The Lifestyle Box Review by Mel – November 2018

I am genuinely so excited to be reviewing The Christmas at Home Box from The Lifestyle Box Co., having seen spoilers on their Facebook page and Instagram I know that this is exactly the kind of thing I would buy. Not even this time of year, any time of year! I am one of those sad people (I know you will all relate here); my home is my place of comfort, enjoyment, peace (sometimes), and rest (again sometimes).

The Lifestyle Box is all about Women who deserve those special treats, having some ‘me time’. Melanie & Marie who started this Subscription Box are both Female Entrepreneurs; with busy on the lives. They are both Mums too. I can relate to why they wanted to create this box, and I applaud the outcome!

I love to spend time wandering around vintage shops, home stores, and little boutiques. The first thing I thought when opening the lid on this box, was that this does this without the need to find those hidden gems and unknown to me brands. Plus it is all lovingly placed together and wrapped like a gift. I mean just take a second to look at this …

Even the gorgeous magnetic closure box was protected for transit, as it had a large bubble wrapped envelope covering it to ensure Royal Mail don’t accidentally dent it. I love boxes that are reusable, and this one is perfect. The gold embossed lid showcasing their logo just makes it look so classy!

If you missed me unbox this stunning box live on our Facebook Group, then you can click play below and watch it back on our YouTube Channel…

So what is inside this beautiful box?

So, you have your box cost just from the Candle and the Room Spray! The other 2 items are free if you look at it that way. The box is definitely worth the cost (see below).

We have been given a lovely exclusive discount code!

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How much is the Box?

  • Month by Month – £22
  • 3 Month Prepay – £59.40
  • 6 Month Prepay – £119

All boxes have a £3.50 shipping charge. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and renews on the 20th of each month, or every 3/6 if prepaid.

So, let’s have a look at these gorgeous items, and what I think of each one…

The Liga Christmas Orange Spice Room Spray

I am a fan of room sprays, I mean let’s look at this in the plainest way possible. I have 2 boys, 2 lovely, handsome but muddy and smelly boys. So of course I use sprays around our home after cleaning up constantly from the mess they make. We have a musky one for the bedroom, and now this for the living and dining room. It smells like Christmas everywhere I go and I could not be happier about that. This is a new brand for me, I have not heard of them before, but I think the price of this is very reasonable for a luxury room fragrance. Plus it smells like Christmas, yes I know I mentioned that already but my word it is delicious.

Christmas Acrylic Star decoration

I am really sad, I got a little more excited than I should have when I saw what this was. I moved house 3 months ago, a huge 320 mile relocation. I decided on the ‘out with the old, in with the new’, and gave all of my Christmas decorations away to save on room in the removal van. So, before this star, I had none at all. This will be displayed in our beautiful new home, and is a welcome addition to the box.

The SOLU Candle (Frankincense & Myrrh)

I was most impressed by the packaging of this candle, the colour Rose Gold is one of my favourites. I have to say, hand on heart that this is the BEST smelling candle I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Unless you smell this for yourself, you will not understand why. These were so good that the company has SOLD OUT! So your only chance to get one of these is to buy this box, and it is worth it for this alone.


The Orange Calcite Crystal

Orange-Calcite: To increase your drive and motivation. It will help you boost your efforts in achieving what you want out of life. It’s a stone that will enhance your creativity. You will find inspiration in almost everything and everyone. It is also said to help with change and new ways of living.

Now I do not know a lot about Crystals, but I do know that I cannot put this down. It just feels so nice in my hand and the almost wax like surface I keep running my fingers over it. I can see me being intrigued enough now to look at buying some more Crystals, especially if they are as lovely to look at as this one.

My Verdict?

I adore this box, it really is so suited to me. Christmas is my favourite time of year too, so my house smelling of Christmas is an absolute delight!

I want to hit that subscribe button now, I fear a divorce coming on. Phew, it’s ok I am not married (yet!). I would 100% put my money where my mouth is with this box. It would make a fabulous gift for someone too for Christmas if you were to just buy a couple of them for Mum, Gran and so on. Imagine opening that Christmas Day?! I can, I would be over the moon with it!

But seriously, all joking aside, this has to be my box of the month. I have reviewed so many too, but this one was the icing on the Christmas Cake.

To buy (you need to), the links to their Website is linked below,

Mel x

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