LifeBox Review By Nazia – December 2018

Thank you again to the wonderful Howard and the LifeBox team for another fantastic box! Each month the products just get better and better and this month’s box is no different and it’s always packed full of amazing brands and treats! December is a very indulgent month for me and I love the lead up to Christmas as we usually have lots of lovely Christmassy activities booked! The indulgent food and drink tends to flow more this time of year too, so I have been looking forward to receiving this box, so I can have some delicious treats to balance out the naughty treats!

What is LifeBox?

Lifebox is a balanced variety of lovingly handpicked, nutritious, wholesome and delicious snacks, drinks, ingredients and wellness products, designed to kick start or enhance a healthier lifestyle. We take you on a journey of discovery, introducing you to exciting new products that fuel your body and mind, and make YOU feel good. Beautifully packaged and delivered to your home or office, a Lifebox is a convenient and affordable way to discover new, delicious and healthy wholefoods. It also makes an ideal gift for the health-conscious foodie!

If you missed my live unboxing, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

How much is it?

Choose from an ongoing monthly subscription, or a fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months with FREE delivery via Royal Mail. You can cancel a monthly subscription any time and fixed term subscriptions do not renew automatically. Each box is dispatched in the first few days of the following month.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Lifebox Classic – the Everyday Wellness Lifebox.
  • Lifebox Energy – the Men’s Health & Women’s Health
  • Gift boxes & one-off boxes

Choose how long you want to subscribe:

Shipping to the UK is FREE and is via Royal Mail 2nd class postage.

  • 1 monthly ongoing renewal £22.95
  • 3 monthly subscription £68.85
  • 6 monthly subscription £137.70
  • 12 monthly subscription £252.45 (12th box is free!)

Both 6 month & 12-month subscriptions include a FREE hoodie!


What’s in the box?

  • Contents Card
  • LifeBox Booklet
  • Raw & Wild Activated Pili Nuts Raw Chocolate & Coconut 22g
  • Kitchen & Soul Christmas Ball 30g
  • Bang Curry Shobji Veggie Spice Mix 18g
  • Bonsan Organic Cocomayo 235g
  • English Tea Shop Organic Black Tea Chai x 2
  • Hambleden Herbs Ground Cinnamon 35g
  • Karma Cola Natural Sugar Free Cola 250ml
  • Livia’s Kitchen Raw Cookie Dough Nugglets 35g
  • Green People Scent Free Shampoo 30ml
  • Nu+Cao Chocolate Bar 40g
  • Primrose’s Kitchen Turmeric & Banana Granola 60g
  • Raw Ecstasy Activated Nut Butter 30g
  • Dr Will’s All-natural Sauce Sachet 3 x 19g

What I thought

Each box comes beautifully packaged & sealed and contains a helpful booklet detailing what you have received, suggestions and recipes on how to use some of the items. I find this so helpful as many of the products are new to me, so it makes it so much easier to plan ahead and use as the recipes are readily available. By adding these healthy, easy to prepare recipes it’s a great way to continue the theme of this box and encouraging healthy living and healthy eating.

Raw & Wild Activated Pili Nuts Raw Chocolate & Coconut

These nuts are pre-sprouted and dehydrated to preserve all the vital enzymes, minerals and nutrients. The activation process breaks down complex starch, neutralises the phytic acid found in all nuts and seeds and ignites the ‘life force’ of the nut. In my opinion chocolate and coconut are a match made in heaven, throw in some nuts and you have the perfect sweet and salty combo snack! Besides the wonderful benefits that come with it, they’re also delicious, nutritious with a really good flavour and lovely crunchy texture.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic | GMO Free

Kitchen & Soul Christmas Ball

Every energy ball is hand-rolled and is full of flavour, each having a distinct individual spice profile. They are naturally high in fibre, energy releasing, and contain the healing mineral properties of Copper and Manganese. This Christmas energy ball was a delicious mouthful of loveliness! It has a soft and chewy texture with a burst of warming spices and chopped pecans for that nutty flavour!

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic | Refined Sugar Free

Bang Curry Shobji Veggie Spice Mix

Bang Curry kits will give you a vegetable curry to die for that is simple and easy to prepare. Follow the step by step instructions on the back for an extremely tasty Bangladeshi curry! This curry really was easy to make and tasted absolutely amazing, it had the right amount of heat and was so flavoursome! There were empty plates all around and the best thing is it didn’t take hours to cook so definitely worth trying if you’re a busy parent looking for filling, healthy and delicious meals to make for the family or a busy person who likes to have good food but doesn’t always have the time to cook! The great thing is you can adapt these meal kits to suit your taste, use a variety vegetables or more spice to give it that personalised touch! Much better than your local Indian take away!

Vegan | Gluten Free| Dairy Free

Bonsan Organic Cocomayo

Made with coconut oil (as the name hints at), this Cocomayo is a brilliant organic, vegan alternative to its eggy counterpart. Many conventional mayo manufacturers will use hydrogenated oils in their product, but with coconut oil, there’s no need to, this naturally firm oil stands up tall on its own. I love mayo, it’s my go to condiment when I want something to dip in, so I was quite sceptical about how this product would taste. It has a slightly different texture and taste to normal mayo which isn’t unpleasant, but once you get used to it, it makes a really good replacement.

