Heartier World Steak Selection Review by Mel – November 2018

I would like to thank Miles from Heartier not only for sending me a box to review, but also for making the man of the house a very happy one indeed. His 3 loves for boxes are: Meat, Cheese and Socks in that order. He is a huge meat lover, he actually follows pages on Instagram just to look at photos of meat. I am not joking at all! When we dine out he often asks for just steak on its own, maybe a very small side like coleslaw but he would rather just eat another steak. You would think the way he can eat that he is a rather large man, but no, I don’t think he has ever tipped 11 stone. Sadly for me his passion for eating high quality food means the scales are not so kind to me, ha!

Heartier are all about proper tasty local produce. They source all of their food from local farmers. No vacuum packed meat in sight, this is all freshly packed and delivered straight to your door.

My order arrived via DPD, and I received a time slot so I knew exactly what day and time to expect my box. I love this idea for any perishable items. If you are going to be out you can ensure you have a nominated safe place for delivery.

Wasting no time to unbox, I mean we want to get some of this cooked and eaten, right? If you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

So what is inside?

I have been sent the World Steak Selection box, which you can buy here. This costs £62.50 for the entire box containing 12 steaks, as detailed below.

Also, as an added extra, the Smoked Back Bacon 350g costing £4.50.

Delivery is FREE for orders over £50!

Use the code ‘BOXESSION’ for a HUGE 20% off!

So all of this we received would cost you just £53.60 with free delivery to your doorstep! Have you ever bought steak from a proper Butchers? I have and 2 will set you back £12-£15 I can tell you that. We have 12 steaks and a pack of bacon. It is a bargain indeed.

Item Description Qty
2 Sirloin steaks (Weight: 8oz per steak) 1
2 Flatiron steaks 1
2 Picanha steaks 1
2 Pork chops 1
2 Bacon ribeye steaks 1
2 Denver steaks 1
Smoked back bacon (Weight: 350g) 1

I know what you all want to see, food photos!? so I guess it is time to test the goods. We love an excuse to cook a lovely meal. In fact I do not do most of the cooking in our house, my partner Rob is the one who enjoys it the most. So I have left this task in his capable hands, I mean it would be rude not to!

Picanha Steaks

We served these with fine Asparagus, and those little potatoes were finely sliced on a mandolin and then air fried. Just a couple of minutes either side were all the Steaks needed in the frying pan. My meat has to be pink in the middle. I will not eat it any other way. I can thank Rob for introducing me to this, before I met him I always had well done meat. I have no idea why other than I was ill educated and I am happy to admit that.

We also served this with a red wine jus, and we drank the rest of the bottle which was a perfect accompaniment I may add!

I will definitely be buying these steaks again, they were so tender even after only a few minutes of cooking. They required so little chewing to eat them. There was very little rind too on the meat so almost a completely clean plate for this dish.

Bacon Steaks

I did not want to have anything potato with these. I could not decide between egg or pineapple so we had both! Also a side serving of broccoli with cheese sauce. Imagine eating a full packet of the best bacon you have ever tasted in one go, I would imagine that is on par with this. To me it was absolutely PERFECT! If you are a fan of bacon as we are in our house then this will be heaven on a plate to you. I will go to sleep dreaming of this, no doubt about it.

Sirloin Steaks

These were served with Dauphinoise potatoes and a mixture of green beans. I have to say that through personal choice these were a little on the thin side for us, as when we get Sirloin from the Butchers we request a thick cut. The meat however was very flavoursome and tender

Smoked Back Bacon

I confess, I forgot to take photos of my sandwiches!! We had Bacon, Brie and Cranberry ones for the whole family and when we had eaten them all I realised. I am sorry but there were so nice it slipped my mind. The slices of Bacon were so thick, they were almost steak like. They weren’t too heavily smoked either and the fat rendered down nicely.

Our Verdict?

This is an absolutely brilliant concept. How hard is it to find a decent Butchers these days? Believe me I used to live in the Lake District which is full of farms, but sadly the trade is not what it used to be. Heartier are doing a magnificent job of allowing people the opportunity to be able to order from local Farmers without having to go out and find a good one. They are tried and tested already for quality.

They often do offers such as Autumn Meat packs at heavily discounted prices too. In these cold Winter months this is a perfect way to be able to cook delicious meals at home, and when it comes round to Summer, imagine the BBQ you could have with a meat pack from Heartier!

Check them out below, and don’t forget to use our discount code for 20% off!

Mel x