Ink Drops Stationery Box Review by Mel – September 2018

It has to be said, I am a Stationery convert. In the past I was never really one for matching pens and pretty things, until I bought myself a planner! That was it, a slippery slope to lots of matching and colourful accessories. I have a thing for bows and  flamingos, both of which feature heavily in my Stationery delights. Page clips have to be one of my favourite things. I noticed that Ink Drops has flamingo ones on their website, not ashamed to admit I was ogling those.

When I received an e-mail from Carla from Ink Drops, given that my life needs a lot of planning at the moment; I was the perfect choice to review this box.

It landed on Monday via Royal Mail, but I was gardening until we lost daylight, so I decided to unbox on Tuesday when I was less covered in soil, ha! If you missed my live unboxing, do not worry… you can click play below…

So Whats Inside?

  • Cat in a Book page markers (100 Sheets)
  • Sugar Skull Highlighter Set (3 pack)
  • Super Sloth Greetings Card
  • Polaroid Greetings Card
  • Schedule Stickies (pack of 90)

How much will it cost?

Just £15 including P&P!

Time to test the treats…

So, there are 2 greetings cards included in the September edition of Ink Drops.

The sloth card, clocked by the man of the house who loves Sloths; is actually going to be gifted to him as it is his Birthday next month. This is a funny design, multi use as it is blank inside.

The ‘Hey there’ card, I am going to send to my Gran. We have moved 300 miles, and I know how she loves the old-fashioned way of keeping in touch. She has recently sent my eldest son money for his birthday, so I will get him to write a Thank you note in there too. I like the way with the phone image it hints at the fact instead of picking up a phone you are using the less modern approach to saying ‘Hi’. One that is not used often enough these days in my opinion.

My favourite item has to be the schedule markers. Without my planner I would be lost. We are all too reliant on the electronic devices, but I do love a list! It helps me so much with BoXession related things, reminds me to call people or follow-up on emails. I have lots of cute clips, but no mini notes. I do now though!

The cat in a book markers are hilarious. I have a cat called Lilith, and believe me she is as gymnastic as those cats, if not more! I do want to take up reading more, I made a promise that when I moved house I would make time for books. So far I have managed to use some cookery ones as I am now learning how to cook too; 34 years old and I have never cooked from scratch until last week. We are never too old to change ladies.

Last but not least is these funky and bright highlighters. These are not mine though, I know of a young lady who will just love these. She is a 13 year old diva (my Sister, Saskia), so I will be gifting these to her to use at School and be the envy of her friends.

My Verdict?

If you are a stationery addict then this is a no brainer! It has a mixture of items and I would say this is suitable from teens through to adults. From looking at their previous boxes, they include a couple of cards per month, then other items can be pencils, pens, notebooks, washi tape, clips, stickers and many many more.

The gift shop is fabulous, with bundles starting from as little as £5. There are themed packages, gift card bundles, even a Harry Potter Moleskin and Ink parcel! I couldn’t help but think what amazing Christmas presents these would make.

You can buy gift subscriptions too, so if you know someone who would love this box, and are stuck for a Birthday or Christmas Gift then this would go down a storm. I often drop hints that I would love gift subscriptions; but I think maybe a poster on the wall may work this year?! Ha!

Check out their website below, and the links to social media too…

Mel x

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