CherryTree Melts Review by Mel – September 2018

Second to skincare, the next biggest obsession in my life has to be wax melts. I own 5 warmers, I am always wanting more too. I love that feeling you get when you walk into a room and get a different lovely smell that hits your senses. There is nothing else like it.

Brogan is a BoXession member, and owns her own business, Cherrytree Melts. You will always hear me speak highly of small businesses; it is a passion of mine to support them every way I can. Don’t forget if you are reading this, we do a Small Business Saturday every week! This is where I first saw Brogan post about her wax melts too, so when she asked us if we would like to trial and review some I begged the other ladies if I could do this for her personally.

Click here for a link to their Facebook page.

I think I was more excited about these as she specifically asked me which scents I like, and I love anything sweet. I love candyfloss and I use Snow Fairy just because it smells like sweets every time I shower. Talking of which, Cherrytree Melts have their own version of this very popular fragrance but it was out of stock at the time mine were posted. Brogan has so kindly offered that once they are back in stock she will send some to me, now that is what I call the personal service!

If you missed my unboxing, sadly I can’t offer smell-o-vision, but I can offer you to re watch it below on our YouTube Channel! Off you pop…

So what did I receive?

  • Chunky Snap Bar – Blueberry & Vanilla – £2.40
  • 3 x 2oz melt tubs – Purple Rain, Juicy Fruit Gum, and Blue Cotton Candy – £2 each or 6 for £10
  • Heart Waffle – Right Butter (S & Glory) – £2 each or 6 for £10
  • 2 x Shape packs – Fluffy Pink Candy and Aura for Her – £2 each or 6 for £10

I specifically asked for these fragrances, but Brogan sells so many different ones. Here is a sample of her fragrance list:

  • Blueberry and Vanilla
  • Frozen Margarita
  • Lime Cooler
  • Juicy Grapefruit
  • Lemon Sherbet
  • Citrus Linen
  • Tropical Pop
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • Coco Loco
  • Juicy Fruits Gum
  • Alien Type
  • Turkish Delight
  • Skittlez
  • Parma Violets
  • Eton Mess
  • Strawberry Trifle
  • Snow Faerie
  • Jelly Glazed Donut
  • Dr Pop
  • Sweet Barista
  • Italian Waffle Cookies
  • Hot Baked Apple Pie
  • Banana Milkshake

That is just a FRACTION of the fragrances she sells, if I was to put them all in this review you would still be scrolling on. These soy wax melts are handmade by Brogan, and she only charges postage at what it costs, and not an inflated price.

Here comes the testing, yay!

The first of these I tested was Juicy Fruit Gum. It smells just like the famous chewing gum. I have not had any of that in years, since I was a teen. It really takes you back when a scent jogs your memory like that.

The next one was purple rain… I did not know it was a popular drink, Brogan told me and then all of the BoXession ladies laughed at me for my innocence. I have 2 children, I have not been out drinking in years. I love this purely because it is purple, and it smells purple. It is so strong, but I love strong scents that last and linger.

I haven’t yet tested blue cotton candy, but no doubt I will love that!

Sometimes I wonder how I got through life, I cannot believe I did not click in my live that the green butterflies aptly named ‘Aura for her’ were a smellalike for the ever popular perfume. I have a smaller pineapple shape warmer in my kitchen, the plug-in style, so I popped one of these in there first.

For a tiny melt, and I have a massive kitchen (3 rooms knocked into one area), this packed a punch! I will also be using the fluffy pink candy in here, but after 48 hours I can still smell the scent from Aura, and have no need to change it yet.

These have to be my favourite, purely because I find them very easy to use. I will also mention that snap bars by some well named shop brands cost in the region of £7, and these are a TINY £2.40! Bargain indeed.

I melted one of these in my son, Joel’s room. Like his mum, he loves anything sweet or cake like. He barely lets me into his room as it is his gaming paradise, but I can tell you it was strong enough to rid the smell of stinky socks, ha!

I could not even think of the name for this as I hit a blank, of course it is the shape of a breakfast waffle. I broke this in half and warmed in my bedroom. I have bought lots of beauty products from this well-known brand, and this smells exactly like it. This I could smell in the entire of the upstairs of my house even the next morning after I had turned off the warmer!

My Verdict?

I will be placing another order from Cherrytree Melts, absolutely! I want so many Snow Faerie snap bars to last me a year in fact, ha! A little bird told me that they smell exactly like my favourite scent.

These melts are amazing for the price, you are supporting one lady who puts her love and heart into her business. You would be absolutely crazy not to order these, stock up ladies. Order them for gifts, Christmas, Birthday and Teacher presents too. Need I mention it is my Birthday next month too?

The link to order from the very lovely Brogan is below, and again at the top…

Mel x