My Purrfect Gift Box Review by Mel – September 2018

A huge Thank you to Kimberly who owns My Purrfect Gift Box, and congratulations on the success you have made of this box so far. It is a delight to see your funny Instagram Cat posts, and it often cheers up my day, so keep them coming!

The idea behind this subscription box is unique, I have never seen one like it. Yes there are cat boxes out there, always only aimed at the pet, and not the owner too. This is a crazy cat ladies dream, that’s me sorted then.

Kimberly and her Husband Juan actually own a Cattery on the Isle of Man, and she is that passionate about these boxes and her love of cats that she donates 5% of her profits to their chosen charity of the month!

I grew up around cats, we had Persians mainly, but my Mum often rescued cats and worked as a volunteer at the Cat shelter charity. So I have had so many different feline friends over the years and adore them. My absolute favourite (and I know you are not supposed to have one) was our family Cat, Domino. He was a cream point persian and grew right with me throughout my childhood. He was one grumpy boy, but every now and then would come for some cat cuddles and they were always well worth the wait. He lived up to a grand age of 15, and now has his own shrine, I kid you not.

We now have our own rescue cat, Lilith. We adopted Lil in January 2017, she was found stray in Maryport. She stuck her tongue out at Rob, my partner and that was the point she was coming home with us, ha!

This beautiful purple box arrived via Royal Mail, and after only a month I have officially received the most post on the street according to my Postie. Better get ready to give him a nice Christmas tip then to ensure they keep landing safely.

I opened the box as per Kimberly’s request to ensure that one of the breakable items was safely intact, which it was. When I saw inside the box I was blown away. The personalised note, the cute little tag with mine and Lilith’s name on… I was in for a real treat and I knew it.

If you missed me unbox this box live, you can watch it back on our YouTube Channel below…

The Theme of this month’s box is ‘Simply Meowvelous’, and I feel like this box was made for me. Honestly this box is not your average, it screams luxury to me from the second I opened it. From the way it is wrapped, the ribbon, the personalised tag with mine and Lilith’s name on… I was beyond excited to get this opened!

So what was in my Meowvelous Box?

  • Applaws Natural Tuna Loin – £2
  • TIGAshop Handmade Percy Parrot – £6
  • New Start Cat Rescue cat nip pillow – £2.50
  • Meowvelous Gold Plated Necklace – £19.99
  • Black & Gold Paw print mug – £9.99
  • Simply Meowvelous Makeup Bag – £12.99
  • PochikArts 40 gold foil kitty stickers – £2
  • Green Tea & Jasmine by Isle of Man Teas (12 pack)
  • 2 Gingerbread Biscuits by Silvia’s Gingerbread – Combined RRP £7.50 for Tea & Biscuits

Total RRP = £62.97

It is well worth a mention that the postage is included in the cost of the box too, so nothing extra to add at checkout!

We have an exclusive discount code, ‘BOXESSION6’ will get you £6 off your first subscription box; or any one off boxes!

How much will one cost you?

  • Monthly Cat Lover & Kitty Box – £39.95 including P&P
  • Monthly Cat Lover only Box – £31.95 includng P&P

Their Website has an array of beautiful gifts, I noticed the Mystery Grab bag for £19.95, a Kitty T Shirt for £16.99, and a Kitty headphone gift set for £12. There were many more, and if you know someone who loves cats, you could make up your own box full of treats for a present. Hint, hint!

So lets delve into these treats…

I absolutely had to start with these 3 items first. The mug, makeup bag and necklace. I was like the cat who got the cream when I saw these. They could not be any more suited to me if my own best friend had chosen them.

A sleek black mug for my coffee, a makeup bag for my tiny (ahem) beauty collection; and that necklace what can I say? So unique, the kind of thing people will stop and ask you where you bought it. I like to be different so it really is very much to my taste.

Even more treats for me, yippee! Some seriously cute gold cat stickers for my planner, and these gingerbread cookies are the BEST I have ever eaten. I kid you not I have already asked Kimberly if the lady who makes them sells boxes of them. I need more of these in my life. The white glitter icing, the purple and gold spotty cat; I am in biscuit heaven! I will of course take donations of these for my birthday, just delicious.

I mentioned in my unboxing that I don’t drink tea, but my partner does. So this is the only upside to me loving boxes. I regularly donate any tea to him, and he does not drink my coffee. Not that I would let him. I love that these have come from the IOM, which is where Kimberly lives. Keeping business local is always a great thing to see.

The Applaws tuna loin took Lilith all of 3 seconds to eat. Rob says he blinked and missed it. You can buy these in most local chain pet stores, which is great for re buying. One for your Christmas stocking Lil?

And now we are down to Lilith’s 2 toy treats. Can I mention, what a fabulous idea the cushions are. They are made purely for charity, you can purchase them on their Ebay shop I noticed. But Kimberly has bought them in a huge batch to give to her subscribers, and let me just show you what Lilith thinks of her new cushion…

You would need a braver person than I am to take that from her. She has even been sleeping on it. Lil is the kind of cat who does not sleep in a cat bed, yet a tiny cushion is suffice for her to rest her head on. She does make me laugh.

The Percy parrot, she keeps playing with it, then tapping it with her paw and waiting for it to move. She has not figured out why it won’t. She often brings us her friends from the garden, they are always alive, so I think she is really confused by the way this one does not move. If only cats could speak and tell us what they are thinking, ha!

This month’s charity is Cats in Crisis, which you can read about on the insert card.

There is also a sneak preview to the theme of th October Box! BLACK CAT MONTH!!! and also my Birthday, hint number 3. Kimberly told me that last year this box was a sell out, so really you need to be fast to get your paws on this one.

My Verdict?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to review this box, it is one I have watched and been tempted by. I am honestly bowled over at how fabulous it is. Please, if you are a cat lover, and you have also been tempted by this box; go and order it now. You will definitely NOT be disappointed.

The quality of the items are high, it has a gift feel to it rather than some subscription boxes can tend to feel a little ‘mass produced’, this is far from that. It is personalised, hand finished, and attention to detail is everything where I am concerned. I love that spoilt feeling when I open a box, this gives you that and more.

Your furry friends are getting treats too if you go for the Cat Lover & Kitty box. Lilith and I are both purring happily over this, I can’t see this being my last time opening one of these…

Check out their Website via the link below, and all social media links too,

Mel x

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