Ink Drops Stationery Review by Mel – December 2018

Thank you to the lovely Carla and Anastasia for asking me to review their final box of the year for Ink Drops Stationery. This is also my last box due for 2018, and I am really happy that it is this one to end the year.

I do love an old fashioned letter, I was writing one earlier to my Grandma who lives at the other end of the country from me now. Ink Drops are all about keeping that Old Fashioned communication alive, and filling your letterbox with parcels full of delightful stationery every month.

This month my post has been slower than normal, the box took 4 days to arrive. I expect with it being just days before Christmas that this is the case everywhere, but of course it is worth the wait! The box is an envelope, designed so that it can fit right through your letterbox. This month’s as you can see, had some extra Christmas detailing in the form of some cute little stickers on the back.

Once you have opened the envelope, the contents are always wrapped in a coloured paper bag and folded. This one is my absolute favourite shade of purple, so I am going to have to find another use for this bag just because I can’t bear to put it in the recycling box.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch me back by clicking play below, or alternatively all unboxing’s are saved on our Facebook Group too!

So what is inside?

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including postage, delivered!

There is no minimum term on a subscription, and it is simple to cancel via PayPal. You can also buy their monthly edits as a one off via the online shop.

Pickmotion Sticker Set

I have no idea where I have heard of this brand before, but upon checking out their Website I can see that they are quite a big brand, based in Germany. One of these stickers has been used on the purple envelope that my items arrived in, I did notice that. You can use these for all sorts. You could stick notes around your house with them, seal envelopes, use them in a craft book. I would even say that my son Joel who is 11 could use these in his School books.

Paper Lover Origami Notebook

This is my favourite item from this months selection. I love the crisp whiteness of this notebook, the print on the front, and the sheen on the inside covers. It is B5 sized, with 80 lined sheets.

You’re a Star Card

This card has a wooden embellishment. You could send it for Christmas, but as mentioned in my live you could also give it to someone just as a thank you. It is blank inside so has multiple uses really.

I checked out this company, they do some absolutely beautiful laser cut designs, with really intricate detail on them.

You are my Favourite Biscuit Postcard

My little boy thought that this was for him, biscuits are his favourite like most 4 year olds. Sorry to Archie, but these ones are not edible! This is a postcard but as I tend to use them to pin to my noticeboard.

Pop Out Llama Decoration & Greeting Card

I really am struggling with this, I know it is for gifting but it is just so cute that I want to keep it! The pop out and make Llama is made from an almost wood like card, so it is really sturdy. They do lots of different designs, I know my son would love the T Rex one, and they have a Unicorn one too!

My Verdict?

I am a fan of this subscription because for me, as a busy Mum, all of the items are useable. It is not too heavy on just one element, it is an all rounder. I have eyed up the January edition already as they have a ‘Sneak Peek’ section on their Website. I love it and if you are considering signing up and are as impatient as I am, check out that hyperlink I have put in, you will not be disappointed.

It is definitely worth browsing their Website for gift ideas, they have a Mini Subscription priced at just £30 for 3 months. There are themed bundles such as I love to be beside the Seaside (£13.50), and I Love Fairytales (£7).

It is also worth checking out their Blog. I love the ‘My Life in Stationery’ articles, by different subscribers I presume?

Anyway, if you are stuck for a very last minute Christmas idea, and you know a lady who is Stationery mad, then you will be onto a winner with this one. Check out their Website and Social Media links below.

Wishing you all, and Ink Drops, a very Merry Christmas…

Mel x

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