Horoscope Box by Bijoux Indiscrets Review by Mel – November 2018

I am no stranger to the beautiful world of Bijoux Indiscrets, having reviewed one of their products previously in one of my reviews which you can read here

The star of the show was their stunning and elegant vibrating diamond, discreetly named the Twenty one, which you can buy here on their website.

Before seeing this, I had never heard of Bijoux Indiscrets, but now this is a firm fixture in the bedside drawer!

It truly is a gem, in more ways than one! If it was not for 2 children, I would have it on show in the display box.

I have been conversing back and forth with Kaylie from Bijoux Indiscrets, who is based in Barcelona. I never even realised at first she was a BoXession Group member! She saw our reviews and unboxing videos, and emailed me about a new box they were soon to be launching. She wanted the entire BoXession Team to review all 4 of their box types, but 6 of us fell into the same category for one of them. So I was the lucky one to get the opportunity to review it. All will be revealed, patience now!

The box arrived via courier, and it is double boxed, and a parcel bag too. So minimal risk of what is inside being damaged. Even the plain brown outer box is stamped as you can see. I am a sucker for attention to detail.

If you missed my live unboxing Sunday Evening, then do not worry; it is now available to watch back on our YouTube Channel. Just click play below…

So what is inside the box?

    • An Opal gemstone necklace unique to your star sign, Scorpio.
    • An orgasm-enhancing warming effect clitoral balm with a Sandalwood aroma, perfectly suited to your natural element; Water.
    • A silicone vibrator that fits seamlessly on your finger with 10 vibration settings.

To take a look at this exact kit, you can buy here

The cost of this is £40, shipping is free when you spend €50 or over. They have some really elegant accessories, and even an Advent Calendar on their Website!

Use the discount code ‘BOXESSIONS5’ to receive £5 off the Horoscope Box for the month of November.

The set even comes with a luxuriously printed brochure, detailing each item. It has a section to tell you about the gemstone, which balm you have and its scent, and of course the vibrating bullet which is the same in every one.

I am a Scorpio, known for their dark natured ways and feisty nature. I can confirm that I definitely live up to that. Scorpio falls under the Water element.

The whole branding of this has a really positive feel, aimed at empowering and awakening your senses. I do know from speaking to Kaylie that all of their products are designed for and by women. This is obvious across their entire collection. Every item has a delicate elegance about them, and this is no exception.

When you open the box, it just feels special. You know that you are in for a treat before you have even tried them out.

But try them out we shall. I need to mention that this box is suited to both singles and couples. You do not need a partner to assist, although if you have a willing subject which I do; then it can add to the fun. This would be suited to any couple, same sex or opposite. It is not a garish and large object, so even men would not be put off by this. Trust me I asked one (shhh).

The sandalwood scent of the balm is nice enough to wear as a perfume, so using it on your intimate areas it is designed to awaken your senses. Adding it to the finger vibrator means it also glides over those sensitive areas.

I will tell you, that this little bullet is not little when it comes to power. With its 10 settings of varying speed and pulses, it really is a ‘pocket rocket’. You will not be disappointed with the outcome of using it! Don’t be scared to share either, if you catch my drift!

The delicately pretty necklace is of course a treat for ladies only. The opal reflects colours and light so it always looks different, never the same. I have had several compliments, one lady asked where I bought it and I was red faced haha!

The Verdict?

This is such a beautiful gift for someone you love, or of course you can just love yourself and buy it? No harm in treating yourself, especially not with our cheeky discount…

Use the discount code ‘BOXESSIONS5’ to receive £5 off the Horoscope Box for the month of November.

I personally love the whole ethos behind what the company stand for. I want to and will be hinting at more of their products, and Christmas is upon us after all.

Should you want to purchase one of these, or browse the rest of their range, the links are below.

Mel x


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