Coffee & Kin Review by Mel – January 2019

A huge Thank you to Ruth & the Team over at Coffee & Kin for sending me their very first Coffee & Chocolate Box to review.

I am a fan of both, but never have I had a subscription where they both appear side by side. Thinking about it now, I wonder why? After all, the idea is brilliant. These two go together like Cheese & Wine. A marriage made in food and drink heaven!

The box arrived via Royal Mail, it is letterbox friendly but I have an old fashioned door. My postie is used to my parcels though so I rarely miss him. I was really glad I did not miss this one, I could smell the goodness even before I lifted the lid.

Upon opening, I was greeted by this beautiful sight. Elegant black tissue paper, a sticker featuring their logo, a personalised note, and the slogan ‘BREW GOOD. DO GOOD, FEEL GOOD’. I love that, I am a fan of spreading positivity and it is one of the many reasons I buy subscription boxes. They take you to a happy place.

I wasted no time to unbox this, only a matter of hours in fact! If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group, you can watch me back on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

So what do they do?

There are a few Subscription options available:

FREE Delivery on ALL Subscriptions!

The leaflet inside explains all about the story behind Chocolateeha. I follow them on Instagram already but have not tried the brand until now.

What is inside the box?

  • Coffee & Kin Awaken ground Coffee (250g Bag)
  • Chocolateeha Indulgent Wild Orange Infused Dark Chocolate (85g Bar)
  • Chocolateeha Indulgent Hazelnut & Cardamom Milk Chocolate (85g Bar)
  • Chocolateeha Raw Original, 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate (30g Bar)

The Coffee

It is 100% specialty grade pure Arabica Coffee Beans. Ethically sourced and roasted on Holy Island in Northumberland. 10 pence from every bag is reinvested back into The Coffee & Kin Foundation.

The Coffee from Myanmar is grown alongside many different fruits. Once a significant opium region, Ywangan has made significant changes in the last 10 years to replace Poppy faming with Coffee.

I have a few french presses, but I do prefer my double walled one. I always bring out my Alessi mug too as I just love it. It was a Christmas present. I always pour the hot water into the cup first. This does 2 things, it acts as a guide, and also you should never use water directly from the kettle to make Coffee. You have to let it cool down for a few minutes.

The grind is beautiful, I had to take a photo, it would be rude not to! I always use brown sugar in my Coffee, to me white is just wrong. I never drink it black, always with a touch of milk. The result is as you can see, begging to be drunk.

The Coffee itself is very smooth, slightly fruity, and definitely an everyday cup. Morning or night I could drink this, and I will be!

The Chocolate

Wild Orange

Definitely my favourite of the three. I am sure some of my regular readers will have heard me mention that I love Chocolate Orange, as does the man of the house. I have considered hiding this, but it is a really big bar, so I let him have a bit (then hid it). It is not too bitter as it is 65% Dark Chocolate. Teamed with the Orange it is almost tangy! A clear winner.


This one I tried with a Coffee, you only need a little bit, and it is actually good for you to eat Chocolate like this. I love the pattern on the bar too. This was a free addition in the box this month.

Hazelnut & Cardamom

I could not try this, as sadly I do have a nut allergy. It is not a bad one, but I don’t tend to touch them. This is partly my fault as I should have mentioned it in an email. I will however be popular by the lucky person who does get this as a treat from me

My Verdict?

I adore this subscription. I mean I love both Chocolate and Coffee so it is a perfect combination for me. I don’t think that the price is too high when you consider what you are getting. Let’s remember that you cannot just pick these from the Supermarket shelf.

Would I buy this again? Oh yes, I would. I would also send this as a gift to someone, imagine getting this through the door when you did not expect it!

Check out their Website, remember that there is £5 off your first order automatically, so this exact box would be just £15.

Thank you for reading…

Mel x

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