Treat Trunk Review by Hayley – January 2019

‘DITCH THE JUNK WITH A MONTHLY TREAT TRUNK!’ Is the ingenious tag line coming from a brand new healthy snack subscription box for kids, teens, adults and grannies alike; Treat Trunk!

Before I start, let me first say a massive thank you to Sally over at Treat Trunk for sending Oliver, Robyn and I this wonderful first edition of your box.

Treat trunk, which is delivered to you via Royal Mail, contains 20-25 tasty, sugar sensible, dairy free and vegan snacks from brands that we all know and love, and from brands who are just starting out in this massive minefield of the health food market. There is also an option of a smaller monthly box containing 10-15 items for the mini-munchers out there.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here…

As a working mum of two  constantly grazing and munching growing children, I find the supermarket shelves a tricky place to navigate when it comes to buying treats and snacks for them, often ending up with piles of biscuits and cakes and crisps, which, let’s be honest-isn’t too great for them, or me either come to think of it. This is where Treat Trunk steps in and rescues mums-in-a-rut like myself, offering us the opportunity to experience new adventures in snacking without being bamboozled into buying basically bags of sugar and additives!

This months box contained…

The Bear Company Strawberry Real Fruit Yoyo

A firm favourite with my 2, eaten in 30 seconds flat so I can tell they enjoyed them!

The Bear Company Raspberry and Blueberry Real Fruit Paws

My son took these to school in place of a biscuit bar for lunch, his verdict- awesome mum can you get me some more please? Becky stole 3 of them I wasn’t happy… Miles better than Rolo’s then 😉

The Raw Chocolate Co Chocolate Raisins and Chocolate Stem Ginger

The chocolate raisins were taken to school by my daughter, who takes a piece of fruit everyday, as a treat, and the low sugar content meant that they were ok’d by the teacher! She really enjoyed them. Nick my partner tried the Chocolate Stem ginger and really enjoyed them, he did say they were a tad on the spicy side!

Scrumptious Apple Flavour Raisins and Cherry Flavour Raisins

Again, my daughter took both of these packets to school in place of her usual piece of break time fruit, and she absolutely adored both!

Keep It Raw Ombar Dark Chocolate Buttons

I personally am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate and was expecting these to be very bitter, but surprisingly they were very sweet and a lovely smooth chocolate taste. Something I would definitely buy again.

Wholey Moley Cacao and Orange Cookie

This HUGE cookie went down a treat with a cup of decaf coffee after the unboxing. Very filling, and a lovely orangey flavour, mmmmm I just loved it!

Clearly Scrumptious Juicy Dried Cranberries

My son swapped these once again for his usual chocolate biscuit bar for lunch at school and devoured them before he even got to lunchtime. He said they were delicious and better than raisins. Win!

Boundless Raw Activated Mixed Fruit and Nuts

My partner Nick took these to work with him for his mid-afternoon snack, he says they gave him a good boost of energy to take him right up until he got home for his evening meal, something I will be definitely looking to buy for him.

Brave Sour cream and chive dried peas

A product that I have tried before and really love the flavour and the crunchiness of these little pea snacks, great for on the go or for sitting in front of the TV.

Missfits Cacao Orange Protein Wonderballs

Low fat, low sugar and gluten-free, these little balls are delicious and are very filling, I only needed a few and left the rest to finish later but the kids stole them!

Keep It Raw Ombar Centres Coconut and Vanilla

Another gorgeous snack from this brand, this time the same dark chocolate but with a creamy coconut and vanilla dairy free filling mmmmm! Not overpowering coconut, not one of my favourite flavours but this was delicious.

Squbes Dark Chocolate Coconut and Sea Salt Clusters

Please could I have a whole box of these?? Divine. That is all.

Nakd- Blueberry Muffin Bar and Gingerbread Bar

They really DO taste like a blueberry muffin or a gingerbread cake BUT its nothing but fruit and nuts! No flour no nasties just lots of flavour!

Raduga FiesTEA Red- Apple and Berry Herbal Tea

Nick got to try this beautiful tea as I am unfortunately allergic to strawberry which it contains. He said it was really fruity and really warming too, perfect for the cold winter!

Love Corn Sea Salt Flavour

Nick and I devoured these watching a film, a great alternative to a packet of crisps! I adore sea salt too!

Oloves- Basil and Garlic Flavour

The star of the box as far as I am concerned, I adore olives, in fact everybody in my house does so there were some disagreement as to who had these. I won. They were delicious and really garlicky-just what I love!

Nibble Sour Cherry Protein Bites

This huge bag of protein bites is still waiting to be devoured in the ‘snack corner’, I’m sure they will be eaten in no time at all. They look delicious and the bag is huge, plenty for us to share!

Hoogly Spiced Orange Herbal Infusion

It’s just like Christmas in a cup! Fruity and warming, this lovely tea actually had me drifting off to sleep! Lavender move over!

The Cost

The Treat Trunk can be subscribed to in 2 different ways.

  • Each box costs £35.99 and can be sent monthly or every 3 months.
  • The Mini Monthly is just £19.99

But if you subscribe by the 28th of February you will get a massive 25% off your first box with the code NEWYEAR25 at checkout!!!

Our opinion

Not one item in this box that hasn’t been devoured or planned on being devoured! A great variety of both savoury and sweet snacks suitable for the whole family, and each of them has been yummy, delicious, and far more nutritious than a standard packet of crisps or sweets, not to mention kinder on my children’s teeth too! As a busy working mum, boxes like this being sent to me without having to spend hours looking at labels in the supermarket, are absolutely perfect and convenient, and discovering new brands and tastes is always a winner!

Check out their social media pages and website by clicking here…

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Thank you for taking the time to read!

All my love,

Hayley xx

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