Bookabees Review by Mel, Archie & Joel – September 2018

Bookabees are a Subscription Book Club for Children aged 0-11. This is in my opinion a uniquely brilliant concept.

I moved house recently, and I kept a lot of books, but over 100 went to either friends or the charity shop. I felt so bad, so many impulse buys from the supermarket shelf or service station to keep the boys quiet. Well this is where Bookabees comes in. Try before you buy, and only keep the ones you want! Yes and not only that, you keep them at 50% of the RRP!

I had no idea just how impressed I would be by this, until they landed via Royal Mail, clearly marked with my boys names printed on the front. This sparked their interest immediately, constantly asking ‘is that for me?’

I unboxed live on our BoXession Facebook group, and if you want to watch it back it is now on our YouTube Channel too, click play below…

What did we receive?

2 boxes, one for Joel age 11, and one for Archie age 4. Bookabees kindly asked me what sort of books my boys liked so these were picked especially for them.

Both boxes contained:

  • 3 Books
  • Stickers
  • Door hanger
  • Age specific game
  • Bookabee Yeller
  • FREEPOST Return Label
  • Books on loan itinerary

Joel’s Books:

  • My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord – RRP £6.99
  • You can draw Cartoons – RRP £4.99
  • The Accidental Secret Agent – RRP £6.99

Archie’s Books:

  • The Usborne Big Book of Dinosaurs – RRP £9.99
  • T-Veg – RRP £6.99
  • Greedy Mrs MacCready – RRP £6.99

How much does it cost?

Bookabees offer 3 levels of subscription, they are as follows:

  • LITTLE – 1 Book – £2.49 for the first month, then £4.99
  • BIG – 3 Books – £4.49 for the first month, then £8.99
  • BIGGER – 5 Books – £5.49 for the first month, then £10.99

Joel received a snakes and ladders game with a dice.

Archie received Muckabee’s Monster Maths Numbers singalong card/game.

How do you subscribe?

Click here to check out their Website.

After chosing which level of subscription you require, you enter your own details followed by the name, gender and date of birth of your Child.

Once you have done this, you will be able to select books to add to your queue by genre and age (0-11). This means that you will only ever receive the books you want.

The stickers and bookmarks are different for both boys, and chosen to suit their ages. The door hanger can be cut out, personalised and coloured in.

The Bookabee Yeller continues every month, like a follow on story…

You can keep the books for up to 2 months without being charged to keep them, if you decide to keep them you just check the box ‘buy for 50% off RRP’ and you will be charged half price for that book. You can either post them all back for free as they include a freepost label, or you can keep 1, 2, 3 or however many you wish to.

There was also an option to keep none, but send another at 70% off the RRP which I found really interesting, like a mystery book being sent!

My Verdict?

It is not difficult to understand why Bookabees have won so many awards, the subscription prices are so reasonable, everything is of high quality down to the gsm of the card used.

The one thing I really like about this subscription is you are only keeping the books you love and therefore less clutter (yay). These have been kindly gifted for us to keep by Bookabees, the boys are very grateful, Thank you!

I would absolutely subscribe to this for my boys, especially Archie who has years of reading ahead, including learning to read himself.

What did my Boys think?

Archie was so excited, he really loves Dinosaurs at the moment and especially likes the fold out pages on the Big Book of Dinosaurs!

Joel is your typical pre teen, very few words. But he did muster the words ‘that’s pretty cool’ to me.

Thank you so much for reading, check out the Bookabees Website below, and all of their Social Media links too…

Mel x

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