Mindful Gifting Review by Gemma – September 2018

This is the first time we are featuring this box on BoXession and I was extremely excited to be told I was reviewing this box, as any kind of wellbeing/wellness/mindfulness type thing is right up my street! I am a Psychologist, but also a personal trainer, so health is important to me in all senses of the word! Mindful Gifting encourage making mindfulness a part of your lifestyle, and curate beautiful boxes full of products to help you achieve this!

They were established in 2018, so are a relatively new company to the world of subscription boxes! Their mission is simple; to make self-care and mindfulness and essential part of our daily lives, whilst also providing quality and ethical products to make this accessible to all! What a fantastic idea, and one that I can definitely get on board with!

Another thing I love about this company is the fact that their products are all carefully selected and hand-picked to ensure that they are cruelty free, eco-friendly and vegan! Each box will contain 5-10 items, including things such as beauty items, household items, food and things to do to keep you on track. They also support small businesses, which we at BoXession applaud too!

I will go through the prices later in the review, but for now, let’s get to the good bit- the products!

If you missed my unboxing live on our Facebook page, then you can watch it back on our YouTube channel here:

The box comes via royal mail, enclosed inside a postage bag. It does need to be signed for, and is not letterbox size so you may get red carded for it (as I did!) unless you happen to be in to catch the postie, but the contents are worth it, I promise!

Two leaflets fell out of the postage bag, one was a bookmark advertising mindfulness books with a discount code and the other was a leaflet about the box itself, giving more information on the company and a discount code off your first box, which I will put at the bottom of this review!

As you can see from the cover picture, the box is a very light blue colour with the mindful gifting logo in the top corner and a security seal to ensure freshness of the products and gives you peace of mind that it has not been tampered with on route!

On opening the box, I was hit with a beautiful aroma that managed to break through my stuffy nose, which can only be a good thing! The inside of the lid says “A touch of Kindness”, which I thought was lovely, and definitely gave me a warm feeling and made me excited about the goodies I would find inside! There was a plain envelope on top of the tissue paper, and inside was a thick card listing all the products inside, which was swiftly put to the side so as not to ruin the surprise! It also told me that this was the July Edition of the box. On peeling back the branded sticker and the lovely peach coloured tissue paper, I was met with:

How beautiful does it all look? I fell in love instantly!

The first thing that caught my eye was the notecard that said ‘Make yourself a priority’, by a company called FitNibs. I love this, as it is something we could all stand to do a little more of! I know I don’t make time for myself as often as I should, so this will be getting pinned somewhere in full sight to remind me to take time out every once in a while to do something just for me! I also loved the blue colours of the card, as blue is said to be a very calming colour, which fits with the theme of this box!

The second item I pulled out was a huge tub of body butter by LaidBare. It was called Butter Me Up and was Organic Shea Butter in a 250ml tub. I adore the smell of this- so luxurious and exactly the kind of scent I like! The fact that it contains no nasties and is cruelty free was a bonus! I used this after my shower and not only did it leave my skin smelling delicious all day, but it also felt soft, smooth and moisturised, even the day after! I find taking care of my skin very relaxing, so this is definitely something I can see me adding into my evening routine to help me wind down, and it definitely fits in with this box and their mission!

The next thing I grabbed was a 10ml bottle of Sweet Orange Essential Oil by Sanatio Naturalis. As I mentioned above, I am really into aromatherapy at the minute and have a small collection of essential oils (it is gradually getting bigger though!) so this will fit in nicely! I will be honest and say that I usually cannot stand anything orange scented or flavoured (I realise I am in a minority!), however, this oil is actually lovely! I love citrus smells apart from Orange, but as it was so sweet it was much more pleasing to my nose, and as it is so concentrated, a little will go a long way, so it will last for ages too! It is definitely more of an energising ‘pick me up’ type scent than a relaxing one, but I am really on board with using scents to help with your mood- they can elicit so many emotions!

Next out was what I had been able to smell, even before opening the box! They were Reiki incense sticks by Satya. I cannot quite put my finger on the smell, but it is absolutely beautiful and the packaging is so colourful that it instantly put a smile on my face. I love scented candles but have never used incense before, so I cannot wait to give this a go! It is something I remember my nan always having burning when I was a child, so it brought back some memories for me!

The next item goes with the above incense sticks, as it was the most beautiful incense burner by SBH Pottery. It was quite heavy, leading me to believe it was excellent quality and look at the design! Blue in colour, with gold leaves around the incense burner, I will definitely be proud to display this in my flat, and I thought it was a great idea to include this with the incense, as I now don’t have to go out and purchase one separately, and means I can use it for any incense I may buy in the future!

There was a Pukka tea bag in there too, in the flavour ‘Wonder Berry Green’. I am a big fan of green tea, and Pukka as a brand, so I was delighted to see this! I can definitely see myself sitting and drinking it, after using the body butter, with my incense burning at the end of a long day! I don’t often drink hot drinks, but I always make time for a cuppa!

The last item is arguably the most beautiful item in the box (although it is hard to choose!). It is a stunning Dream Catcher by Owls Road. It has white feathers hanging down from it, and an intricate web like pattern where the dreams are ‘caught’! White feathers are quite symbolic for me, as they mean that lost loved ones are near, and I lost my nan a year ago, so this will remind me that she is close by! This will have pride of place in my bedroom!

So that is everything in the box, I am absolutely besotted with it all! I cannot put a price on this, as I don’t believe this is the sort of box that is based on the monetary value of the items, it is more about the value they will bring to your life and your wellbeing!

The prices are as follows:

  • UK- £20 Per Month, plus £4.50 P+P.
  • International- £20 Per Month plus £15 P+P.
  • One off box- £30
  • 3 Month prepay- £84

You can cancel at anytime with the monthly subscription and they usually ship on or around the 27th of the month.

The discount code I was given with the box was ‘NEW15%’, which gives you 15% off your first box, meaning you only pay £21.50 for a box full of products designed to give you some much needed ‘me time’!

My Verdict.

I could not love this box, or the idea behind it, more! If it isn’t already obvious from my review so far, I would absolutely subscribe to this, I think it is so important to look after yourself and this box is a monthly reminder to do so! My job means I am so passionate about mental health and wellbeing, so to know that there is a subscription box out there that is focused on helping improve these things warms my heart! It would also make the perfect gift for someone who you feel deserves something special! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to buy this box! If you want to get one for yourself, here are all the links you need to know:





Thank you so much for reading, and remember to make yourself a priority!

Gemma x