The Pong Cheese Christmas Explorer Box Review by Mel – November 2018

This is not my first review for Pong Cheese, I reviewed their Cheese Club exactly a year ago! It is great to see them going from strength to strength in more ways than just the flavour of the Cheese!

Lydia from Pong Cheese asked me if they could send me one of their Christmas Explorer boxes for us to test and review. I definitely won’t say no to that! We are a house full of Cheese lovers.

I had to take this photo of the slogan on the side of the box, it made me giggle, ‘Aroma-Therapy’. True to its word, you could actually smell the Cheese, even from the outside of the box. It arrived via courier, and it contains frozen gel packs inside to keep things fresh. I wasted no time though to delve into the contents!

If you missed my live unboxing it has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. Be warned, this may cause cheese induced hunger! Click play below…

In the top of the box when opening, there were a selection of special offer leaflets, and a contents list. The best leaflet is the one for 50% off their Cheese Club. This is a brilliant offer, one that I highly recommend you try out!

There is also a leaflet with some tips and hints for how to enjoy your Cheese, and suggested serving accompaniments. We are no strangers to making a Cheese board though.

Use the code ‘CHEESE50’ to get your first Cheese Club box half price!

Now onto the best part, the Cheese selection…

So what is inside?

  • Edel de Cleron 200g – a soft and silky alpine creamy cheese, coated in tree bark and presented in an attractive wooden case
  • Harrogate Blue 180g – a soft, luxuriously creamy and blue-veined cheese delivering a mellow flavour with a hint of pepper to finish.
  • Kaltbach Creamy 200g – a wonderful creamy nutty cheese matured at cave temperature in Switzerland
  • Valençay 110g (UNPASTEURISED) – incredible ash-coated goat’s cheese from Indre in central France
  • Il Canet 90g – super-tasty, soft washed-rind cheese from the Piedmonte region of northern Italy

Approximate total weight – 780g. You can buy this selection here

Cost = £29.95

Use the code ‘EARLY10’ to get 10% off the entire Christmas range!

For us, cheese boards are not only a time to enjoy food, but also a time to enjoy each others company. My eleven year old Son, Joel, also enjoys eating with us. Of course he cannot have the wine, but he will try everything.

I bought lots of accompaniments, meat, pickles, sun-dried tomatoes, grapes, peppers, crostinis, and of course wine! You absolutely cannot have a Cheese board without a bottle of red. I chose a Sicilian Shiraz as I really like sharp tasting wines.

Not that I am rating my own photography skills in the slightest, I’m not, but how amazing does all of that look on the board? It is so warm, welcoming, inviting. We could not wait to get tucked in.

As you can see, we oven baked the Edel de Cleron. We figured since it resembles a Camembert; why not taste it in the same way?! We foil wrapped it, and tied string around the case. We wouldn’t want any Cheese spillages, you can’t waste it!

Edel de Claron

This was strong, but not too overpowering. We dipped an entire bag of freshly made Crostini’s into this. I can’t decide whether it is more fun dipping them in and pulling out a string of oozy cheese, or actually eating it?


This is definitely one for the more experienced Cheese lover. It is a Goat’s Cheese, and really will set your taste buds alight. This is best eaten in small amounts and I find sipping wine in between helps to reset your palette so you get the most from the flavour.

Harrogate Blue

We have had this before and really like it. I joke about this, it is smelly, but this is the sort of Cheese where you eat a bit, then you want to try more. Even though it is strong it lures you back in.

Il Canet

This is the only one from the box I personally was not a fan of. It is a smoky flavoured cheese and I think that is why. I don’t mind strong, but I am the same with meat too, I don’t like the smoky flavour.

Kaltbach Creamy

This was a firm favourite with all of us. We have never tried it before but hopefully will again. My son, Joel, really liked this. There is only a little bit left . It is really mellow, I am usually a mature cheddar sort of person but I just kept slicing off more of this.

Our Verdict?

We are huge fans, this would not only fill you full of delightful yummy Cheese, but imagine hosting a Christmas Dinner with this as the Cheese Board. You would be talked about until next Christmas.

We have tried all of these, and there is still lots left so we have wrapped them up to use again. You can freeze Cheese too if you needed to.

This is undoubtedly worth the money when you consider where all of these Cheese’s are from, and you could never buy them in just one place.

You can use the code ‘EARLY10’ to get 10% off the entire Christmas range during November!

Head over to their Website to order, I have also linked all of their Social Media below for you to follow and see lots of Cheese photos…

Mel x

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