Tinker Crate Review by Mel & Joel – January 2019

I am always on the hunt for new boxes, and I have found that there are not many boxes for my boys that have had me interested… until I found Kiwi Co. I think it was one of my fellow Bloggers, Sam, who pointed me in the direction of this fabulous company. She knows that my two are a handful and need constant entertainment!

So Thank you to the very lovely Katherine over at Kiwi Co, for sending my little Angels/Devils (delete appropriately) both Kiwi Crate and Tinker Crate to review. You can read my Kiwi Crate review here.

The box arrived via Parcelforce, it was double boxed so the inside box was perfect and undamaged in transit. The boxes are very detailed, telling you exactly what is inside. I really like the designs.

Joel is 11 now, and thinks doing anything with Mum is uncool. I managed to persuade him to join in with the unboxing though. I think he secretly enjoyed it really. You can watch us back on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

How much is this box?

Well, we have very kindly been given a special offer for our followers. Your first box is FREE, just pay shipping! Click here

If you love the box, you can of course carry on your subscription. The prices are as follows:

  • Monthly – £15.62
  • 3 Months – £46.85 plus shipping (£14.48 per month)
  • 6 Months – £86.89 plus shipping (£13.27 per month)

Shipping is £5.44, taking the total to £21.06 monthly

*Prices are estimates (actual price: $26.90 USD for monthly box including shipping)

You can cancel at anytime easily from their Website.

The full range…

They do boxes from ages 0-104! Yes, something for everyone. There are:

  • Tadpole Crate (0-36 months) – Explore and Discover
  • Koala Crate (Ages 3-4) – Play & Learn Activities
  • Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8) – Science, Art and More
  • Atlas Crate (Ages 6-11) – Geography & Culture
  • Doodle Crate (Ages 14+) – Art & Design Techniques
  • Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16) – Science & Engineering
  • Eureka Crate (Ages 14-104) – Engineering & Design

You can also switch box type anytime you want, if you fancied a change!

So what is inside the box?

Make your own Wooden Automaton. Create a Hand Cranked Automation and explore machines that move!

  • Wood Automaton Set (6 pieces)
  • 6 Wood Blocks
  • 6 Wood Cams
  • 3 Wood Balls
  • 2 Dowells
  • Cardboard Automation Set (15 pieces)
  • Sticky Foam Sheet
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Straw
  • 14 Rubber Rings
  • 2 Zip Ties
  • Instruction Sheet

Plus Tinker Zine!

The magazines are packed full, brightly coloured high quality paper too. There are more things for us too! We have also made an Art Automaton

Time to get crafty!

So, we decided to get both of the boys together to make build what was in their boxes. They rarely spend time together so I saw it as an opportunity for some Brother time.

The instructions were so easy to follow, having step by step numbers the entire way through. Joel followed them with ease, after all he is a LEGO pro already. He had no idea about Automaton before this, and we also did a bit of internet research to show him that this is in fact how a car engine works! He was really surprised at that.

There are exactly the right amount of pieces which are bagged up separately to make it easier. And here we have the outcome!…

As you can see from the photo, much to our confusion, Archie was more intrigued by Joel’s Automaton, and vice versa. We couldn’t help but laugh as this is so typical of Brother’s always wanting each others toys!

The toys are really high quality when you consider the price of the entire box, the effort and thought that goes into every one. All of the boxes have a different theme. (Please note that it is only the Automatons included in this box, please see my Kiwi Crate Review for the Arcade Claw).

Our Verdict?

We would definitely love to try out more of these, they are really unique and I can see why they are so popular. I love the fact they cover all ages from 0-104.

You can get your own FREE BOX too, you do have to pay shipping, which I calculated at £7.79 for this offer, it is usually slightly less at just over £5 when you subscribe. I do think that this box is worth full price though, so this is a small price to pay to enable you to try it out before you subscribe. Shipping would be free if you were in the USA, as Kiwi Co are based there.

I think you would be mad not to give this one a go, there is one to suit every single age and genre, so if you have kids, or adult sized kids, you can’t go wrong.

Use our link above to order, but you can check out their Social Media too via the links below.

Thank you for reading!

Mel & Joel x

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