TeaBox Review By Nazia – November 2018

Those of you who like discovering new blends of tea and receiving things in the post will love this subscription! As winter is here and the days becoming colder what’s better than snuggling up with a nice hot mug of tea? I am a tea addict and love all things tea, so I’d like to say a big thank you to Premna for sending me this box to review! This subscription is a wondrous discovery of the finest teas from the East. You will receive five premium loose-leaf tea blends every month and each blend will contain 30 grams of each tea, total of 150 grams which is roughly 60-75 cups! Perfect for enjoying on your own or inviting your friends over for a tea party!

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What is TeaBox?

Teabox connects tea to people. Not to distributors, not to re-sellers but to tea drinkers. Uniting the richest flavours of the finest teas with the curious, the cultivated, and the adventurous, all over the world. The freshest tea you’ve ever tasted, from crop to cup. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of tea. TeaBox believe every tea drinker deserves to know how, where, and when their tea was born. The greatness of a tea lies in its very precise origins. They’re redefining the way the world thinks about and enjoys tea by ensuring the leaves are superbly sourced—and hand-picked and packed—every time. They can do this because they know the best teas in India, and they work right at the sources, in the same gardens where the teas they sell are grown.

How it works:

Teabox offers a handpicked selection of the freshest and the finest teas from India and Nepal. Their catalogue features a wide selection of single-origin teas from over 150 tea gardens across Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, the Nilgiris and Nepal. In addition, there is an exciting range of iced teas, flavoured and non-flavoured blends to choose from.

  • 1-month plan – £23.99
  • 3-month plan – £68.38 (save 5%)
  • 6-month plan – £129.50 (save 10%)

Free worldwide express shipping via DHL!


Box theme

The Pause box – This November transcend into a space of your own, for a quiet moment, away from your routine and the mundane. Pause and indulge in some of the most loved flavours of all time; bright and luscious. As the days get shorter and colder, it’s time to take stock of the beautiful colours outside and the weather of fall. Fill the crisp morning air with wafts of these fragrant tea blends crafted by our masters to sail you through. Or sip these strong brews in between your work routine and find your spirit energised and refreshed anew. And with these we also have for you a set of 5 special Finum paper tea bags to steep your tea perfectly. Happy Sipping!

What was in the box?

  • Contents Card
  • Finum Paper Tea Bags x 5
  • English Breakfast Tea 30g – The classic sweet-smoky flavours come around in this strong malty cup.
  • Indian Breakfast Tea 30g – Fans of Assam teas will enjoy this blend with its unmissable malty flavours.
  • Nepal Breakfast Tea 30g – A rich woody tea with soft notes of unripe tree fruit and distinct raw flavour.
  • Imperial Breakfast Tea 30g – A morning tipple with bold, bodacious cup flavours.
  • Irish Breakfast Tea 30g – Reliably strong; perfect to kick-start the day.

What I thought:

I received an email from DHL to inform me when delivery was expected and another email when the box was delivered which is so handy as I can keep track of my parcel. Considering this box arrived all the way from India delivery was extremely quick, I think it took around 5 days from placing an order to arriving. The box arrived beautifully wrapped in the Teabox wrapping paper and I felt like Christmas had come early as I excitedly unwrapped it!

Finum Paper Tea Bags 

Finum manufactures the world´s most requested biodegradable tea filters with a great variety of shapes and sizes! The filters provide the tea leaves the space to unfold and to evolve their best flavour. I haven’t used these yet as I prefer using my tea strainer, but I have saved them aside to use at some point later.

English Breakfast Tea

A traditional English breakfast tea that is smooth, well rounded and particularly refreshing savoured at any time of the day. Deep red in appearance, this tea has a lovely full-bodied flavour followed by a prolonged, spicy and malty aftertaste which is a delight to drink. Strong enough to take milk, smooth enough to enjoy on its own. If you want something to start you off in the day or when you need a pick me up, I’d recommend this tea.

Indian Breakfast Tea

The initial brew is pretty light in colour and fully develops after 5 minutes into a dark amber infusion. This Indian breakfast tea offers a fruity muscatel aroma and a comforting malty taste, with sweet fruity undertones. Refreshing, uplifting, not too strong but plenty of flavour. An extremely enjoyable and smooth tasting tea.

Nepal Breakfast Tea

A dark brown infusion with a wonderfully delicate and malty taste with a gentle smoky edge and a hint of nuttiness. Gentle and flowery sweet aroma makes this the perfect anytime of the day tea. Enjoy on its own or add a touch of sweet honey to balance the smokiness. A pleasant and soothing drink, I thoroughly enjoyed each sip!


Imperial Breakfast Tea

The perfect start to your day, this breakfast tea has a bold and robust flavour with burgundy depth and malty highlights creating a bright golden cup. This is a richly flavoursome tea, substantially full-bodied with earthy notes that is beautifully balanced by a fresh, clean sweetness, and the result is surprisingly refreshing.

Irish Breakfast Tea

Get your morning off to a bright start with this energy boosting tea. A brisk and pungent breakfast tea which offers a strong and astringent brew without the bitterness. The brisk, full taste of this bright infusion offers a perfect, strong and satisfying cup of breakfast tea. It is rounded off with a nutty sweet tang in the finish, enjoy it plain or with a drop of milk.


Each tea arrived vacuum packed in resealable pouches which ensures the teas are kept fresher for longer. This also allows Teabox to deliver your teas worldwide while still remaining at its optimum quality. To help you to brew the perfect cup each tea comes with instructions on how to make each tea. This allows for maximum tea-tasting experience exploring the full range of flavours found in each tea. There is no doubt that loose tea makes a far better cup of tea than your standard teabag and the quality is certainly much higher too. This subscription is a wonderful way to try out a range of premium loose-leaf tea blends picked straight from the source and delivered to your door, never run out of tea with this box! I love this collection of teas; each one is different and unique in its own way but all gorgeously delicious and I have really enjoyed discovering different breakfast teas!

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift? Why not give the gift of tea? All gift subscriptions can be gift wrapped and will not renew once the subscription expires. Order before the 14th of December to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas!

If you’d like to know more about TeaBox you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading….

                      Nazia xx