Cocoa Crave Review by Mel – September 2018

A huge Thank you to Matt & Geri who own Cocoa Crave for asking me to review this scrumptious box of Chocolates for the second time!

These are so different to your average box of Chocolates, they are sourced from master Chocolatiers! I love the way that they come in these tiny little black boxes, with 4 of each chocolates inside. Perfect for sharing with a loved one… If you can share these that is!

The box arrived via Royal Mail, it is Letterbox friendly so you don’t have to wait in for the postie which is always a bonus, especially to come home to lovely post like this. If you missed my live unboxing, then you can watch it back on our YouTube Channel by clicking play below…

It is worth noting, that when you remove the little black boxes, there is a white sticker with a printed grid. This explains to you what is in each box by the order they are placed. I thankfully remembered this from last time so I knew to take them out and place them back in the correct order.

What did I receive?

24 Chocolates, in 6 separate boxes:

  • 4 x Milk chocolate Apricot & Almond Truffles
  • 4 x Milk dulce de Leche Creme & Meringue
  • 4 x Gin & Tonic White Chocolate Truffles
  • 4 x Dark Lemon Coconut
  • 4 x Dark Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream
  • 4 x White Chocolate Strawberry Cream

How much does it cost?

A Box is priced at £15.95 per month including postage.

Other Subscription options are:

  1. 3 Month Ruby Chocolate Club – £47.85
  2. 6 Month Sapphire Chocolate Club – £79.75 (£13.29 per month)
  3. 12 Month Emerald Chocolate Club – £159.50 (£13.29 per month)

You can add options such as Gift Wrapping and personalised messages too at checkout.
You can select which date you want them delivered, or choose them to be shipped as soon as possible.

Time for the taste testing…

The best bit, trying out the goodies. So we settled in for the evening, tucked up on the sofa with our box of treats.

Milk chocolate Apricot & Almond Truffles

I have not tried these personally, as I am not a fan of nuts – so the Mr got to eat all 4 of these. He said the Apricot is a really nice addition to these, and unusual but in a good way.

Milk dulce de Leche Creme & Meringue

These have crunchy meringue inside! I prefer milk over dark chocolate so these were my favourites in the box. I have never had anything like these before.

Gin & Tonic White Chocolate Truffles

Definitely one for the Gin fans, and my other half loves a G&T! These went down a treat with him and he said he would buy a box of these alone.

Dark Lemon Coconut

The best way to describe these is a posh version of a bounty bar! I prefer milk to dark, but still I really enjoyed these.

Dark Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream

The design of these ones are very eye-catching. The alcohol is present, but not overpowering and teamed with the vanilla these are very enjoyable.

White Chocolate Strawberry Cream

When you bite into these they have a liquid cream strawberry filling. The cute heart shapes make them perfect for sharing with your better half.

Our Verdict?

We were a fan of these last time, and for the last 8 months we have been apart due to work. So to have a night in with a box of these treasures was just divine!

I saw on their website that they had a special offer, if you use the code ‘Crave’, you get 1/3 off your first box. This is a steal, you would be mad not to order them.

Joining Cocoa Crave Club gives you that special delivery every month, everyone needs some relaxation and time to unwind. This is almost a reminder to sit back, relax and enjoy. We have certainly done that.

Check out the Website below, and links to their Social Media…

Mel x

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