Munchachos Review by Mel – January 2019

I am a busy Mum to 2 boys, and my youngest Archie (Aged 4), is the fussiest eater. He is a little picker as I call him. So when Munchachos asked BoXession to review one of their newly released boxes, I jumped at the opportunity. I am so conscious that my boys snack, and not only that but are they eating the right snacks? Is there enough variety? So many questions and there is no definite answer.

This box takes away that worry. Knowing that all of the boxes will contain healthy Children’s nibbles. They are perfect for lunch boxes, after School, and Weekends when they say ‘Can I have some Sweets?’. You can say yes, and hand them a healthy alternative that also looks new, exciting and are tasty too!

I have trawled the Supermarkets, I also know that the Healthy alternatives can be very pricey indeed. They almost make you pick up the alternatives. But not with this box, these arrive weekly through your letterbox too! Mine arrived via Royal Mail, and it is a bright delight…

The boys knew that it was for them just by the catchy design. They did not even take note that it was in fact my name written on the box!

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook Group, you can now watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

About Munchachos?

  • 5 snacks per box, each inspired by flavours from a different country
  • A growing number of unique and exciting snacks
  • Ideal for lunchboxes and after-school hunger pangs
  • Created by nutritionists especially for curious little Munchachos

How much does it cost?

£4.99 plus postage weekly on a Tuesday. Postage is just 99p as the boxes are letterbox friendly!

Fun Extras

  • Download the FREE app to create your very own World of Munchachos
  • Become worldwise as you gather fun facts and travel the world
  • Play great new games
  • Bag plenty of prizes, unlock new Munchachos, and more

What is inside our Box?

5 from a selection of 12 individually packed snacks:

  • France – Chomps Elise – Cheese & Tomato flavoured Mini Baguettes
  • Greece – Take Tzat – Crispy Pitta pieces dipped in tzatziki
  • China – Long Tong Noodles – Crispy Chicken flavoured Noodles
  • New Zealand – Haka Pava Lova – Puffed Spelt & dried Raspberries
  • Jamaica – Go Man-Go – Dried fresh Coconut, Mango and Pineapple pieces.

Time to test the treats…

China – Long Tong Noodles

These are just like a noodle, but a cracker version. Joel, my eldest Son, devoured these. He wanted more of them. He loves Chinese food so I was not shocked at all at him loving these. I asked him would you get them again, he said yes, 10 bags please!

New Zealand – Haka Pava Lova

Spelt is a wheat. I sort of guessed that in the unboxing by the look of it, but I had never tried it before these. I would say these are an ideal morning snack. Archie really loved the dried raspberries and picked all the red ones out as he put it.

France – Chomps Elise

These were Archie’s favourite. I knew they would be because they taste exactly like a Cheese & Tomato Pizza! I also tried these and was pleasantly surprised at how packed full of flavour they are.

Jamaica – Go Man-Go

Now I can see the appeal of these, and they were tangy. But neither of my boys liked the texture of them. Sometimes when something is very new to kids they can’t understand why a pineapple can go from a wet fruit to a dried fruit. I munched them all though, they were very fruity but a little rubbery I agree.

Greece – Take Tzat

Archie also ate all of these and I managed to try 2 pieces! He actually said ‘These are just Archie’s’. I left him to it, he seemed really impressed by his new crisps as he called them. I would never have thought to use dried pitta pieces for a snack. Teamed with the flavouring they really are yummy.

Our Verdict?

4 out of 5 items were loved! I don’t think that is bad considering this is 2 boys, one of whom is a very fussy eater. The snacks contain no bad stuff, no added sugars or salt, only healthy and natural flavours.

I applaud what they are trying to do here, the branding is perfect to catch kids attention too. They currently have 12 snacks on their Menu, but from what I can see they will be adding more to it.

The only thing I would like to see is maybe the option to deliver fortnightly? Or even a discount if you say buy the boxes every week for a month? Other than that I do think this is one Subscription that will continue to grow, and we would love to try more!

Check out their Website and Social Media links below, thank you for reading…

Mel & Boys x

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