Pure Natural Box December Edition Review by Mel – January 2019

You all know by now that I am a box addict, and that my favourite ones are Cruelty Free and Natural Skincare. I am not ashamed to admit that I have been stalking Pure Natural Box since I heard about them about 6 months ago now. Their boxes are quarterly, and each edition has a number. Rebecca who owns the Company started out life in 2015, she too was a Beauty Box fan, and bought some that just didn’t quite fit what she wanted.

Parabens and no nasty chemicals was her aim to start with, and now look what that has blossomed into on her 14th release. I mean just this photo is a thing of beauty, imagine getting this in the post every 3 months…

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to imagine. I have kindly been sent one of the last of their luxury Christmas editions which you can buy here. I think there are only a couple left now so be quick if you do want this one. You can watch my live unboxing here on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside the box?

Total Box Value = £55.39

How much does it cost?

£25 plus £3.95 P&P. These are only released quarterly, please excuse me in my live I said bi monthly, but as I know I will be reviewing the March Box I got a little bit giddy.

The boxes often sell out, so it is definitely worth signing up to their email list here to act as a reminder if anything. You can also follow their Instagram as I do, or other Social Media I have linked at the bottom of this review.

You have the option to exclude the white snap magnetic closure box for 10% off the cost too which would take it down to just £23.50!

Time for me to test these treats…

The Rose Tree De-Stress Bath and Shower Oil Heart Bottle

This is a thing of beauty. The sweet little glass heart bottle is exactly the kind of thing you have on show in your bathroom for when you have house guests. Not that I would share. The fragrance is Juniper & Grapefruit, and you can even see the tiny strands of Apricot Kernel floating inside.

I am more of a shower person, I love that this can be used for both bath and shower. The scent it leaves is just so elegant and soothing. My skin feels silky smooth from all of the essential oils. It contains 78% organic ingredients and is SLS/SLES free! I would adore this as a gift, so to receive it in the box for what would be a fraction of the price is amazing.

Celtic Herbal Christmas Cwtch Soy Candle

This is the only item in the box that I have seen before, as I visited St Fagans Life Museum with my little boy in December and the Museum shop sold them. I am starting to get used to the Welsh language now that I live here. I am pleased to announce that I did in fact pronounce this correctly in my unboxing! Cwtch means Cuddle or Hug, and this is a perfect name for it as it has that warm homely smell that we all love this time of year when it is freezing cold. Nothing better than being cuddled up under a big thick blanket on the sofa in a soft candlelight.

These are handmade and use ethically sourced soy wax. You can get 20% off any of the products from Celtic Herbal using the code CELTIC20.

Cut.Le.Crap Organic Castile Soap

I think the name of this is brilliant, the branding and marketing is really clever. I used this in the shower and was really surprised at the lather I got from it. It is unscented but you can add your own essential oils should you wish. I will happily use this for both of my boys. The pricing is very reasonable too, and even better with the discount code PNB20, which will get you 20% off any purchases from their website!

Planted Nutrient Rich Face Cream

If you watched back my live unboxing, then you will have seen me use this. I often add oils to my facial moisturisers at this time of year, but this one already contains Raspberry seed, Rosehip and pomegranate seed oils. It is 66% organic, and lightly scented with lavender and geranium. This is perfect for venturing outdoors, and protected my face from the 2 degrees winter evening out in Cardiff. Even in the warmer months you could use this as an overnight moisturiser to give your skin that extra boost.

I was shocked that this is not a full size, as it looks like one. This is a 30ml, and the full size is a 50ml so it is a very generous luxury sample. You can use the code PNB15 for 15% off any other items in their range too, valid until February 2019.

Just for Tummies Milk Thistle Tablets

I already knew what these are used for. I do take Charcoal, Iron and Vitamin C already. These are commonly known for being good for your tummy if you have had one too many the night before. They are also really helpful for indigestion which a lot of us I am sure have had with all of the eating we have done over the festive period.

These have no added extra ingredients, just 100mg of pure milk thistle extract.

My Verdict?

I adore this box. I love everything about it from the beautiful packaging, the clean crisp website, and the price too.

I am very excited to be reviewing their March edition number 15, this is exactly the kind of box I would buy. All large or full size items with no samples, and as it is not every month it gives you time to use them up before their next box is released. I cannot find a single fault in this box. I urge you to sign up to their email mailing list or follow their social media so that you don’t miss out!

Mel x


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