The PIP Box Limited Edition Cruelty Free Beauty Kit Review by Gemma – December 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what could be better to celebrate the festive season than a box full of treats?

This box is super exciting- mainly because I am one of the first bloggers to get my hands on it!

The Pip Box, who I have worked with a few times before, have teamed up with Cruelty Free International, who are behind the Leaping Bunny certification, to bring you a box full of cruelty free treats! It is different to other Pip Boxes- for a start, it is Limited Edition but also because there are more products included, a larger box and an even bigger saving!

I want to thank Sofi and the team over at The Pip Box for letting me review for them again, and if you missed my live unboxing on the facebook group, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

So, before we get into the box contents, I just want to talk a little bit about Cruelty Free! Cruelty Free essentially means that no animal has come to any harm in the making of the products, from individual ingredients to the whole product. A company may claim to be against animal testing, but they may sell in China, or have other companies test on their behalf, so research is always needed if you want to make the switch to cruelty free! Another thing to point out is that Cruelty Free does NOT always mean a product is Vegan. If a product is vegan, there will be a separate logo on the packaging alongside the Leaping Bunny.

So, onto the products! The box itself is a lot bigger than the usual Pip Boxes, it was delivered via courier (I think this is due to it being sent out before Christmas and before the actual release date).

Once I had taken the lid off the box, I was first met with a couple of leaflets-one detailing that Primark’s PS beauty range has now been given Leaping Bunny status and the other is a cute and handy guide to cruelty free beauty, which includes a lot of handy hints and tips on how to make the switch to cruelty free!


The contents:

The first product I pulled out was The Friendly Soap Company Hair and Body Balm in Lavender and Geranium (RRP £2.11). I have used a few of this brands products before and really rate them, so I am glad to see another product to add to my collection! This is natural and handmade, can be used as a shampoo or body bar which cleans, nourishes, conditions and promotes healthy hair growth and skin. It is also eco- friendly, as the packaging is fully recycled. All their products are free from Palm Oil, Parabens, Sulphates, Triclosan, Phthalates and Cruelty. I adore the smell of this, and the handy travel size too. I have used one of their shampoo bars before and found it made my hair so soft and clean, so I am expecting the same from this!

The second product is Urban Veda Travel Friendly Face Wash (RRP £3.99). I have used this brand before too, and liked them. It has a gentle formula, and won’t strip the vital moisture from your skin, whilst also removing all traces of makeup, as well as making your skin soft and clean. This smells lovely and, again, is a handy travel size to take away with you should you wish!

The third product is 7th Heaven Pink Guava Peel Off Mask (RRP £1). I love 7th Heaven, I have a stash of them already! I have recently been using a lot of sheet masks, however I will never turn down a face mask! This one is said to deeply cleanse and purify pores with its blend of antioxidant rich ingredients including Vitamin C, Mangosteen and Guava. It removes dead skin cells to reveal squeaky clean skin!

The fourth product is Primark 9 Shade Eye Palette Amber Edition (RRP £3). This is a budget friendly version of a well known brand and has a mixture of mattes, shimmers and metallic shades. I love the colours, so beautiful and perfect for this time of year-a nude palette is a makeup bag essential!

The fifth product is Aldi Lacura Kickstart Shower Gel in Lemon and Tea Tree (RRP  55P). I love Aldi, and the fact that their beauty and home cleaning products are all Leaping Bunny certified makes me feel even better on my weekly shop! This is their version of another well known brand and is such an amazing smelling gel! It will definitely wake me up in the morning with its fresh and zingy scent, and it is packed full of natural oils and extracts. This product is Vegan friendly and PH balanced, so you can be sure it will be gentle on your skin!

The sixth product is Lily Lolo Natural Eye Pencil in Brown (RRP £7.50). This is enriched with moisturising and conditioning ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin! It applies smoothly and feels really soft as you do so, with a rich and long lasting colour pay off! I don’t actually wear eyeliner, but I am going to use this to fill in my brows, as it is very close to my natural colour! It is a good size pencil too, so will last a while.

The seventh product made me slightly giddy- iGlow Long Lashes Serum (RRP £53!). I already use a lash serum and am very near to running out, so when I saw this I was very excited-then I saw the price tag! This serum promises longer and healthier looking lashes in as little as 3 to 12 weeks! I cannot wait to give this a try once my old lash serum runs out!

The eight product is something I use a lot of- The Natural Deodorant Company Clean Deodorant Balm in Palmarosa and Mandarin (RRP £6). Natural Deodorant balms are the future-mark my words! They melt into your skin, with coconut oil and shea butter to help nourish the delicate under arm area and magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to provide antioxidants and all day protection from odour. This is also suitable for all skin types and smells lovely!

The ninth product in this box of treats is Purple Tree Skincare Pomegranate Miracle Balm (RRP £3.99). This is a new brand discovery for me, which I love! This product uses pomegranate oil to moisturise and provide relief from dryness. It can be used on lips and skin, making it a multitasking marvel! You could even use it to smooth and tame your brows or help fix loose glitter! Absolute must have handbag essential!

The tenth product is another new brand discovery- Silvan Skincare Anise Lip Balm (RRP £5). This smells like aniseed, which I love, and is also vegan friendly! It is packed with some amazing ingredients- Jojoba, shea butter, olive oil, apricot oil, sweet orange and star anise, which help to moisturise and protect the lips from the harsh winter climate! I love the cute little tin it comes in too, perfect for your hand bag, make up bag or even your pocket!

The eleventh and final product- wow, what can I say about this? Keweko Refreshing Toner (RRP £27) is another new brand for me. This packaging is so luxurious, it reminds me of a very expensive perfume bottle! This delivers a hydrating and refreshing spritz of moisture boost to your skin and it smells absolutely divine! I am almost scared to use it because of how beautiful it is!

So that is everything! A staggering 11 products, all cruelty free and many of them vegan too!


This box is a limited edition edit and is priced at £40, which includes free UK delivery! The total value of the box is over double the price you will pay (over £110 in value!) and 25% of the profits go to Cruelty Free International!

The box goes on general sale on 27th December at 10am-so set that reminder now if you want to grab one before they go, as I’m predicting a sell out!

If you want one or want to sign up to their regular monthly subscription, here are the links you need:

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Thank you so much for reading and Merry Christmas!

Gemma xx