ORDO Review by Mel – November 2018

I would like to start by thanking Lucy from ORDO for this Starter pack that has been sent for me to review. She was a pleasure to liaise with too.

I won’t lie to you, looking after my teeth has always been a high priority for me. Having been through the pain of braces as a child through no fault of my own, and the pain of an oral injury… yes I fell face first onto my teeth, ouch… I truly do understand more than most how important it is to keep them in the best condition possible.

I am a coffee drinker, and an ex smoker. So this means I have to take extra care to ensure I brush regularly and go to the dreaded Dentist’s. I am not too scared of the Dentist, I spent a lot of time there and I am forever grateful they fixed my smile.

But as far as subscriptions are concerned, I am always happy to see new ones appearing that make an everyday chore become an exciting postal delivery. It also takes away the hassle of remembering to replace our brushes/brush heads. We are all guilty of that! If someone asked you how long since you last replaced it, would you know? I am a busy Mum, of course I don’t know the answer! Well here we have a solution…

The ORDO box arrived via Royal Mail, it was in a grey mailing bag, and inside there was this bright funky and sleek looking purple box. My favourite colour as most of you know!

I unboxed this live on our Facebook Group, if you missed my live unboxing, you can watch it back here on our YouTube Channel…

My ORDO Subscription pack includes:

  • Aluminium electric toothbrush
  • Travel cap
  • 80ml toothpaste (two-months)
  • 25ml travel toothpaste (two-weeks)
  • Portable silicon stand
  • AAA battery

RRP £62.50, but the offer price is ONLY £30! 

This is a non rotating toothbrush, it uses sonic pulse technology. This is something I have never tried in a toothbrush, but I certainly have for my facial brush cleanser which I cannot live without. So I was quietly hopeful for this before even testing it out.

The kit is stylish, sleek and it feels so personalised.

They do come in 3 colours:

  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Silver

You can also choose which brush head type, they have soft bristle and firm bristle. I believe the one I have been sent is firm, which is good as I prefer this.

Everything on their site has FREE DELIVERY!

A couples pack will cost you £60, but you also get 25% off your refill pack meaning it is only £15 every 2 months.

ORDO Refill plan:

(£10 every 2 months for single, or £15 every 2 months for a couple)

  • Ordo brush head
  • Travel cap
  • AAA battery
  • 80ml whitening & sensitive toothpaste
  • 25ml whitening & sensitive travel toothpaste
Ordo toothpaste:
  • Whitening and Sensitive
  • Strengthens enamel and restores natural whiteness
  • Formulated by Dentists
  • Accredited by the Oral Health Foundation
  • Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly

Putting it to the test…

Now we all know how to use a toothbrush, or do we? I must admit when I am rushing around like a mad woman I don’t brush for as long as I should. One thing I did not know is that you should brush for 120 seconds! I always thought it was 90, so I stand corrected! Fear not, this little beauty has a timer, which has to be my favourite feature. I mean do any of you stand and count how long? I would lose count due to tiredness!

The brush itself feels really nice to hold, not too heavy or light and the slight texture to the rose gold area means it has a nice grip to it. The sonic pulse technology is brilliant, it really is! I mean this is the future of toothbrushes for sure.

The toothpaste is really mild tasting, I cannot bear it when they are too strong so I would happily continue to use this.

Weirdly I have really enjoyed brushing my teeth with this, I even look forward to it now. I was preaching to the other half while we were in the Bathroom telling him off as my timer was still going and he had exited the room. He said well get me one then! You know what, he loves matte black items too, so the black one would be absolutely perfect for him. His & hers ORDO brushes sounds fab!

My Verdict?

I am always truly honest. My teeth have never felt cleaner. I have been using this for 4 days now, I was going to wait for a few more until I completed my review but I have no need to as I want to tell you all now how good it is! What is even better is that these kits are Oral Health Foundation approved, so you know you are getting something that works.

If ORDO had sent me two brushes I would have already signed up to the couples subscription, no questions. Rob is already hinting he wants one as he likes mine. For £15 every 2 months I think that is a steal, worth every penny, not to mention the convenience of it. Watch this space for a new customer ORDO…

Mel x


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