Vahdam Tea Review By Nazia – January 2019

A big thank you to Archit at Vahdam for sending over a selection of their bestselling teas for me to review! Being a tea drinker, I was more than happy to receive happy tea mail and so much of it too!

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What is Vahdam?

A treasured legacy of over 80 years in the Indian tea industry and a revolutionary idea is what led to the creation of VAHDAM. A novel approach to the traditional supply chain, coupled with their pioneering technology, all to put the glory of pure handpicked Indian teas on the globe, courtesy of a home-grown brand. Their sole purpose is to redefine the way the world discerns tea. The conventional supply of tea in India is impaired by the involvement of multiple middlemen like auctioneers, retailers, and suppliers. With the help of their radical supply chain, they eliminate unnecessary middlemen and source premium teas from renowned tea gardens in India, package it garden-fresh at their avant-garde tea facility in New Delhi and bring it to your doorstep.

More than just a business – 1% of our revenue is redirected towards the education of India’s tea growers’ children. Our farmers, like any other parent, wish for their progeny to have a better life than them

What did I receive?

  • Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea 2 x 15 bags RRP £11.99
  • Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea. 2 x 15 bags RRP £11.39
  • Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea 2 x 15 bags RRP £11.99
  • Himalayan Green Loose-Leaf Tea 100g RRP £11.99

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There are so many other flavours available on their website this is just a small selection they have sent for us to review, available as loose leaf or tea bags. Gift options are also offered on their website!

What I thought:

Discover the superiority of a garden-fresh long leaf tea with the convenience of the Vahdam single serve pyramid tea Bags. Each serving is packaged in a pyramid shaped nylon tea bag, individually sealed enveloped & sealed at source to ensure you get the freshest cup of tea.

Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea

Turmeric is the world’s healthiest spice with multiple health benefits. This Turmeric Chai is blended with turmeric powder, cardamom, clove & black pepper. A super food blend consumed in Indian houses for hundreds of years. This spiced turmeric tea bag is the equivalent of masala chai tea bags, herbal tea bags & detox tea bags all put into one. The bag has a delicious aroma of mixed spices which smells so divine! I loved the authentic taste of the mixed spices in this tea, I could especially smell and taste the cardamom. The turmeric imparts a mild, aromatic flavour with subtle sweetness and an invigorating aftertaste. The first time I made this tea I steeped it as per the instructions, but I found that the spices were too strong a flavour for my palette so the second time I steeped it for less time and added a small spoonful of sugar to add some sweetness. It was a perfect balance of flavour sending beautiful warmth running through me.

Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea

100% Whole ingredients – green tea leaves blended with lemongrass, peppermint, orange peels, and chamomile. I like all three of these flavours, but I’ve never had them together so was very much looking forward to trying it. The aroma from the tea bag is just fantastically fresh and zesty. I followed the steeping instructions on the box and left for 3 minutes and let the liquor settle to a light greenish colour. Although the aroma in the bag was very pleasant to start off with once soaked in hot water it seemed to become more vegetal. The taste was almost medicinal and with each mouthful I was presented with a different flavour blend which I’m not sure I was sold on, I think I prefer the ingredients separately so unfortunately this tea just wasn’t for me. For those who prefer a vegetal tea with a calming quality then this may be the tea for you.

Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea

A rich, fully-bodied & malty black tea from beautiful golden-tipped leaves. The brew offers a sensational aroma of dark chocolates & a hint of malt in every sip. The ultimate breakfast tea at its finest! The classic sweet-smoky flavours come around beautifully in this strong malty tea. A well-balanced cup tipped with a smokey taste giving you that boost of morning energy to get you through the day. This is the perfect anytime of the day tea, enjoy on its own or add a touch of sweet honey to balance the smokiness. A pleasant and soothing drink, I thoroughly enjoyed each sip! Definitely my favourite tea out of the four and I’ve been looking forward to this robust tea every morning!

Himalayan Green Loose-Leaf Tea

Exclusive Long Leaf Green Tea rich with Natural Anti-Oxidants & Flavonoids. Hand-plucked & produced in high elevation tea plantations in the Himalayas. Discover the Taste of Purity with this loose tea. Low-Caffeine content tea which can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Unlike green tea organic, this loose-leaf tea makes for a great detox cleanse tea. This tea is sealed in a vacuum-packed pouch ensuring freshness. Although not resealable there is another resealable pouch provided in the box to transfer the tea leaves too once opened. I love green tea, and this did not disappoint. This is a really great tasting tea and has a really nice and uplifting to it. It has a sweet delicate aroma and tastes simply fresh and energising with sweet undertones. A delightfully refreshing drink to enjoy any time of the day.


Whether you are new to tea, a tea connoisseur or just tired of drinking the same tea every day, join Vahdam on a flavour journey of discovery. Each tea bag is individually wrapped ensuring freshness and in strong fibrous pyramid bags allowing the tea to move freely and release flavour. This is a really wonderful selection of teas that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. The rewards from drinking tea are also great; contains antioxidants for a healthier body, helps to relieve stress for a more peaceful mind, wakes you up when you need an extra push and can be enjoyed socially! Vahdam not only guarantees freshness but also quality, definitely the nicest teas I’ve enjoyed in a while and shipped straight from the source!

So, what are you waiting for? Put the kettle on and let’s drink some tea!

If you’d like to know more about Vahdam you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading…

Nazia xx