Coco & Gizmo Beauty Box Review by Mel – December 2018

A brand new Beauty Box? Oh yes my ears prick when I hear those words! Whats more, this one is Vegan, Cruelty Free and Natural! That’s those 3 boxes ticked. You all know I am a huge fan of Skincare, but this is an all round Beauty box, so it contains a bit of everything.

Coco & Gizmo are an already established online Shop and Blog, with brands for sale such as Green People, PHB, Zao, Thesis, Bloomtown Botanicals, and so many more that I cannot list them all. A lot that I have heard of, used and already love; and some new ones that I have not yet had the chance to try.

I have to say that Rachael who owns the Company, was a pleasure to deal with, and I mention this because I believe that it is a clear indicator of what level of service you would expect as a customer.

The box design is a blush pink magnetic lid closure, with matching pink tissue and shred inside to protect the products. The logo is just beautiful, with a young girl kissing her bunny rabbit. I still do not know who these pair are? They are a cute duo!

It arrived swiftly via Royal Mail, it was sent signed for delivery. You only pay for standard postage, but Rachael upgrades this to ensure that it gets there safely. The outer packaging is also pink! A pink mailing bag, and even pink bubble wrap!

If you missed my live unboxing on our Facebook group, you can watch it back below on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside the box?

Box Total = £49.20

Cost of the box is £32.50, you can buy the December Box by clicking the link. It is a saving of 35% overall which fantastic!

Use the code ‘EVERYTHING10’ to get 10% off everything on the Coco & Gizmo Website (Including this box)

I mentioned further up, you pay £2.95 for postage, but this is upgraded to signed for so that the box arrives safely.

So, time to try out the treats!

Bloomtown Botanicals Sugar Scrub

I am no stranger to the brand, I love their products. I cannot believe that I have not yet tried one of their sugar scrubs until now! You may receive one of four different fragrances in the product if you buy this months box, I received ‘the meadow’ which is Sweet Almond & Shea. Although this product is not the full size jar that you can buy on Coco & Gizmo Website, it is still a really good size luxury travel pot. I wanted to eat this, I often get like this when things smell divine. This I would say can be used on your face as it is not too abrasive as some of the salt ones can be more rough. I used it on my upper arms as I always do, and it left a really nice softness to my skin from the shea. I cannot see this being the last time I use one of these. I am interested to try out the other three now.

PHB Natural & Organic Eye Liner

This is a product I already have, use, and love. It is great for underlining your eye and if you have a smudger as I call it, you can get a great smokey eye from using this. I have a lot of PHB items, but it just means that once I have used the one I currently have, I now have a back up!

Isla Skin Balm

This is my favourite item from the box. This stuff goes onto your skin like a dream and I will absolutely be buying another one of these. I speak a lot about skincare, using a balm before I go to sleep is part of my daily routine. I would go as far as to say this has gone to the top of my list of favourite products that I am currently using. Again this is not full size, you can buy a bigger jar on the website but this will still last me a month or maybe more I would say. You only need a pea sized amount for your face with this, a little goes a long way.

Bloomtown Red & Berried Lip Balm

I honestly wondered when I saw this if Rachael had maybe read some of my previous reviews. I love a lip balm, this time of year I will have one in every pocket, my car, my handbag, my bedside table.. you get the picture. Not only is this one tinted, but it also tastes of berries! I am made up with this. Second favourite item in the box for me.

Zao Nail Varnish

I have not got around to using this yet. I have had a hectic weekend! I often use varnish for my toenails, and I always do them red. I love red! So I will use this, at some point before Christmas too. I have been wanting to try some Zao products, their lipsticks also look amazing.

PHB Lavender Natural Soap

I love Lavender, such a relaxing smell. This could be smelt the second I opened the lid on the box! I do use a lot of soap, but I use up what I have first. I have been known to chop bars up so that they can be used in 2 rooms of the house too. I will use this once I have finished the one I currently have.

My Verdict?

This box will cost you £29.25 if you use the discount, but hurry they are limited and only last until the end of the week. That gives you a £20 saving on the box contents!

I will always love a Beauty box above anything else in the Subscription world, this one gives you the freedom to buy at your own leisure, so you are not tied to a subscription which is an added bonus.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this box, and I urge you to check out the Website and treat yourself to one. We all deserve a treat this time of year, after all we are the ones who wrap all of the presents; so why not a gift to yourself?

Don’t forget to use the code ‘EVERYTHING10’ to get 10% off everything on the Coco & Gizmo Website…

Thanks for reading,

Mel x

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