Foodini Club Review by Mel, Joel & Archie – November 2018

Thank you to the lovely Laura & Mia, who are the founders of Foodini Club for sending us this box to review.

I have never reviewed a baking box before, I am the first to admit that I am not the best in the kitchen and I often leave that down to the man of the house. But lately I have been trying really hard and I have found it quite rewarding. My boys are 11 and 3. The youngest, Archie, is an extremely fussy eater. To the point that we have had the Health Visitor round to see if there is anything we can do. So when Laura asked if one of the BoXession Team would like to review their box, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to get Archie involved in the whole process and interested in the food he is making.

I did not go live with the boys, as I felt that they would be more into the making a mess part. If you want to watch back my unboxing you can do so by clicking play below…

So how much is Foodini Club?

  • Month by Month – £11.75 per month
  • 3 Months – £11.25 per month
  • 6 Months – £10.75 per month
  • 12 Months – £10 per month

All of the above include FREE Delivery!

When you open the box, you are greeted with a beautifully packaged array of goodies. I was really impressed with how well thought out this is. From the resealable bags, stickered so you know which recipe they are for,  to the brightly coloured recipe cards and shopping lists. Even the tissue paper has printed gold food items on it!

What is inside the box?

You get 2 recipe packs, including dry and store cupboard ingredients, and 2 illustrated recipe cards.

The 2 recipes this month are:

  • Pear Puddles (Sweet)
  • Persian Pilaf (Savoury)

You also get a free activity pack, this could be a craft or growing activity.

This month we have been sent ‘how to make sprouts’. We have not had the chance to do the activity, as typically I had a full on cleaning day where I recycled all of the jars. So without throwing away the full contents of one I do not have a spare … yet!

But we have made both recipes and let me tell you, they fed the whole family with leftovers!

First we did the Pear Puddles. I have to say that following the recipe for this was a doddle. I am not the best in the kitchen but the step by step guides made the process so simple. There are illustrated pictures showing you exactly what to do on each step. Whoever designed these has put so much thought and effort into it I have to mention it.

The recipe makes 6-8, we decided on 6 big ones.

They look delicious even on the tray before they have been baked. But wait for it, here they are out of the oven…

The pear pieces are still juicy, and the puddles are a cross between a scone and a cake. We all absolutely loved these. There were arguments over who was to have the remaining 2! We actually had them for dessert after the Persian Pilaf which we started to make while the Puddles were in the oven.

The only thing I would say about this are the wait times in between. This is because your whole house will smell amazing and you are willing the time away so you can eat it.

I am very very impressed with this dish. My youngest would not eat it as he is fussy, but my partner, my eldest son and I devoured it. We have already said we are going to make this dish again. The raisins alongside the spiced rice were just so delicious.

On their Website, there are lots of other kits to buy. They have:

They also do a Recipe Card only Club if you don’t want to subscribe to the full kit we will be reviewing.

The Verdict?

The first thing that I thought was how excellent this is for the price. I mean from £10 delivered this is brilliant!

The food itself was a family meal, I mean it really did feed us a main course and a dessert. When you factor that into what you have paid, the family time you have spent together making this, and the time around the dinner table eating it… you are onto a winner with this box.

I haven’t got one single thing to say that I would change about this box, I can see Foodini Club going from strength to strength. I would love to try the Christmas Kits out, I can see them being excellent too if this box is anything to go by.

Thank you again for sending this to us, and I highly recommend to anyone hesitating over subscribing, hit the link below!

Mel x

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