Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box Review by Gemma – November 2018

First of all, can I just say a huge thank you to Paula from Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box for responding to my excited email requesting to collaborate- this box has been on my radar for a while now so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to review it for BoXession!

This box contains carefully selected, luxurious, organic and 100% natural beauty products. The products are a mixture of full and travel size, and range between skincare, body care and beauty products. The box itself is beautiful- clean, crisp and white with the box logo on top, which fits the company’s image perfectly.

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The box was posted on the 20th of the month, as they always are, and arrived via royal mail in an outer posting box for added protection. It does not fit through the letter box, so you may get carded for it (as I did!), but a quick trip to the sorting office was not a problem.

On opening the box, there was an immediate smell of Lavender, as well as a cute little thank you note from Paula and the product card for this month with the theme- Sweet Dreams.

Once I had peeled back the crisp white paper and branded sticker, I found:

Look at how packed that box is! And I love the purple theme, as purple is my favourite colour.

The first product I took out was a Pillow Sleep Sachet by Yellow Gorse (RRP £3.80). I have never heard of this brand, or of this kind of product before. It is a sachet that you place in your pillowcase to help you to get to sleep. It is freshly made with organically grown herbs such as hops, chamomile and lavender, as well as calming oils such as frankincense, clary sage and bergamot. It is said to last around a month once you remove it from the outer packaging, so I am looking forward to seeing if this has any effect on my sleeping patterns. It is important to note that this product is not suitable for use by Pregnant women.

The second product was something I have used before- and absolutely love!- a SpaceMask (RRP £3). It honestly helps you to drift off to sleep. It is scented with Jasmine and it heats up on contact with the air, which helps to ease tension and encourage circulation, as well as reducing strain on your eyes. I use the computer a lot with my job as a Psychologist, writing reports and doing research, so this is an absolute godsend at the end of a stressful day! It is so soothing and never fails to help me drift off!

The third product is Sleep Balm by Celtic Herbal (RRP £5.50). I have a candle by this brand, which smells absolutely amazing. This balm is no different, made with mandarin and Ylang Ylang, it helps to clear the mind, unwind and feel calm. You just apply the balm to your pulse points to release the oils. I have used this a few times now and as well as smelling beautiful, it really does calm me down and helped me to relax before sleep.

The fourth product was the Lavender Pillow Spray by Bespoke Aroma (RRP £4.25). I have used a couple of products by this brand before and have been really impressed with them, so I was excited to see another item of theirs in this box. It contains lavender floral water and essential oil to encourage a restful sleep. Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties, and when I spritzed this onto my pillow and bedding, I was immediately left feeling calmer. I am not a fan of strong lavender smells as it can cause me to get headaches, but this is so subtle that it doesn’t over power my senses, meaning I was able to drift off easily, especially when used with the sleep balm!

The fifth product was a Facial Oil by Joanna Naturals (RRP £16.00). Another new brand discovery! I adore oils and any skincare items, so I did let out a bit of an excited squeal when I saw this! It contains a blend of calming and rejuvenating oils to help bring balance and harmony to your skin, as well as protecting against everyday skin irritants from the environment. The ingredients include Rice Bran Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Black Seed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Comfrey Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Sea Buckthorn pulp and Arctic Black Currant extracts, with Lavender, Geranium and Chamomile essential oils to help you relax and feel calm at bed time. I cannot wait to use this!

The sixth item is Lavender Creamy Body Wash by Weleda (RRP £3.00). I love this brand, but have not tried this particular product before. This is a travel size and contains lavender essential oil and sesame oil to wash away the days stresses, leaving you clean and smooth skinned!

The seventh item was Lavender Body Oil by Weleda (RRP £3.00). Another product by Weleda, and something to compliment the body wash. Lavender essential oil is blended with organic sesame oil and sweet almond oil, which absorb into the skin quickly, giving off a subtle scent and leaving the skin soft and soothed.

The eighth and final product (I know!) was Bath Salts by Butter Bar Soapery (RRP £8.00). I don’t currently have a bath in my flat, however I will be going to my mums to use her bath to try these out! They are scented with frankincense and cornflower, as well as containing Epsom salts to soak away your tension and stress, Dead Sea Salt to nourish detoxify and cleanse, Goats Milk Powder to soften and moisturise, Cornflower Petals with anti inflammatory properties, Bergamot Oil to uplift and invigorate, Lavender Oil to calm and Frankincense Oil to relieve stress and anxiety.

Wow! 8 products to help you get an amazing nights sleep, all can be used together for a proper evening of pampering and self care! A total value of £46.55! So how much are you saving?


  • Monthly- £21 per month plus £3.95 postage.
  • 3 Month Prepay- £60.00 plus postage.

They also have a vegan friendly box, priced at £21 plus postage. So, a total saving of £25.55!

My Verdict

Love, love, love this box! The theme is absolutely perfect, the products all go well together and encourage self care and they only work with ethical brands and cruelty free products! Perfect! I absolutely would subscribe to this in a heartbeat, it is right up my street! I only use cruelty free products and I love that more companies are taking the ethical route. A mixture of brands I had heard of and new discoveries, this box has been an absolute joy to review!

If you want to get your hands on one, here are all the links you need:

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Thank you for reading,

Gemma xx