The PIP Box Review by Gemma – October 2018

I am so excited to be reviewing October’s Pip Box, as it really impressed me last time and it is all cruelty free too! Those of you who know me on the Boxession Facebook page will know that I am exclusively cruelty free, so getting the chance to unbox and review a box that fits in with my ethics is a total joy!

So, onto the box itself! It arrived via Royal Mail, and comes in a cute little box with the branding and logo on it. It wouldn’t quite fit through my letterbox (I checked!), however I live in a flat and my letterbox is quite small, so it may fit through bigger ones. The packaging is cute, quirky and colourful, which I think sums up the company perfectly.

If you missed my live unboxing on the Facebook page, you can catch it here on our YouTube channel:

On opening, I was met with the product description card, which I put aside so as not to spoil the surprise, as well as a lovely note addressed to me with a discount code for you lovely lot (which will be at the bottom of this review!). There were also some discount leaflets for a recipe delivery box, a leaflet about their advent calendar (which is selling FAST, so be quick!) and next month’s theme reveal- The Self Care Edit!

This month’s theme was the Midnight Edit, with beauty treats curated to help you feel extra special!

So, what was underneath that pink tissue paper, I hear you ask? Feast your eyes on this:


The first item I pulled out was the Tisserand Tea Tree and Aloe Rescue stick (RRP £4.50). I have used Tisserand products before, so I was really happy to see them in the box this month. They do a lot of essential oils as well, which are really good for wellbeing. This product helps to soothe and calm minor blemishes and skin irritations. It is getting to the time of year where my skin can break out due to exposure to extreme temperature and central heating, so this will come in very handy. My skin can be quite sensitive, but this is a gentle formula with a targeted applicator to help you get the product exactly where you want it! Big thumbs up from me!

The second item in this box of treats was a Priming Lip Wand by Manna Kadar, with an RRP of £18! This is another brand I have heard of, and I have tried a couple of their products in the past and always been pretty impressed by them. I love lip products and have recently started branching out on the products and colours that I use, so this came at a good time! It is in the shade ‘Amour’ and is a nudey-pink type colour (if that is a thing!), so will be great for everyday wear. It also hydrates and nourishes your lips, which makes it a hard working little wand! I love a product that can multitask, so another thumbs up from me!

The third item was arguably the most beautiful and eye catching in the box- the Shimmering Body Tonic by Cougar (RRP £7.99). I have used loads of Cougar products before and have always found them to be good quality, so I was expecting the same from this! It didn’t disappoint, creating a shimmering effect on my skin when I used it after my shower. When you shake the bottle, the gold pigments inside swirl around like liquid molten gold, and the camera really did not do it justice-it really is gorgeous!

The fourth product was by Aveda and was the Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment (RRP £9). I have only recently discovered this brand so am happy to get to try some more of their products. I love hair treatments, so this is definitely up my street! It is said to leave hair feeling healthy, smooth and strong after use, so I cannot wait to try it out!

The fifth item I pulled out was the item I was most excited about after seeing a spoiler on Instagram- the Black Clay Face Mask by Bloomtown (RRP £12). I LOVE this brand; they are one of my absolute favourites so I was so happy to get some more of this! I have used this mask before and it really does detox and purify the skin, giving it a well-earned breather!

The bonus item this month was edible- Lemon and Pistachio Protein Balls by the Protein Ball Company (RRP £1.29). As most of you know, I am a fitness freak and love healthy snacks, so I am very intrigued by these! I have heard of the Protein Ball Company before, but have never tried their products and this flavour could go either way with me, as I love lemon but am not a fan of pistachios! I will keep them in my bag for a quick, on the go snack.

So, all in all, this box total is £52.78! Now, let’s see how much of a saving you are getting:

The prices are as follows:

Month to Month: £20. This includes shipping within the UK (£1.50 extra for Europe). So you are saving a massive £32.78!

There is also a 3 Month option of £55, which saves you £5 compared to the month by month option.

The 6 month prepay is £110 and saves you £10 compared to the month by month option, so there are definite savings to be had!

Even better? We have a code! Enter BOOMTOWN at the checkout and you will get a little extra freebie in the form of a facial roller when you sign up!

It is also worth mentioning that 50p per sale of every box this month has been donated to the charity ‘Animal Free Research’, who support funding alternatives to animal testing, which I think is an amazing cause and really fits in with The Pip Box’s values and ethics as a cruelty free box!

My Verdict:

Would I subscribe? Absolutely! I am a huge fan of cruelty free and natural products, and this box has it all! It is cute, neatly presented and contained gorgeous items, plus a donation to charity! You really cannot go wrong with this box, and for the price, it is an absolute bargain! I have discovered some new products and I will use absolutely everything! Plus, there are sneaky discount codes for some of the products in the box, should you wish to repurchase anything!

If you want to go ahead and order your own box, (and why wouldn’t you?), here are the links you need to know:

Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

Thank you so much for reading my review, and to Pip Box for sending me such lovely goodies!

Gemma x