The Natural Beauty Box Review by Mel – October 2018

If you haven’t heard me talk about The Natural Beauty Box before, then I ask where have you been hiding? This box is by far one of my favourite boxes, and has never disappointed me to date. My advice to you right now, subscribe to this box as soon as you can to avoid not getting it, it always sells out. Sadly the box I have been sent sold out in a matter of days, so you won’t be able to get this one. But I can promise you without knowing, that the November box will be just as marvellous!

Thank you yet again to Emma for asking me to review this months box, which is…

Dreamy Days Edit in collaboration with RareBeauty

Rare Beauty is owned by Corinne Thomas, who co runs The Natural Beauty UK Facebook group alongside Emma. I think this is a match well made, considering what they both do for a living. I was in no doubt that this collaboration would be excellent as soon as it was announced.

My box arrived via Royal Mail as always, I could tell what it was straight away. I have said before I am a fan of understated packaging, I like the fact that more time is spent on what is inside rather that what inevitably goes into the recycling.

My fellow blogger, Gemma, is a subscriber to this box and it is her favourite too. Last time I reviewed we did a joint unboxing and it was so much fun; so we decided to do the same again.

If you missed Gemma & I unbox this live on our Facebook Group, then you can watch us back below…

So what’s inside the box?

  • Soap Folk Lavender and Oatmilk Soap RRP £5.95 buy here
  • Freyaluna Rituals Geranium & Ylang Ylang gently soothing Shampoo, Travel Size RRP £4.50 buy here
  • Myroo OM Body Oil RRP £24 buy here
  • Bloom Remedies Serenity Slumber Hand & Body Wash, 100ml RRP £7.50 buy here
  • Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser, 75ml – RRP £24 buy here

Total Box Value = £65.95

That is a MASSIVE saving of £41!!

How can I get it?

There are a few options to Subscribe to this one:

  • Monthly is £24.95 including P&P
  • 3 Month Prepay is £71.10 (making it £23.70 per Box)
  • 6 Month Prepay is £138 (making it £23 per Box)
  • A one-off box is the same price as the Monthly, at just £24.95! Making a fantastic gift!

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!!

Myroo OM Body Oil

I am already a fan of Myroo, having tried their facial oil from an earlier edit; it is now one of my favourite facial oils. So to see yet another full-sized product from their range was a welcome sight in this box.

I used it on my legs after epilating, I massaged it in lots. I get really sore and tired legs too so I hope this will also help with that. I haven’t noticed any dry skin appear as yet so I am hoping it has worked a treat. I often get dry skin the day after, but I persevere as it beats a shaving rash any day.

Bloom Remedies Serenity Slumber Hand & Body Wash

I used this in the shower just now, after the day I have had any relaxation scents are needed. I keep smelling my arms, this is beautiful. I actually think though I am going to use it as a hand wash going forward. I tend to use a lot of shower gel and I don’t want it to run out too fast.

Oilixia Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser

This is a perfect evening cleanser, it is great for lifting away the days dirt and grime from your face. You apply it to dry skin which is why I have purposely said evening. You use it in a circular motion, patting your skin to lift the dirt out. It is really sticky but don’t let that put you off, as soon as a little water is added it washes away with ease.

I followed this with facial oil before bed as I always do.

Soap Folk Lavender and Oatmilk Soap

I haven’t used this for its intended purpose yet, although I have sat sniffing it a lot. I absolutely love it when soap has oatmilk in it. I want to eat it, I know that I can’t but still. I will continue to smell this daily until I have used up my current bar.

Freyaluna Rituals Geranium & Ylang Ylang gently soothing Shampoo

True to what it says on the bottle, this really is gentle. I have to be extremely careful with my scalp, it is very sensitive. I already use shampoo bars with no added nasties, but even they are bothering me a little lately and I have had to switch to medicated shampoo in between uses.

I really do love this so far, I am going to have to see if I can justify the £32 price tag for the full size bottle, well the 20% off code from RareBeauty may just swing it!

My Verdict?

As always this box never fails to disappoint me, a mixture of full size and deluxe travel size products, with a huge saving on the RRP; and guilt free as they are all Natural and Cruelty Free! There is not a single item that I will not use either.

If you are like me and can’t bear to not look when you see a spoiler, follow their Facebook or Instagram for product reveals for their November edit. I will repeat again what I said earlier, do NOT wait to subscribe, they always sell out. If you stay subscribed then you are guaranteed to get a box every month.

I highly recommend this box to absolutely everyone!

Mel x

To buy, or find out more, visit their Website here:

Use the code ‘BOX10’ for 10% off!

Use the code ‘NBB10’ for 20% off your order!

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