Mint Mongoose Review by Gemma – November 2018

First of all, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Mint Mongoose for sending me this box to review!

Mint Mongoose are a Jewellery company based in California, USA, who curate a stylish selection of jewellery every month for their subscribers! These pieces are exclusive to them, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else! The amazing thing is that you can customise the box to your preferences: Silver, Gold or Rose Gold, Earrings or no earrings, watch or no watch etc so that you can be guaranteed you will love whatever they send you! They believe that the little things make all the difference, and if you love jewellery (like me!), what could be better than getting a monthly delivery of some gorgeous accessories?

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The box was shipped from America and took around 10 days to arrive, which I didn’t think was too bad for international shipping! It came in a green postage bag to protect the package inside, which was a very cute little box with a mint ribbon and wax seal on it, which fits in with the brands theme perfectly!

Once I had carefully removed the ribbon, I opened the box to a little thank you card (I love little touches like that!), a werthers original sweet (which didn’t last long after the photos were taken!) and some mint tissue paper that concealed my goodies! So, what did I receive?

3 Beautiful pieces in stunning rose gold (my preference). The first was a cute little ring, with a simple circle design that was slightly curved. It was very small in size, however luckily for me, I have hands the size of a child, so it fit my finger perfectly and is a lovely little touch to an everyday outfit!

The second item (or should I say, items?) was a beautiful set of earrings, again rose gold in colour, with a stunning mint green gemstone as the centrepiece. I was so impressed by these, they are so simple in design and yet are so eye catching and mint green goes beautifully with rose gold too!

The third item is my favourite of the three; a show-stopping necklace! It has a rose gold chain, which is adjustable, and the main pendant is the same stunning mint colour as the earrings. However, it also had two extra, smaller pendants on either side of the larger one. These were lighter in colour, almost white, and the length of their chain was slightly shorter, however it is possible to adjust the length of these too.

These pieces can all be worn together for a full look, or separately as finishing touches to your outfit! I was floored by the quality of them, and I already have loads of ideas for what I can wear them all with!

Onto the prices then!

As this company are based in the USA, prices are in dollars. However, I have taken the time to convert these prices to pounds too, so you know exactly what you are paying!

There are 2 options here: Mint Mongoose or Mint Mongoose Black.

Mint Mongoose is the basic subscription, and the one I have been sent here. It includes:

  • 3 exclusive items of jewellery, customised to your preferences.
  • A free gift every 3 months (wallet, sunglasses, headphones, socks etc).
  • Low cost shipping, worldwide.

This option is $12 (£9.35) with $10 shipping outside of the US (approx. £7.79).

Mint Mongoose Black is a more luxury subscription and includes:

  • 4 exclusive items of jewellery, customised to your preferences.
  • 2 accessories, one of which you get to pick (socks, makeup, hygiene products etc).
  • A free gift every 3 months (wallet, sunglasses, headphones etc).
  • Low cost shipping worldwide.

This option is $22.99 (£17.91) with the $10 shipping (£7.79).

But wait! We have a discount code!! BOXESSION will get you $5 (£3.89) off your first order!

My verdict.

I love pretty items of jewellery; they can really add to an outfit or even make your everyday look a little more special. This box is low cost, convenient and the items are such good quality for the price! If you love jewellery and accessories, you would absolutely love this box! The packaging is cute and fits with the brands theme, everything is wrapped up in bubble wrap to prevent breakage and the items are stylish and timeless, you can use them again and again and they will always look lovely! Plus, this fits through the letter box, so no red card of doom! Bonus!

If you want to get your hands on this box, or sign up for a subscription, here are all the links and social handles you will need:

Website Facebook Pinterest. Instagram.

Thank you for reading,

Gemma x