A Box of Treats Review By Nazia & Jasper – October 2018

I am the mummy to a beautiful kind natured staffy cross named Jasper who brings so much joy into our lives. My husband and I have always had dogs growing up, so it was no surprise when we decided to adopt a dog of our own. We drove to an animal shelter and chose Jasper because of his fun and loving nature. Thus 2 became 3 and our lives were forever changed with muddy paw prints, dog hairs everywhere and slobbery kisses but we wouldn’t have it any other way! So, when it comes to giving Jasper food or treats it’s important to know that we’re giving him products with the best quality ingredients and this subscription box definitely meets his needs!

I’d like to say a big thank you to the lovely Uta for sending me and Jasper this box to review. To see what we thought you can watch our live unboxing here on our YouTube channel:

What is A Box of Treats?

A Box of Treats is a monthly surprise for your dog! The easiest (and funnest) way to keep your dog happy and healthy, month after month. Searching high and low, their mission is to find some of the tastiest, most nutritious and highest quality premium dog treats and chews, delivered direct to your door.

How much does it cost?

They have three different box sizes available:

  • Small – 3 treats/chews £11.99 per month
  • Regular – 4 treats/chews £15.99 per month
  • Large – 4 treats/chews & 1 toy £19.99 per month

Delivery within the UK is FREE, extra charges apply for outside the UK. All boxes are posted on the 4th of each month and for every subscription box purchased, a small amount is donated to a dog charity!


  • Welcome Leaflet
  • Contents Letter
  • Boxby For Dogs Protein Bites 70g
  • James Wellbeloved Mini Jacks Hypo-allergenic Treats 90g
  • Spot Mini Skinneeez Tugs
  • Green & Wild’s. Farmer Fred’s Sweet Potato Treats 100g
  • The Snack Pawtal Carrot and Peanut Butter 150g

What did we think?

As soon as the box arrived Jasper was so excited, it was like he knew that it was for him!! The items are packaged in a medium sized recyclable box that has the A Box of Treats logo printed on the front. Inside the box I found a welcome leaflet and a contents letter detailing the products within. The products are wrapped in several layers of tissue paper and sealed with a sticker with logo on.

Boxby For Dogs Protein Bites – Chicken

I opened these on the live unboxing and Jasper seemed very eager to try them, he does love a treat so that was no surprise really haha! This product is chicken flavoured and are small bite sized pieces, so good for training or rewarding dogs, they’re also a healthy alternative for your dog’s normal snacks as they contain proteins, but very few calories. I like that they are also a 100% natural and oven dried so I know what he’s consuming is nutritious as well as tasty. Jasper gives a paws up for these treats!

James Wellbeloved Mini Jacks Hypo-allergenic Treats – Turkey

Little bone shaped treats made with healthy ingredients that are perfect for rewarding your pet pooch for good behaviour. These treats are also naturally hypoallergenic so less likely to cause an adverse food reaction and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. I don’t think Jasper was as keen on these treats as he was with the other products in this box. The first few times he would turn his face but eventually I did manage to give him a few which he ran off to his bed with and munched. They come in a small handy resealable pack that is good for taking with you on walks or to use at home.

Spot Mini Skinneeez Tugs – Fox Renard

We only buy Jasper hard wearing and durable toys that are likely to last longer than an hour because he usually makes it his mission to shred or rip them apart. On first seeing this toy Jasper was very happy as he immediately ran and hid it in his bed! When he did come to play with it, he sat for long periods of time chewing on it or throwing it around in the garden. The toy is a fluffy fox design that has a durable rope running through the entire body and a squeaker in the nose which he goes crazy for! One end of the rope is looped so that you can throw or play tug with it. This toy is also stuffing free which is a big plus as I don’t have to worry about him ingesting it or cleaning up the mess he would inevitably make. It has provided hours of entertainment for my four-legged friend.

Green & Wild’s Farmer Fred’s Sweet Potato Treats

I wasn’t sure if Jasper would like these as I’ve never given him chewy treats containing sweet potatoes before, but he positively loved them and wouldn’t stop following me around until I gave him more! It comes packed inside a resealable pouch and are a hard-jerky type of texture that smell faintly of sweet potato. The texture of these treats acts as a natural toothbrush, that helps keep teeth healthy and promotes fresh breath which is a bonus as it’s important to keep dogs’ teeth strong and in good shape. The best thing about these treats is they’re 100% natural, containing no animal by-products or preservatives.

The Snack Pawtal Carrot and Peanut Butter

Jasper absolutely loves peanut butter and as predicted these treats were definitely his favourite! These handmade heart shaped biscuits contain only 5 ingredients and are preservative free which means there’s no added nasties in them and they even look good enough for humans to eat! The bag is a generous size so if you’re only using a few per day as recommended there’s enough to last a while. Jasper couldn’t get enough of these, he wagged his tail very enthusiastically whilst devouring them – I shall definitely be buying him more.


We all love a treat, I know I do so why shouldn’t our furry friends? Jasper is always happy to see the postman so it’s nice for him to receive something in the post too! This box is a great way of introducing a variety of high quality, natural treats to your doggy’s diet and I’m really impressed with the selection that was sent to us. I think it is really good value for money and you get a good number of products for the price! I don’t always have the time to shop around for treats, let alone healthy ones so I usually stick to buying familiar brands. With this subscription you are being introduced to new brands and products that your best friend will love! This type of box also means your dog gets to try out different treats and toys each month, that they would not necessarily get to try out. Your canine friends are guaranteed a selection of healthy goodies that are especially curated for this box delivered straight to your door! Jasper says to keep up the pawsome work! He has been one thoroughly spoiled dog and I love that he is happy with his new toy and treats.

If you’d like to know more about A Box of Treats, you can visit their website or social media accounts:


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Thank you for reading…

Nazia & Jasper xx