Hugo’s Chocolate Club Review by Mel – November 2018

With an opening statement like ‘Permission to Indulge’ on their Website, you know that you are in for a serious treat with this subscription. Hugo’s are an exclusive Chocolate Membership Club who bring you a selection of fine chocolates from four different producers every month.

My box arrived first class via Royal Mail, my address was stickered to the bottom of the box, and so the crisp white logo was clear and I knew exactly what it was. I am sure my postman was extremely jealous bringing me this delivery.

If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel. Be warned, viewing may cause chocolate induced hunger!

So what is inside?

An absolutely beautiful box of deliciousness! I mean look at this photo…

We have…

  • 1683 Chocolate Place 6 tray of Chocolates. There are 2 x Butterscotch (70 pence each), 2 x Coconut with Raspberry Compote (£1.05 each), and 2 x Dark salted Caramel (70 pence each. Total cost for these would be £4.90
  • J. Cocoa 35% Coffee and Milk Chocolate Bar – RRP £3.50
  • J. Cocoa 40% Caramelised Milk Chocolate Bar – RRP £3.50
  • Kneals Chocolates Amaretto Chocolate Bar – RRP £2.80
  • Pump Street Chocolate Jamaica Bachelor’s Hall Estate 75% bar (70g) – RRP £6.25

Total Box Value = £20.95

How much does it cost?

  • Monthly Membership – £22 per month
  • 3 Months Membership – £63 (£21 per box)
  • 6 Months Membership – £120 (£20 per box)
  • 12 Month Membership – £228 (£19 per box)

All boxes have FREE SHIPPING!

If you sign up to a 12 month membership, your 13th box will also be COMPLETELY FREE!

The cut off date for orders is the 30th of the month, and they endeavour to ship on the 5th of the following month. Delivery should take 3-5 working days from shipping.

I all know that you are waiting for me, sorry us, to test out these yummy treats.

First up we have the 1683 Chocolate Place selection of 6.

I have to say, the one thing that impressed me more than the actual taste of these chocolates, is the story behind them. Joseph started his own shop at the age of just 16 in 2015, and makes them all by hand. I imagine being 16, and I have the utmost respect for him.

So the chocolates themselves have such a shine on them, they are mesmerising to look at. They all have soft centres and hard shells. The butterscotch really takes me back to my childhood and the sweets my gran used to eat The coconut and raspberry compote have actual coconut inside which you sort of don’t expect so its like a surprise when you bite into one. The dark salted caramel snap in your mouth and the gooey centre is just to die for!

If you watched my live unboxing, you will see that after I had smelt this chocolate by Pump Street, I absolutely had to try some. This is seriously divine. The dark chocolate is perfectly balanced with a rich fruitiness and after you have eaten it, you are left wanting more. My partner Rob agreed this is some of the best chocolate he has tried. We would love to try more from their range.

I am a strange fruit sometimes, I do not like nuts usually as a preference, but I do like amaretto. My partner is always saying that it must be the texture of nuts I dislike as I am a fan of amaretto. This is quite a big heavy bar, with a liquid and biscuit centre. Although I really did enjoy this, I would say only small amounts per time of this bar to enjoy it the most. Savour the moment.

These two dinky little bars from J. Cocoa I have been really excited to open. I have heard about this brand in the past but have never has the chance to try it. Both bars have won awards too! I have to comment on the packaging, not only is it fully recyclable but has a laser cut design sleeve, and an internal flap envelope which houses the chocolate. I am a sucker for things like this. Of course the best part is inside all of that!

The Coffee & Milk Chocolate has an instant kick of coffee taste, it is smooth, not too rich or overpowering either which you can find with some chocolate/coffee tastes.

The 40% carmelised milk chocolate was like saving the best til last. This is my favourite out of the entire box. This I could eat every day for the rest of my days. It is just beautiful. I am more of a fan of milk than dark so I expected I may like this, but not as much as I did. I am going to have to research some stockists of this so I can buy it again.

The Verdict?

I have to say I much prefer this to a box of chocolates. You feel like you are experiencing something new for each Chocolatiers items you eat. I mean obviously you are tasting them, but then to learn the background stories too makes the whole process an experience.

Everywhere we travel to we always pick up some lovely chocolates, we bought some in France that were just so expensive but the whole shop was beautiful and elegant. It is a luxury, a chance to spoil yourselves and also a memory. What Hugo’s are doing with this box is recreating a similar sort of experience, but delivered to your doorstep. Also working with small artisan chocolatiers and bringing them recognition at the same time. I for one applaud that.

Remember that this box is not about saving money on its contents, you are getting your value when you consider that postage is included. To buy from 4 seperate companies you would need to pay 4 lots of postage, then there is researching them to find good products. Hugo’s do all of that for you every month and it comes all boxed like a lovely gift.

Would I subscribe? Are you kidding, yes, I absolutely would!

Mel x

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