Craft Chocolate Company Review By Nazia – January 2019

A very big thank you to Michelle who owns Craft Chocolate Company for sending this delicious box of tasty treats to me.  Imagine being sent a package containing only the finest chocolate anyone could ask for! Whether you’re a self-professed chocoholic,  just looking for the ideal gift or just want to treat yourself, I can’t think of anything I’d rather receive through my letterbox than a regular delivery of chocolate!

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What is the Craft Chocolate Company?

Michelle founded this company at home in Scotland in 2017 with the simple idea of helping others explore the exciting world of craft chocolate with ease. And embarked on a journey to research where cocoa comes from, who grows it, how it’s made and who, ultimately, turns it into chocolate. It was her mission to guide you in your craft chocolate journey. To help you unlock the secrets of chocolate you never knew existed and turn the everyday, ordinary activity of eating chocolate into a sublime, sensory experience. In a convenient, effortless, and affordable way.

How does it work?

Every month Craft Chocolate Company chooses 4 of the world’s finest artisan craft chocolate bars. Made by small-batch independent chocolate makers, these bars are not available elsewhere! With monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and gift options, there’s a choice for everyone, and there’s no commitment – you’re free to pause or cancel anytime.

  • Monthly Subscription – £24.95
  • Bi- Monthly Subscription – £24.95
  • Quarterly Subscription – £24.95
  • Gift Options also available

Free lifetime delivery in the UK via Royal Mail

EU/World shipping only £10 extra

What do you get?

It’s a surprise until it arrives! Rest assured, you or your gift recipient will receive:

  • 4 full size bars of exceptional craft chocolate
  • A tasting guide teaching you how to taste proper chocolate
  • A tasting sheet to write down your notes
  • A flavour note guide on how to discover the secrets of chocolate you never knew existed.

Naturally Vegan Chocolate

Did you know that most bean to bar, craft chocolate is naturally vegan, gluten free and dairy free? The ingredients in most bars are only cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar. With more cocoa and less sugar – it’s the healthier, tastier option. And you won’t find a preservative in sight! All of the beautiful flavour notes you taste come straight from the cocoa beans.

What did I get?

  • Contents Booklet
  • Tasting Guide & Tasting Sheet
  • Flavour Note Guide
  • Duffy’s Nicaragua Juno 70% Bar 60g
  • Seed Chocolate Maker Dark 70% Bar 70g
  • Chocolate Tree Whisky Nibs 70% 80g
  • Pump Street Bakers & Chocolate Makers 66% Bar 70g

Enjoy 25% off your first box with the code BOX25.

Please note you must stay subscribed for at least 3 boxes for code to be valid. Code expires 3rd February.

What I thought:

Take your taste buds on a discovery journey of good quality premium craft chocolate! Happy mail arriving via second class Royal Mail postage in a slightly larger than letterbox size plain parcel sealed with a little gold sticker. On opening, the contents are wrapped with a delicate crepe paper and again sealed with the gold sticker. You can find a contents booklet detailing the chocolate provided. Inside the box as well as the chocolate you can find a flavour note guide, tasting guide and tasting sheet to help you maximise your chocolate tasting experience. Have fun tasting like a pro!

Duffy’s Nicaragua Juno 70% Bar

This Duffy’s dark chocolate is made with rare and expensive fine flavour cocoa beans grown by Xoco in Nicaragua. It is a sustainable project committed to giving farmers long-term contracts that pay very high prices for their beans and rewarding their care and skills. The beans direct from the grower with no middle-men! On opening the packaging there is a lovely sweet and fruity aroma that wafts out. The bar has the words Duffy’s printed on a chequered block, which when broken has a nice clean snap! I was expecting a bitter taste from this 70% bar but was really pleasantly surprised by how very mellow the taste is! There is no bitterness whatsoever and has a smooth fruity aftertaste.

Seed Chocolate Maker Dark 70% Bar

With flavour notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate, the cocoa beans from this delicious bar come from deep within the Polochic valley in Guatemala. This chocolate is a real work of art with the beautiful cocoa bean design printed onto the bar and makes a perfect snap when broken. This bar is absolutely divine, it melts like butter on the tongue and has a sweet delicate aroma. Deliciously creamy and indulgent with a rich, velvety caramel finish.

Chocolate Tree Whisky Nibs 70%

Chocolate Tree Whisky 70% Rare cacao nibs from the Marañón canyon in Peru soaked in a premium single malt from Islay, a Scottish Hebridean island producing whisky famous for its strong peaty notes. Once the whisky has evaporated from the nibs, they are blended with chocolate made from the same origin. I really like the bright coloured packaging which really stands out and is very eye catching. The bar itself is split into two which is very convenient as it is quite big and there is a lovely flower pattern printed on the bar. On opening you can really smell the whiskey in this bar! On tasting it has an unexpectedly strong whiskey flavour but without the harshness of the alcohol. It is finished with a light smokey aftertaste that is really nice. For someone who isn’t a whiskey fan this whiskey chocolate bar is absolutely tasty and again has the premium quality ‘snap’ that you should always hear with good quality dark chocolate.

Pump Street Bakers & Chocolate Makers 66% Bar – Sourdough & Sea Salt

Pump Street Bakery makes delicious bread but also small-batch chocolate, handmade on its Suffolk site using beans carefully selected from farms and co-operatives in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Madagascar and newest addition: the Solomon Islands. Single Estate dark chocolate made from bean to bar in Suffolk containing sourdough and sea salt. Wow! What can I say this chocolate bar totally tantalises the tastes buds! Sealed in a funky resealable pouch, this bar has a delightful crunchy texture from the sourdough which combined with the sea salt and Ecuadorian chocolate balances out beautifully. Very moreish with a malty aftertaste.


This box really surprised me with how well put together it is and was not at all what I expected! I really enjoyed the tasting experience and Michelle has chosen some really great chocolate companies to feature in this box. I loved all four of the chocolate bars provided but the Seed bar was hands down definitely my favourite! For good quality dark chocolate bars these were not at all bitter which was pleasantly surprising. This subscription is a really fun and unique experience that you can enjoy on your own or to share. Craft chocolate certainly seems to be a cut above other mass-produced chocolate and is so much more enjoyable. Break off a piece, close your eyes and slowly let it melt on your tongue to taste its many flavours.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special who loves chocolate? Then look no further with this fun and inventive box!

If you’d like to know more about Craft Chocolate Company, you can visit their website or social media accounts:


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Thank you for reading…

Nazia xx