Cosy Craft Club Review by Mel – January 2019

Thank you to the lovely Rachel, owner of Cosy Craft Club for sending me this box to review. They are a very new craft subscription with a difference. They promise to bring you a brand new craft kit every month. Something that is ideal for beginners too, so it does not matter if you have never tried it before.

The kits are lovingly created by someone who specialises in that craft, and this months box introduces Meticulous Ink Fine Stationery. Athena is the lady behind this company, based in Bath. She loves to share her enthusiasm for beautiful Calligraphy, and even created the ink for this kit!

I had to include the outer packaging photo in this review, as Rachel has hand written my name in Calligraphy! How beautiful is it?

I made myself a secret New Years Resolution (now not so secret) that I would take a bit more time doing things I love. Blogging is my passion, but I also used to knit and cross stitch. It has been a year since I have made anything. I used to get crafty with lots of things including making my own Order of Service booklets, Christening and Birthday Invitations. There is nothing more beautiful than when you have made something out of love, I don’t think it matters what the end result is; more that you had fun trying!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our Facebook Group Video Section, or click play below for our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside?

The Copperplate Calligraphy Kit contains:

  • Blue Pumpkin Nib
  • Wooden Nib Holder
  • Pot of Meticulous Ink
  • 5 Sheets of Practice Paper
  • Guide Sheet & Instruction Sheet

How much does it cost?

  • £22 including P&P on a month to month basis
  • £66 for 3 months, including P&P
  • £120 for 6 months, including P&P
  • £216 for 12 months, including P&P

You can get 20% off your first box using the code ‘BOXESSION’

*Note this is only valid on the month to month option.

First Impressions?

Honestly, the kit is so stunningly wrapped. It is the first time in a while when I opened a box I have been this impressed. The blue satin ribbon, personalised note, matching blue tag. I mean the attention to detail is just on another level.

I have never tried Calligraphy, so it was the reason I was so attracted to reviewing this box. I see things that are hand written in Calligraphy and I am in awe of it. Can I do this? Well there is only one way to find out…

The Results…

The only way to start is to just pick up and go. Finding time was my only obstacle. I wanted to have complete silence when I completed my very first Calligraphy.

I genuinely have never tried anything like this before in my life. If only you were to see my ‘Doctor’s’ Handwriting, I think even you may be impressed by this…

Some of the letters I found so easy to do, the ‘L’, ‘J’ and ‘H’ I particularly enjoyed doing and could have just done those over and over. I preferred the capital letters to the small ones, I think this is because the outcome of them was more impressive.

I made a couple of mistakes, I did the ‘N’ over 3 lines and did not realise until I had completed the entire practice line and laughed at myself. The most tricky was undoubtedly the ‘K’.

The tips were to press down really hard on the down strokes, and as light as possible on the upwards ones. I was always being told off when I was younger for being heavy-handed. I played Piano throughout my youth and was happier with Beethoven where I could hammer away at the keys, ha!

My Verdict?

I used my child free time to do this, and honestly I had no noise, perfect silence. That made me enjoy the experience even more. I watched the Meticulous Ink YouTube video to give me some tips before I started too. I watched Athena write her entire name in awe.

I would go as far as to say I would do the 50 minute drive to Bath to participate in one of her workshops, purely because I would love to be able to make a piece that I could hang on my wall as Art work. I have seen some of Athena’s work and it is truly amazing.

Cosy Craft Club has introduced me to something new, that I never would have just walked into a shop to buy. In fact I would have thought I would have had to spent a small fortune just to even start a hobby like this. I admit I was wrong.

This is a low cost way of being able to ‘have a go’. If you love it then you can take up a new Hobby, and look back to remember where it all began.

I wonder what next month has in store? Check out their Website & Social media to find out…

Mel x

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