The Muscle Locker Review by Gemma- February 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome to another review for Boxession- and it is a new box for us too! First of all, I would just like to say a big thank you to Alex and the team over at The Muscle Locker foe sending me this box to review! It is always a pleasure to discover and review new boxes for you all!

The Muscle Locker is a fitness subscription box providing premium brand supplements, protein bars/snacks and energy drinks in one convenient subscription! Most of you on the group will know me as a Psychologist, but what some of you may not know is that I am also a qualified Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor and I also compete in bikini physique shows, so fitness and exercise is a huge part of my life!

If you missed my unboxing of this, which was done live on our Facebook group (if you’re not a member-come and say hi!), you can watch it back here on our YouTube channel. You could also like and subscribe if you are feeling generous!

About the box:

The box arrived via Royal Mail in a grey postage bag to protect it from the elements. I actually had to collect it from the sorting office due to my letterbox being slightly smaller than most, however this may fit through larger letterboxes. Once I removed the outer postage bag, I pulled out a crisp white cardboard box with the Muscle Locker logo on the top in a bold black font. I liked it immediately- it is simple, but effective!

Once I opened the lid, there was their social media handles on the inner lid (I will post these below) and all of this:


Look how crammed full it is! I couldn’t wait to dive in!

The first item I pulled out was one that I have tried before- Double Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie by SciMX (RRP £15.50 for a pack of 10, so roughly £1.55 for one). This has an impressive 15g of Protein in it, and is low on sugar. I have really enjoyed these cookies in the past, so I fully expect to enjoy it again. I sometimes find with a lot of protein products, they can taste quite strange and have a gritty texture, which can put me off. Not the case here though!

The second item is Cool Mint Cake Bar by Nutramino (RRP £21.09 for a pack of 12, so roughly £1.75 for one). These are a Danish brand and one I am not familiar with- that’s why we love subscription boxes though, right? This bite sized bar contains 10g of protein and only 0.9g of sugar, making it perfect to slip in your bag for on the go snacking-gym or no gym!

The third item I took out was Triple Chocolate Cookie Diet Whey bar by PHD Nutrition (RRP £2.49). I love this brand, I have had many of their bars and protein powders in the past and always found them to be a really high quality. This only has 199 calories in it, an amazing 20g of protein and only 1.9g of sugar. I will be taking this to the gym with me for a post workout treat!

The fourth item is Chocolate Orange Flapjack by CNP (RRP £14.99 for a pack of 24, so roughly 62p for one). I will be honest and say that I really dislike chocolate orange (and orange in general-yes, I realise that I am strange!). However, this won’t go to waste as my gym loving brother loves it! This bar does have some impressive figures though- 18g protein and 38g carbs, this will really keep you going long after the workout is over!

The fifth item, and second from this brand, is Cookies and Cream Oat bar from SciMx (RRP £11.95 for a pack of 16, so roughly 75p for one). This one is MINE! I will not be sharing this! I have had this before and it is delicious! It has an amazing 15g of protein and is low in sugar. The size makes it a perfect little treat to satisfy that sweet craving without undoing all that hard work!

The sixth item was Jaffa Quake Carb Killa Protein Bar by Grenade (RRP £17.25 for a pack of 12, so roughly £1.44 for one). I love this brand, their bars are amazing and so filling! It contains a huge 21g of protein and only 2g of sugar and 2g of carbs. Again though, the flavour is not for me, so I will be gifting it to my brother, who loves running and the gym, so he can make use of it.

The seventh Item was Chocolate Chunk Protein Flapjack by Premium Lux (RRP £11.95 for a pack of 12, so roughly 99p for one). I was SO happy to see this in here! I attended a fitness and bodybuilding event called Body Power a couple of years ago (a great day out if you are into your fitness!) and was given free samples of these and I absolutely loved them! This one was my favourite flavour too! It boasts 20g of protein, 8.9g of fibre (great for your tubes!) and sweetened with stevia, which is a natural sweetener. This one is also not getting shared!

The eight item was Grapetastic Energy Shot by Moose Juice (RRP £1.89). This is a brand I have tried before- they make energy drinks similar to the likes of Red Bull and Monster. It has zero sugar, is aspartame free and provides a hit of energy to help you power through a tough workout. I am not a big fan of energy drinks, but I find these shots are a lot easier as you take them in one go.

The ninth item was a Chocolate Flavour Whey Protein Isolate sachet from Body Sculpture (RRP £1.50). I love a good protein shake after my workouts- they help my muscles to recover and are pretty tasty too! I usually go for strawberry flavour, but I love chocolate so I am sure I will like this! I have never heard of this brand before either, so a new discovery for me!

The tenth and final item was Pear Flavoured BCAA’s BY Body Sculpture (RRP £1.50). BCAA’s stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, which are essential to our muscles to help them grow stronger and recover after a workout. Pear is a flavour that can be hit and miss with me, and certainly not one I have tried in this capacity, so I am interested to see what this is like!

The Prices.

So, this box contained 10 items with an overall value of £14.48, however this is only an estimate based on prices I could find online. These could change with sales and bundle deals etc. I also have not taken into account the separate delivery charges for ordering from different places, which can soon add up!

The Muscle Locker offer 3 different variations of boxes- Classic (the one I had), Caffeine Free and Lite. The Classic and Caffeine Free will contain 10 items, the Lite will contain 6.

There are a few different options for The Muscle Locker subscriptions:

1 month Rolling:

  • Classic Box- £15
  • Caffeine Free- £15
  • Lite- £10

All these options offer free UK delivery and no contract- you can cancel at any time!

You can also order one off boxes, which are priced as follows:

  • Classic- £17.95
  • Caffeine Free- £17.95
  • Lite- £12.45

I think these prices are really reasonable considering how convenient this subscription is- all your gym needs delivered straight to your door in one box!

My Verdict.

Would I subscribe? Absolutely! I am a fitness freak and am very conscious of what I put in my body. It can be mind boggling reading all the labels in the supermarket to try and figure out what the best options are for your goals, but this box takes all that guesswork out, as they do all the research for you! They also sell supplements on their website, listed below!

Should you wish to sign up or follow them on social media, here are the links you need:

Website Facebook Instagram

Thank you for reading!

Gemma x