The PIP Box Review by Gemma – November 2018

First of all, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team over at The Pip Box for sending me this box to review. It is my third time reviewing for them and I have loved every box so far, so read on to see how this one fares!

The Pip Box is a totally cruelty free beauty box filled with treats! Those of you who know me on the BoXession Facebook page will know that I am exclusively cruelty free, so getting the chance to unbox and review a box that fits in with my ethics is a total joy!

So, onto the box itself! It arrived via Royal Mail, and comes in a cute little box with the branding and logo on it. It wouldn’t quite fit through my letterbox (I checked!), however I live in a flat and my letterbox is quite small, so it may fit through bigger ones. The packaging is cute, quirky and colourful, which I think sums up the company perfectly.

If you missed my live unboxing on the Facebook page, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

On opening the box, I was met with the product card, a leaflet about one of the brands included this month and the theme reveal for next month, which I will tell you later!

This month’s box was the Self Care Edit, in line with Self Care Week! All the beauty items were specially selected for their ability to help you pause, relax and take some time out!

The first of these products got me very excited indeed! It was the Sapphire Face Mask by Vitamasques (RRP £5.99). I LOVE sheet masks, and have used some by this brand before and been very impressed with them. This mask is Korean, as al good sheet masks are!, and combines gemstone therapy, aromatherapy and colour therapy to achieve multi sensory results! Oh, and it’s BLUE! I don’t know why this excites me so much- I guess I am a big kid at heart!


The second item was as cute as you can get- the K Sponge by Konjac Sponge Company (RRO £8.99). This comes in the cutest Korean packaging I have seen in a while, and contains Green Tea to help detox the skin. I have used Konjac sponges before and love them- they are hard as a rock until you run them under water, where they become so soft and squishy! They gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin to help you achieve a radiant complexion. I plan to use this with my regular cleanser a couple of times a week for an extra pamper!

The third item was something I have had before in another box (this is by no means a bad thing though!)- Pure Hazelnut Oil by Divine and Handmade (RRP £9.90). I am halfway down my first bottle of this and have been rationing it for fear of running out- now I have another one! It is multipurpose, ideal for all skin types and can even be used on the hair too! I have used it on my face, hair and cuticles and have been amazed by the results! It smells divine too- definitely lives up to the company name!


The fourth item was Glo Illuminator by Manna Kadar (RRP £22.40-more than the cost of the box!). I have a few items by this brand and find them pretty good for what they cost. This is liquid in consistency and gives you radiance wherever you apply it. You can mix it with your foundation for a subtle glow or wear it alone for a more luminous glow! It is for all skin types and tones too.

The fifth and final item was Total De-Stress Moodfix Mist by Tisserand (RRP £8.95). I own and have used many a Tisserand item, they are a fantastic brand! This mist smells amazing and creates a calming atmosphere wherever you spray it, reducing feelings of anxiety. I am very open about the fact that I have anxiety and I have been trying lots of different holistic methods to help me manage it, including aromatherapy, so I am very excited to see what sort of impact this has after a hectic day at work!

A quick totting up of the box value brings it to £56.23- so lets see how much you could save  by purchasing this box!


  • Month to Month: £20. This includes shipping within the UK (£1.50 extra for Europe). So you are saving a massive £36.23!
  • There is also a 3 Month option of £55, which saves you £5 compared to the month by month option.
  • The 6 month prepay is £110 and saves you £10 compared to the month by month option, so there are definite savings to be had!

Even better? We have a discount code! Enter SAVE10 at the checkout for 10% off your box!

It is also worth mentioning that 50p per sale of every box this month has been donated to the charity ‘Animal Free Research’, who support funding alternatives to animal testing, which I think is an amazing cause and really fits in with The Pip Box’s values and ethics as a cruelty free box!

Another thing I love about this box is that they also include exclusive discount codes for some of the brands included so you can save yourself some pennies should you wish to repurchase an item you like!

My Verdict?

Another amazing box- everything fits the theme perfectly and it is amazing to see how many companies are cruelty free- maybe some that you didn’t even realise! It is a nice variety of different products and is a great starting point for anyone wanting to start their transition to cruelty free! Next Month’s Theme is Festive Glam! I cannot wait to see some spoilers on their Instagram!

Speaking of Instagram- if you want to get your hands on one of these boxes, or follow them on social media, here are all the links you need:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thank you for reading and remember- beauty shouldn’t mean cruelty!

Gemma x