Vegan | Gluten free| Organic | Egg Free

English Tea Shop Organic Black Tea Chai

Black tea chai packs a flavour punch with over 10 Asian herbs and spices. This tea tastes and smells amazing! I love the aroma and spicy warming taste, I find it a comforting drink to enjoy on a cold day. I highly recommend to all tea lovers!

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic

Hambleden Herbs Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a favourite household spice and has been used throughout the world for centuries. Once traded as currency, this spice has a pleasant flavour and warm smell which has made it popular in cooking, particularly in baking and curries. This spice is said to have many medicinal benefits too, it is said to improve blood sugar management in diabetes, reduce blood pressure and ease digestive discomfort. Hambleden Herbs ground cinnamon has a sweet flavour and woody fragrance, great in both savoury and sweet dishes. It’s a very versatile spice and I use it in large quantities during winter as I like to bake pies and gingerbread biscuits, this brand of cinnamon is really good quality and a little goes a long way.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic

Karma Cola Natural Sugar Free Cola

Using the natural sweetener Stevia to take out the sugar and keep in the flavour of their original Karma Cola recipe. Made using natural and organic ingredients you can recognise. Bursting with that distinct cola taste that is refreshing and thirst quenching and comes packaged in a cool can too without all the junk that other cola brands contain. All natural and all delicious.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic | Caffeine Free

Livia’s Kitchen Raw Cookie Dough Nugglets

Made with only natural ingredients these little balls are delightful! The cookie dough flavour is super tasty and the sweet oaty centre is so moreish. The texture is really smooth and velvety on the tongue, perfect for when you fancy a little treat.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Dairy Free

Green People Scent Free Shampoo

An ultra-gentle, fragrance-free shampoo soothing for sensitive scalps. It is gentle but still leaves your hair feeling smooth and clean. I have tried other products that are paraben free /SLS free etc and they don’t lather which makes them unpleasant to use. This product lathers up really well and gives a good result and also very calming on the scalp too. A little really does go a long way and it leaves my hair feeling clean, shiny and soft. Also suitable for those who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis.

Vegan | Gluten free| Paraben Free| SLS free

Nu+Cao Chocolate Bar – Hazelnut

Nucao was developed on a nutritional basis, natural ingredients with a high nutrient density have been combined in such a way that your body can absorb them as well as possible and is therefore optimally supplied. We only use high-quality natural ingredients – no synthetic additives or preservatives. Nucao is packed in a biodegradable cellulose film that can be put into the compost and a cardboard outer pack that can be recycled and for every bar that is sold one tree is planted in a developing country! This is the perfect snack for when you’re feeling peckish or needing a tasty treat. It has a hard nutty texture with a slight bitterness that is akin to dark chocolate. Very rich and indulgent in taste and all the ingredients are natural and pure and this is really reflected in the taste. It is nice knowing I was eating something that is full of good quality ingredients.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic | Plastic Free

Primrose’s Kitchen Turmeric & Banana Granola

Lovingly made with fresh ripe bananas, sprouted buckwheat, pre-soaked British oats, hazelnuts and sesame for a crunchy granola with a delicious flavour that will put a spring in your step and leave you nourished and satisfied. I love granola I eat it every day for breakfast, so I was really looking forward to trying this. It has lots of crunchy nuts and seeds as well as the banana (which is my favourite fruit) that is very filling as it kept me full for ages! A delicious and healthy way to start the day with all the added goodness of natural wholefood ingredients.

Vegan | Gluten Free| Organic | Wheat free | Soya Free

Raw Ecstasy Activated Nut Butter – Chocolate & Almond

Stoneground to silky smooth perfection, the flavour of this product is rich, strong and outrageously nutty. Naturally nutritious and ridiculously tasty, this nut butter can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is absolutely delicious! Due to the stone-grinding it tastes extremely smooth and velvety and there is a subtle hint of salt which I find just lifts it. It spreads really well due to its runny consistency, delightful to spread on some toasted bread.

Vegan | Gluten Free

Dr Will’s All-natural Sauce Sachet x 3

Dr Will’s is an all-natural condiments company, making a range of three sauces that are all natural, tastes great and doesn’t contain refined sugar, additives or preservatives. These sauces are so flavoursome, are a much healthier replacement for ‘normal’ ketchup/BBQ sauce and don’t contain a bucketful of sugar either! The quality is really in the taste and I must say I may be converted to use these instead of what’s already in my fridge! I especially loved the beetroot sauce as it has a lovely vibrant zing to it that makes it a delicious accompaniment!

Vegan | Gluten Free| Preservative Free


LifeBox is an amazing subscription for you and your family. Introducing you to a well of amazing products and brands which can help improve your lifestyle. Bringing you wholesome quality food and ingredients that will make you rethink what you’re putting into your body, share with loved ones or keep them for yourself! I have been lucky enough to review this box on a regular basis throughout this year and hand on heart must say I look forward to it arriving every month! I love the variety of products and there are never any repeats. I’ve found some firm favourites through this subscription that are now stocked in my cupboards so I’m really looking forward to what LifeBox brings me next year!

Each Lifebox is supercharged and packed to the brim with meticulously and lovingly selected health foods–real food to get the nation excited about eating well. Have you got yours yet?

If you’d like to know more about LifeBox you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading…

Nazia xx