Snackabees Review by Mel – January 2019

A huge thank you to Snackabees for asking us to review this box. This is brand new to the Subscription Box market, the focus of the box is ‘Monthly Snacks for Kids’. All of the items are picked by a panel of nutritionist families. They test and try all of the items, only selecting the very best to be in their boxes. You receive between 8-10 snacks per month, aimed at ages 3-13.

I am a very busy Mum, and have 2 boys aged 11 and 4. I have to admit, you do pick up the cheap unhealthy snacks, they are so readily available. Also there is only so much fruit you can try to push onto them before they get fed up. Kids need variety, something new and exciting. So the idea behind this is one that attracted me to want to review the box myself.

One of my sons is an extremely fussy eater, and the eldest needs to eat healthier as he is an avid Gamer, and does not get outside enough.

The branding and box design is very eye-catching, bright and lets you know what they are all about without the need for an insert card.

My box arrived covered in a plastic mailing bag to protect it from the lovely winter weather.

I managed to rope my eldest son, Joel, into joining me unboxing this. You can watch this back either on our Facebook Group, or on our YouTube Channel below…

How much does it cost?

Firstly and most importantly we have a discount code!

A MASSIVE 50% off with the code: LOVESNACKS

  • Monthly – £19.99
  • 3 Months – £45 (£15 per box)
  • 6 Months – £90 (£15 per box)

Shipping is £3.99

So what is inside the Box?

I won’t put a box total, as some items are not available to purchase individually, and also a lot I have never seen on the supermarket shelf. I see this as a good thing as you are getting items you would not ordinarily be able to buy.

Time for the best bit, trying out the goodies…

Now, we have tried a lot of the box, but not all items yet. So, I will talk about the items we have tried and what we thought of them.

TREK Banana Bread Protein Flapjack

If you watched our live unboxing, you will have seen Joel eat this. He absolutely loved this and said he wished there were other flavours in the box. I was really surprised that he enjoyed it to be honest.


My best friend loved these! You can buy little plastic holders for the top of your mug to place them on and warm them up! Joel also decided this was his. He had it with a cup of tea. He has seen these before but never tried them, now he is asking me to buy them when I go shopping.

Wallaroo Mango Slices

My partner Rob clocked these, he is a fan of dried fruit. He said they were really tangy and he would eat them again.

Popcorn Shed Berry-Licious

Yes, my turn! These were absolutely amazing. I like normal popcorn anyway, I eat it at least once a week. These are something else! Raspberry flavour and drizzled in dark chocolate. I need more of these.

Neats Rice Crackers

These are tiny little versions of a rice cracker. They are just so cute and dainty. I already eat a well-known brand of Rice Cracker. I would definitely replace those with these instead.

Teapigs Snooze Sleepy Tea

Joel wanted to try this, but unfortunately he was not a fan. We do love the ordinary Teapigs Tea, and buy it regularly.

Liobites Banana Crisps

Archie did manage to eat a couple of these, but Daddy swooped in and finished them off. He said these were his favourite item to try, and would definitely have them in his lunch box. I have never seen them anywhere else but in this box though.

I Love Snacks Baby Pineapple

And the man of the house also ate these. He said he would eat them again too. I was quite shocked that he enjoyed everything he ate. I make his lunches so these may feature very soon!

Our Verdict?

I think there are only 3 items left now from this box. We have pretty much devoured the entire box between us all. I love that this was one subscription we could share between us. It has also made me so much happier that I am getting the boys to swap their snacks for healthy alternatives.

I think everyone should take advantage of the half price box offer and try out Snackabees for yourself!

I would love to review for them again, yum yum!

Mel & Family x