Eve’s Parcel Review by Mel – December 2018

This is the first of my December boxes! The boxes in December are quite often extra special, and this one is definitely a great curation. I am a fan of Eve’s Parcel, this has to be one of those boxes I want to receive every single month. I fear my partner will leave me though, I mean I am lucky enough to receive them in turn for a review. I had 13 boxes last month. I have considered alternative uses such as building a bed out of them? I am just kidding. My point is that I would absolutely subscribe to this box if I was not a Blogger/Influencer.

Thank you again to Sonia, who is always such a lovely, genuine lady. She has worked so hard with the rebranding from Ms Flow to Eve’s Parcel, and I love to see Small Businesses doing well.

This arrived via Royal Mail on 1st December! It was packaged in a plastic mailing bag, and inside we have this beauty…

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

Whats inside the box?

Total Box Value = £41.83!!!

15% off your first box with the code ‘EVES15’

That makes this box almost 5 times the value, as the code above will get your first box for £8.50 plus P&P. That is a bargain and a half if you ask me!

How much does it cost?

  • For the box including Sanitary items – £12.99 plus £2.95 P&P
  • 3 Months Prepay is £38 (£12.66 per box) plus £2.95 x 3 P&P
  • For only the box of Beauty & Relaxation treats – £10 plus £2.95 P&P

How does it work?

Choose from 3 dates of arrival for your Eve’s Parcel:

  • 1st of the month
  • 10th of the month
  • 20th of the month

You can then choose which type of feminine hygiene products you wish to include, and which brand out of the following:

  • Always Ultra
  • Bodyform
  • Natracare (Organic brand)
  • Tampax

The options are really easy to select, the website is simple to use and I found it really quick to order.

Time to test out these treats…

Ascent ‘It’s a ginger thing’ Bath Bomb

I have to say, I had apprehensions about this at first. Cinnamon is not my favourite thing at all. But ginger I love, and this is more on the ginger side than the hint of cinnamon. I love the cute little gingerbread men pattern on the actual bath bomb too. I have popped a link above in the list to check out Ascent Bath & Body, they do lots of different ones, and it is always good to support a small business who hand makes them I believe.

Pure Purpose Green Tea Balm

Yay, a skin balm. Possibly my favourite skincare item, especially this time of year. I put this on EVERY night. With an RRP of £20, what a treat to have in this box. That is twice what the entire box costs!

Bourjois Liner Feutre

A black eyeliner for Christmas Day? Oh absolutely! I love a flick liner, I have not used this one before but I have a couple. I will test this one out on Christmas Day, with my red lipstick on too of course!

Loreal Color Riche Nail Varnish

What a beautiful red, perfect for the Christmas season. I have my nails painted every 3 weeks. But this has not been wasted as I have popped it in as an extra gift for my little boys nursery teacher.

Lancome Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector

I am a fan of Lancome, their prices are steep, but they make some amazing products. This is a great extra sample to have in the box.

Hawkens Gingerbread Men

I went straight downstairs after my unboxing and opened these. Oh my GOD! They are delicious. I was going to just eat a leg, I mean my partner was making our tea. But a leg lead to the whole body and well, he hid the other two from me after that. I will not be sharing these with the kids, I make no apologies for that at all ha ha.

Pukka Original Chai Tea

I have mentioned a few times that I do not drink tea, but I do understand their place in a box of this kind. I save them up and then give them to people as a bundle, or pop them in packages when sending things to members in the post.

Yoga Pose of the Month

The ‘Cobra Pose’. I used to do this when I was a dancer in my youth, a great way to stretch out and warm up before classes. Not sure I am flexible enough for this one, but my eldest son and partner were very amused at my efforts, ha.

Affirmation of the Month

‘Life does not have to be perfect to be Wonderful’. I love this, it is so true. It is exactly the kind of thing I would think and say. Life is your own kind of perfect, it is what you make it. After a very tough year and a 320 mile relocation I will be more than happy with my partner and our 2 boys enjoying food on Christmas Day this year. I do not need presents, I am happy with love. Cheesy maybe, but that is how I feel. I am a fan of these positivity cards that Sonia includes, keep them coming!

My Verdict?

I really honestly absolutely LOVE this months edit. I was telling lots of you how great it was even before I unboxed it. There really is a bit of everything, it is a great all rounder. I would buy it for the balm and the gingerbread men alone.

Remember this is the only box out there where you can buy just the treats and beauty items every month without the essentials, which is a plus for ladies that do not need them sometimes, or even at all.

I think you would be mad not to try out this box, especially since your first box will have 15% off with the code ‘EVES15’ too. I have linked the website and social media handles below, go check them out…

Mel x


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