Ten Minute Peace Box Review by Mel – December 2018

Thank you to the lovely Claire, founder of Ten Minute Peace Box for being so kind as to ask me to review her launch box! Nobody loves a new release box more than I do! I really did have a giggle at the name of the box, as I am always saying that I never get two minutes to myself (let alone ten!).

I have two boys, aged 11 and 3, and they are a real handful. If I find ten minutes spare I seldom use it to have some time to myself. I was really happy to have a box that would inspire me to actually take some ‘me’ time, and relieved at the thought of some peace.

The box itself is plain but elegant, with matching stickers to tie in with their logo. The cards inside have colour coordinated pearlescent paper, which I really love.

It arrived swiftly via Royal Mail, and had an outer plastic mailing bag to protect the box.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel… 

What is inside?

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly Subscription – £25
  • One off Box – £26

The code ‘Box15’ will get you 15% off your first box!

Postage is included, shipping is around the 5th of each month.

It is worth a mention, for those who do not have a Bath, you can choose a Shower option for this box when ordering.

Now for the best part, time to test the treats…

A bottle of Happy

Now this is primarily designed for use with a diffuser, Oil Burner or Pot Pourri. I do know a lot of ladies who use essential oils in the bath too, as I mentioned on my live. You only need a couple of drops if you do this. I do not have a diffuser, but I have so many warmers/burners that I decided to use this in one of them. It is Christmas after all, so the blend of Orange, Cinnamon and Rosewood is absolutely perfect.

Orange & Spice Cream Body Moisturiser

I used this after my bath, this stuff is Christmas in a tub! It really does smell exactly like it. It is really thick and luxurious, and the scent is long lasting. I could smell it on my bed linen the next day.

Strawberry & Prosecco Bath Bomb

Now on looks alone, this is impressive. The tiny Strawberry and Cream detailing looks so real! After a full day out Christmas Tree Shopping, and sore feet, I was really looking forward to this.

It smelt as good as it looked, I would love to try more from this brand.

3 Tealight Candles

I have always used these in the Bathroom as opposed to larger candles. They are much easier to light, and then dispose of once used up. They also look great popped around the edge of your bath, and really relaxing.

Hot Chocolate Stirrer

I have seen so many people getting these recently, but have never had one myself. So I was honestly quite chuffed to get to try one. This was so simple to use, all you need is warm milk in a mug, and stir away. It was absolutely delicious, I know that my boys would also love this, but this was Mummy’s treat!

Cadburys Flake

I love Flakes, I had this with my Hot Chocolate, perfect accompaniment.

Yoga with Jen Offer

If you head over to her Website, you can take advantage of an exclusive offer as part of your subscription to this box. I have to say that I have never in all of my time buying or reviewing boxes seen anything like this. Jen has an online Yoga Facebook group, where every Saturday at 10am she goes live for an hour to teach a class. Where have I been? I did not even know such a thing existed! So you can do this in your Pj’s if you really wanted to. The offer gives you a subscription for just £7.50 per month, for a lifetime.

You will also have instant access to all of her previous Yoga classes. I am really intrigued to see one now and find out what this is all about, and if I could give it a go.

My Verdict?

The concept of this box is definitely different to anything I have ever seen. The Yoga offer especially is very unique. The box is not about getting lots of Beauty products to try, it is about taking some time to yourself, and using the products inside to relax and enjoy. It is designed especially to target busy Mum’s like me.

I love that they are using handmade, small brands too. I am a fan of discovering things you cannot just buy in the supermarket. I am intrigued already to see what the next box will contain, I mean after Christmas we will all definitely need some R&R!

Check out their Website, and don’t forget to use the discount code ‘Box15’ for 15% off your first box!

Mel x


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