fit in the boxed envelope, as you can see…

Inside was this month’s envelope containing more treats, and the contents leaflet, reminding me to stay indoors and cosy. I am right now, with my fluffy socks and pyjamas, I promise!

It was still letterbox friendly, so no need to be home for the Postie for this delivery! You can arrive home to a parcel full of lovely treats!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch me back by clicking play below, or alternatively all unboxing’s are saved on our Facebook Group too!

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including postage, delivered!

There is no minimum term on a subscription, and it is simple to cancel via PayPal. You can also buy their monthly edits as a one-off via the online shop.

What is inside this Month?

It is not my photography skills that makes this little lot look so good!

  • Laser Cut Birds Greetings Card by Alljoy Design Ltd
  • Ampersand Magnet by Jones Home & Gift
  • Little Plants Washi Tape
  • You are my Sunshine Greetings Card by Matthew Taylor Wilson
  • ‘I’m not messy, I’m creatively organised’ Clipboard by Jones Home & Gift

Ok, so lets talk about what I received in this months edit…


I could have done with this last week, too many School forms to complete. On the plus side, next time I have lots to fill in, I now have this to use!

I am very organised, I have to be really with 2 Children and 1 Man Child to look after. I am always writing or typing lists. I will definitely get my use out of this. The design is just beautiful, with the rose gold clip and blush colours.

Laser Cut Birds Card

I love laser cut items, I have a pop up one which is a bridge in China! This Card could be sent to anyone. It is blank inside so you could use it for Birthday, Thank You, or even just because. I find sending a card so personal. I spend most of my life online, so it is nice to put pen to paper.

You are my Sunshine Card

I feel spoilt this month, two cards! I do use them. I think I have run out, well I am re stocked now. The print of this one is definitely worthy of sending to my best friend. She is my rock, even 320 miles away. I will be very sneakily sending this to her when she is least expecting it.

Little Plants Washi Tape

I discovered Washi Tape by accident, and now I have so many. I use it for just about everything I can. It is so much more fun than your ordinary tape. This one literally has lots of little plants on it. Spring is coming everyone, I for one cannot wait to see all of my plants growing. Until then, I have happy tape!

Ampersand Magnet

I have a built-in Fridge in our new house, but I do have a Microwave with lots of magnets on. I am going to put this one on my Vintage Jewellery hanger, as it is just too pretty for my Kitchen. This is exactly my taste, I love anything unusual. I have a house full of quirky items, so this now has a home.

My Verdict?

My favourite thing this month has to be the Clipboard. It takes me to my Happy Organised Place! Every item I will use, again!

I am a fan of this subscription because for me, as a busy Mum, all of the items are useable. It is not too heavy on just one element, it is an all-rounder. I have eyed up the January edition already as they have a ‘Sneak Peek’ section on their Website. I love it and if you are considering signing up and are as impatient as I am, check out that hyperlink I have put in, you will not be disappointed.

It is definitely worth browsing their Website for gift ideas, they have a Mini Subscription priced at just £30 for 3 months. There are themed bundles such as I love to be beside the Seaside (£13.50), and I Love Fairytales (£7).

It is also worth checking out their Blog. Lots of Articles have been written by the owners of this Subscription!

Thank you as always for reading, you can subscribe via the link below, or follow Ink Drops on their Social Media…

Mel x

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