Beer Me Now Review By Nazia & Darren – November 2018

A big thank you to Evan for sending Nazia and I this box of hoppy delightfulness! We do like a tipple and we really enjoy a good beer, so this box has us very excited. We love finding and trying new beers and flavours, so this box is very well suited to us. Beer Me Now features a selection of craft beers from breweries across the UK to bring you a variety of seasonal and traditional beers. Great for those who want to discover new beers or for you seasoned drinkers that know your porters from your pale ales!

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Who Are Beer Me Now?

Very much beer enthusiasts, brothers Evan and Alex founded Beer Me Now in September 2018 after years of enjoying tasting different beers and wanted to create a beer subscription service worth shouting about. From starting their own Gavin & Smithy-style beer guide, to brewing their first craft beer called A True-Blue Ale, they have always had a passion for the hoppy goodness. Beer Me Now’s mission is to become the ultimate beer subscription service, delivering craft beers to beer lovers across the UK. With simple, hassle-free, ordering and delivery, as well as an extensive range of must-try beers, they’re on the right track to achieve just that.

Beer Packages

We all know there’s different types of beer drinkers. From those that are constantly on the search for new finds and sampling beers from around the world, to those that stick religiously to the supermarket staples. We also know that everyone has different budgets to buy their beers. That’s why we’ve come up with 3 different beer subscription options:

  • The Enthusiast (Monthly) – £25.00
  • The Experimenter (Bi-monthly) – £25.00
  • The Economical (Quarterly) – £25.00

Shipping is included


  • Personalised letter & Box Contents
  • Roasted Fava Beans – Sweet Chilli
  • Great Newsome – Pricky Back Otchan 4.2%
  • Uprising – Treason 5.8%
  • Brass Castle – Bad Kitty 5.5%
  • Elgood’s – Coolship Mango Sour 5.0%
  • Mad Squirrel – $umo 4.7%
  • Pressure Drop – Bosko 6.5%
  • Tiny Rebel – Mosiac Milkshake 4.2%
  • Red Church – Brick Lane Lager 4.7%
  • Extras – 3 x beer mats & Beer Me Now pen

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What we thought:

The box arrived extremely quickly via courier service in a bright orange box with the Beer Me Now logo across the front. Inside we found an orange envelope with our names on as well as 5 bottles of beers and 3 cans. Inside the envelope were 3 beer mats – handy for placing your beer on, a pen and a welcome letter with details of the box contents. Inside the box we found…

Roasted Fava Beans – Sweet Chilli

These were much nicer than we expected them to be – spicy, salty and tasty. They have a really lovely flavour and make a nice alternative to nuts. Healthy and low in calories, they make the perfect day time snack and beer accompaniment.

Great Newsome – Pricky Back Otchan

Golden ale – Pricky Back Otchan takes its name from an old Yorkshire phrase for a hedgehog, the pricky back urchin! Amber in colour with a nutty aroma, the taste has some mild bitterness that it well balanced with the malty flavour of the beer. An enjoyable beer to drink and I could happily enjoy a few pints of this with friends.

Uprising – Treason

West coast IPA – Another beer that is amber in colour but this has far more of a fruity aroma with a sharp citrus taste. It was easy to drink and did not taste as strong as it is (5.8%) as the hoppy flavours helped to mellow it out. It’s a beer I have had before and would have again as I like my hoppy beers.

Brass Castle – Bad Kitty

Porter Bad Kitty earned its name from the antics of the two original brewhouse cats, who delighted in mischievously supervising proceedings. A deliciously dark porter with a rich malty, even slightly nutty taste enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla that really lifts this beer. I enjoy a good porter and this is a good one, I enjoyed the way the vanilla worked with the malty taste.


Elgood’s – Coolship Mango Sour

Sour Fruit beer – Sour beers are not to everyone’s tastes, but both of us enjoy a sour fruit beer every so often. The sweetness of the fruit is cut with the tart sourness intrinsic to this style overall balancing out to make an easy to drink fruity beer. This was a good example of the style, we both enjoyed it and will be on the lookout for it.


Mad Squirrel – $umo

American pale ale – Named after the 2 hops used in this beer Summit and Mosaic both of which have their own strong taste profiles. It pours out of the can a lovely golden colour and the tropical fruit aromas hit you, followed by a herby scent. The taste is fruity with a sharp bitterness that lasts for a few seconds on the tongue but is balanced by a light malty taste. Another enjoyable beer that I will keep an eye out for.

Pressure Drop – Bosko

IPA – We both really enjoyed this one, it has a crisp fruity flavour making it a very smooth beer to drink. It poured out a clear golden colour and the aroma of fruity hops wafts out of the glass. Probably my favourite beer from the box, I could happily have drunk another few bottles. Even Nazia really enjoyed this one as sometimes with a hop heavy beer she can find them a bit too bitter but that was not the case here and she enjoyed the fresh fruity flavours.

Tiny Rebel – Mosiac Milkshake

A milkshake IPA. I am already a fan of Tiny Rebel and the range of beers they produce so this was one I was looking forward to trying. It’s a milkshake IPA that confuses your tastes buds in a great way, it tastes like a fruity IPA with the heavy mouthfeel of a milkshake. I would recommend this as a great example of the style and if you have not tried one yet, definitely give it a go!


Red Church – Brick Lane Lager

Lager – This lager pours out a clear amber colour, it has a crisp easy to drink flavour making it an easy to drink beer. It was probably the least favourite of mine in this box but that’s more due to my personal preference of a bold hoppy beer over a crisp easy drinking lager. A pleasant beer that I would happily enjoy in the summer sitting out in the garden on a hot day, but given the choice I would go for something with a bit more character.



Would we subscribe? 100% yes! We’ve really enjoyed trying all these beers and to top it off we have found a few new favourites too! This mixed case really does make it easy to try a selection of new and exciting types of beers without the hassle of travelling far and wide! And let’s face it the selection in your local supermarket is undoubtedly lacking in the craft beer section! You can get 8 carefully selected beers sent to your door for a bargain price of only £17.50 for your first box using our exclusive discount code! Each box also comes with beer mats, a pen and a snack, and what would a beer tasting box be without a pub snack? Take your taste buds on an adventure and sample craft and specialty beers from around the UK! This delicious craft beer gift will be an amazing hit with the beer lover in your life, and there’s something in here for everyone.

It’s not just the ultimate beer subscription that Beer Me Now provide. They also offer high quality, personalised beer and cider gifts hampers, that are bound to put a smile on any beer lovers’ face. Beer Me Now hand pick the beers that are perfect for the occasion and the type of beer drinker they are!

If you’d like to know more about Beer Me Now you can visit their website or social media accounts:

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Thank you for reading…..

Darren & Nazia xx